The Team

Zubair Junjunia

Studying Mathematics at University College London, long distance runner, figure & inline skater, avid reader, amateur graphics designer and enthusiastic cook

Saif Asmi

Founding Contributor
Studying Chemical Engineering at McGill University, collector of dank memes, likes potatoes, hybrid engine enthusiast with a love for hardcore gaming.

Emir Demirhan

Founding Contributor
Studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at University College, footballer, volleyballer, rugby-player, basketballer, cricketer, all-round sports fanatic and extreme adrenaline junky

Abhijit Vempati

Communication Officer, English Language Contributor
Year 12 at Reqelford International School, Hyderabad, India. Music lover. Maniac Drummer. Basketball/NBA anaylst. Aspiring Computer Scientist/Business guy. Ice cream lover.

Anand Sankar

Creative Director, AS IT Contributor
Studying A-Levels at CNIS. Self taught Artist & Programmer. Robotics Enthusiast. Otaku. Traceur. Life goals include getting an SI Unit named after himself.

Adarsh Nalamalapu

Lead Developer, IG Computer Science Contributor
Studying AS Levels at CLC (Cambridge Leadership College). Don't know about the rest of myself, still trying to work that out! 😀

Rafay Mansoor

AS Computer Science Contributor
Studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto, tech enthusiast, self-taught programmer and music lover.

Alisha Saiyed

AS Computer Science Contributor
Computer Science and Maths Tutor, studying at Northern Virginia Community College, social and growth hacker, front-end developer, shameless dancer, and comedy lover.

Haris Ali

IG Physics Contributor
Former A Level student at Jeddah Prep and Grammar School, avid guitarist, proud Lahori, interested in medicine and computer science.

Pragya Chawla

IG History Contributor
Freshman at Stanford University studying Computer Science and International Relations. She likes poetry, social commentary and coffee.

Maheer Tanzim Khan

A-Level Bio, Eco & SAT Physics Contributor
Double majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University, sprinter, cricketer, anime and Bollywood fan, good cook, crazy driver, fitness freak, etc.

Mahdi Khandaker

A-Level Bio & Eco Contributor
Studying Computer Science at University of Waterloo. An avid reader and a humble, honest, benevolent person. Tech head would be the ideal adjective to describe me

Zulker Nayeen Nahiyan

A-Level Eco & SAT Physics Contributor
Future computer science student, avid programmer, cyclist, cake baker, amateur guitarist, video gamer, etc.

Xiaoyu Chen

AS Business Contributor
NYU '22, learning A-level Physics, CS and Business, part-time model, make-up enthusiast, and vlogger; recently working on college applications and SAT prep.

Maimoona Junjunia

IG Computer Science Contributor
Studying A Levels at Jeddah Prep and Grammar School, organization fanatic, baking enthusiast, Harry Potter fan, interested in business and product design

Yohance Osborne

UCL Maths Contributor
International Student of Mathematics at UCL, having a strong interest in both Analysis and Computation, admin for the FB page 'Your Daily Integral', part-time taster of extraordinary cuisine, and an aspiring jazz pianist.

Hayat M. Yusuf

AS Bio Contributor
Studying A-Levels at Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi, aspiring biochemist and social worker. Always a little too excited & a believer in persistence, positivity and compassion.

João Pereira

IG Business Studies Contributor
Studying IGCSEs in Bratislava, Slovakia, has lived in 7 different countries, 100 & 200m sprinter, football player and computer geek

Krish Theobald

IG Accounting Contributor
Vegan for life, Break-fixer, Rubix cuber, Love Minecraft and Home Design