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I've always been that kind of student who despised theory parts of a subject and loved 'to the point' explanations. And therefore course books were never a big help. Plus writing long notes was also a big struggle. But ever since I found ZNotes, I've never felt any more relieved about the upcoming exams. It's like a bundle of only important and necessary concepts packed together in a PDF form. I even managed to get A* in Chemistry and A in Physics IGCSE exams.I'd highly recommend them to students who are stressed about the upcoming exams or even a simple school test. ZNotes are highly reliable!

Adeen Atif


I found myself in a time of darkness, completely lost and devastated from my upcoming exams (my own fault as instead of revision I’ve been playing Skyrim and bingeing Netflix) but you sir, are a man of culture and have saved me from certain doom. I would just like to congratulate you on all the good you’ve done for humanity and I believe many others will agree with me. What you have done for humanity is unheard of and you deserves a knighthood. Whenever I believe that humans have strayed too far from God, I think of the creator of ZNotes and my heart is at peace. Thank you for being a legend.



Asalam Alaikom brother. Thank you so much for sharing these notes with others. I’m very grateful for your help. Wish there’ll be more good people like. Stay safe,


These notes are absolutely amazing and have motivated me towards getting A*s in my A level. Your guidelines are also very helpful. Lots of prayers for you.


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