What is ZCoach?

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Basically, we have taken the best brains in the UK – graduates, phD students and undergrads from Oxford and Cambridge University and set up a system where these minds can be available to help students from all around the world as they work towards their CIE qualifications, with a minimum of fuss, bother and expense.

The help that we are providing is synchronised with the ZNotes subject content and the ZClass subject masterclasses that are being delivered through Cambridge Leadership College.

In addition it’s important for you to realise that the academic methods we will be using are the very same methods that Oxford and Cambridge have been using for close to 1000 years. It’s all about getting students ‘to do their own thinking’.

The method involves no teaching upfront!

It involves students attempting the set work themselves, either individually, or in groups, before they have been taught any of the subject content by the subject experts.

Then, once they have got as far as they can on their own, they are presented with live masterclasses, where the ZCoach faculty members ‘talk-through’ the content, giving any insights, tips, tricks, lines of attack that might be really valuable.

This is the opposite of the ‘your mum doing your homework for you’. This is students learning to think for themselves, but within a very supportive and encouraging, yet considerably challenging environment.

As you become schooled in the art of doing your own thinking, you get better and better at becoming an independent learning machine, and become prepared perfectly for success at university, and later in life.

This approach will not help you do better in your homework immediately. This approach won’t necessarily get you better grades in 10 hours. But it will teach you the skills you’ll need to thrive at the best universities in the world and you will also have the ability to deal with new situations far better than your peers.

This will be useful for interviews, for work and for life in general (for which there is no syllabus.)

This is such a novel approach that it will be a little difficult to follow at first. But bear with it. You won’t get instant answers. This is not google my homework. But you will get direction, guidance and most of all, the opportunity to develop your powers of thought.

I wish you the very best in this experiment and please use the #feedback channel for any questions, ideas and suggestions.

All the best

Tom, Zubair, CLC and Team ZCoach