from our students
Love we’ve received from students and the ZNotes community from all over the world

"I'll forever be very grateful to ZNotes for helping me out in these past few years. The community on discord has motivated me a lot. Thank you to all the contributors and the team for spending so many hours and making these notes the best you could. Me and a thousand other students appreciate you all so much."

"ZNotes has been my source of last-minute revision for the last two years, and I couldn't find anything better. With amazing and concise notes and a positive, helpful community, ZNotes is the only thing standing between me and failing all my exams :)"

"I found myself in a time of darkness, completely lost and devastated from my upcoming exams(my own fault as instead of revision I’ ve been playing Skyrim and bingeing Netflix) but you sir, are a man of culture and have saved me from certain doom. I would just like to congratulate you on all the good you’ve done for humanity and I believe many others will agree with me. What you have done for humanity is unheard of and you deserve a knighthood. Whenever I believe that humans have strayed too far from God, I think of the creator of ZNotes and my heart is at peace. Thank you for being a legend."

"I owe a lot to ZNotes. My friends and I would often pore over our textbooks in hopes of learning months’ worth of curriculum in a few days during our IGCSE curriculum, often being frustrated at the lack of organization and unimportant material within them. Thankfully we discovered ZNotes before our exams, which helped us gain access to tons of material on our subjects organized in a clean and easy to read manner. We saved lots of time by using the notes from the website, which enabled us to study more efficiently. I was able to attain 5 A* on my IGCSE final exams, setting me up for success during my IB and college years now, where I’m pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering in the USA."

"ZNotes greatly improved our pass rate and the quality of results these past 3 years."

"I've always been that kind of student who despised theory parts of a subject and loved ' to the point ' explanations. And therefore course books were never a big help. Plus writing long notes was also a big struggle. But ever since I found ZNotes, I've never felt any more relieved about the upcoming exams. It's like a bundle of only important and necessary concepts packed together in a single PDF. I even managed to get A* in Chemistry and A in Physics IGCSE exams. I'd highly recommend them to students who are stressed about the upcoming exams or even a simple school test. ZNotes are highly reliable!"

"ZNotes is great for my Chinese ESL students because they can check the content without feeling self-conscious. They also use it to keep my teaching on track by identifying stuff I missed."

"ZNotes has been a quick tool of reference and teaching aid for lessons offline and online. Their convenience and great presentations have helped many students achieve their flying colors results."

"ZNotes has helped me pass numerous exams. Every day before an exam, I just brush through the ZNotes. I owe my IGCSE success to ZNotes and the wonderful community behind it."

"Because of ZNotes, my students were able to make all A's in the past IGCSE."

"Studying for 14 IGCSE subjects wasn't easy, but Znotes helped me provide excellent and relevant revision material for all of them. I ended up with 7 A* 7 A, and ZNotes played a huge role. I am off to Cornell University this fall now. A big thank you to the ZNotes team!"

"The Discord server has really helped me in every way possible and I can't thank y'all enough. I wouldn't have been able to clear my doubts without the infinite help of you all who were always there for me. You were there during my happiest times to cherish the moments, and during my saddest times to console me and elevate my mood to be positive and never give up. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart to all the people who were there for me. I would like to thank everyone on ZNotes for being such great people who always had my back whenever I needed it."

"This is the one valuable resource that changed my class performance."

"Thanks to ZNotes, I attained 13 A*s, 12 As, and 8 Bs out of 33 students."

"Having transitioned from one education system to another, I struggled with adjusting to it- GCSEs were new to me. After being introduced to ZNotes, though, I began doing better. ZNotes helped me earn high marks despite only having less than a year to learn everything."

"My students and colleagues have found this resource very useful over the years. It is frequently used for revision sessions once the syllabus is completed. The worked examples are very great."

"ZNotes is the go-to for my students, especially when we want to get bite-size notes that are quick to review and useful for practice tests or flashcards."

"I have found ZNotes to be an invaluable resource to help students follow the curriculum and take snapshots of their progress and their challenges."