Zubair Junjunia
Founding Contributor
Building ZNotes from age 16, outspoken promoter of UN SDG4 as One Young World & STEM ambassador, maths graduate from UCL. Staying sane by running, open-water swimming and figure & inline skating.
Saif Asmi
Founding Contributor
Studying Chemical Engineering at McGill University, collector of dank memes, likes potatoes, hybrid engine enthusiast with a love for hardcore gaming.
Emir Demirhan
Founding Contributor
Studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at University College, footballer, basketballer, cricketer, all-round sports fanatic and extreme adrenaline junky.
Abhijit Vempati
English Language
Basketball Fan, Ice cream lover. Studying Computer Science and Business at The College of New Jersey.
Anand Kuro Andengattil
I'm Kuro. I'm an Artist/Engineer with a huge affinity for robots, and comicbooks.
Alisha Saiyed
A2 Computer Science
A lifelong student who gets excited by how technology can be applied to educate and elevate one another.
Haris Ali
IGCSE Physics
Former A Level student at Jeddah Prep and Grammar School, avid guitarist, proud Lahori, interested in medicine and computer science.
Pragya Chawla
IGCSE History
Freshman at Stanford University studying Computer Science and International Relations. Like poetry, social commentary and coffee.
Maheer Tanzim Khan
A2 Biology, Economics & SAT Physics
I am addicted to foods and books. This introvert is studying CS at Waterloo. Would love to travel a lot too broke to do that.
Mahdi Khandaker
A2 Biology & Economics
Studying Computer Science at University of Waterloo. An avid reader and a humble, honest, benevolent person. Tech head would be the ideal adjective to describe me.
Zulker Nayeen Nahiyan
A2 Economics & SAT Physics
Majoring in Computer Science, with special interest in physics. I'm an avid programmer, cyclist, cake baker, amateur guitarist, video gamer, etc.
Xiaoyu Chen
AS Business
NYU '22, learning A-level Physics, CS and Business, part-time model, make-up enthusiast, and vlogger; recently working on college applications and SAT prep.
Maimoona Junjunia
IGCSE Computer Science
Studying Business Management at King's College London, organization fanatic, baking enthusiast, Harry Potter fan, interested in business and product design.
Adarsh SR Nalamalapu
IGCSE Computer Science
Studying A Levels at CLC (Cambridge Leadership College). Don't know about the rest of myself, still trying to figure that out!
João Pereira
IG Business Studies
Currently an undergraduate at Imperial College London. Have lived in 8 different countries and hope to live in more in the future!
Akshya SP
Finished A Levels at The Indian Public School, Erode in 2020. Update from 2024: I'm a graphic designer now! I also love taking photographs and binge-watching. :)
Krish Theobald
IG Accounting & AS Business
I'm an Interior Designer who's hobbies include Finance and Mental Health. ABWA '20 Istituto Marangoni '23
A2 Computer Science
Studying Physics at Loyola college, Chennai, musician, coder, web designer, avid reader, personal development enthusiast, movie & comic book lover.
Karthikeyan Arumugam
A2 Computer Science
Studying Computer Science at the University of Leeds. Self-taught software developer, avid reader, petrolhead, foodie.
Hayat Yusuf
AS Biology
Studying Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of North Texas, published poet, climate change advocate, and avid reader.
Ishika Jain
AS Psychology
Passionate, loving, multilingual, TV show fan. I enjoy travelling & eating good food (yes, I’m a big foodie)! Graduating from ABWA class of 2019, A Levels soon!!
Prisha Dani
AS Psychology
Extrovert, dancer, occasional photographer and avid reader. Enjoys the outdoors, traveling & meeting new people!Soon graduating from ABWA class of 2019, A Levels.
Aliya Ali Shaikha
IG EVM, AS/A2 Biology, A2 Psych
Undergrad student at Uni of Toronto- environmentalist, TV series & anime enthusiast, blogger, MUNer, zealous learner; an extroverted, diligent & altruistic lass.
Niketana Reddy
Love Science. Passionate. A melophile. A dance fanatic.
Abdul Majeed
IG ICT & AS IT Practicals
Studying A levels at APL Global School, Chennai. Muslim for life. Humble, honest, and benevolent. Mediocre badminton player. Preparing himself to face the tech-savvy world. ^_^
Aishwarya Girish Kumar
IG ICT Practicals
Fresher in the University of Manchester aspiring to study theoretical physics, moody foodie, optimist.
Disha Garg
IG ICT Practicals
Average teenage girl, loves travelling, taking AS levels , plays the drums (or at least tries to), trying to figure out my non-existent life one day at a time
Sarah Bassiouny
IG ICT Practicals
Done my A levels at NIS, KSA. Inspired to study ophthalmology, prefer teamwork and can’t survive without maths. A fan of action movies and a big coffee addict!
Tanushka Shankar
IG History
Computer science student. Love 'The Office' (Micheal Scott is my spirit animal). Mediocre pianist and an environmentalist :)
Omer Mukhtar
IG Arabic
Studying NIOS at Peace Academy, Chennai. Muslim for life. Avid reader, hard-core cricketer, and foodie. Adores cats and other pets and loves riding vintage bikes.
Devandhira Wijaya Wangsa
IG Mandarin & A2 F. Maths
I like maths, games & some weeb stuff. But i really do enjoy maths & try to learn more about it. I’m taking Math, Physics, Chem, & Further Maths for my A levels.
Muskaan Sethi
IB Spanish AB initio
I’m a year 12 IB student, an outgoing bookworm and an enthusiastic guitarist. I absolutely love all things art and am super passionate about travelling.
Reuben Allan
AS Geography
Currently studying Physics, Maths, Computer Science and Geography A Levels in the Isle of Man. Glider pilot and aviation enthusiast!
Mohammed Aslam
IG Math
A math lover and anthophile.Studying physics, maths, chemistry, biology in all hira model school. Sports enthusiast.
Benjamin Fraser
IG French
Studying History and Political Studies at the University of Auckland. A nerd, a cinephile, and I think I'm a writer.
Mohammad Saifuzzaman
AS Chemistry
Med student. Investor. Filmmaker. Businessman. Only one of them is true. Just kidding but I do plan to accomplish those later on. Completed 9 4 Alevels.
Sagnik Pal
IG Math
Just a normal tech-guy, inspired and fuelled by science, on a journey to crack the IITs.
Asmi Kawatkar
IG Add Math & French
Bookworm, music lover, writer, artist, action movie buff, globe-trotter; super-helpful, outgoing, cheerful and committed...damn, I wish I had a friend like me!
Arnav Jindal
IG Add Math
Hey I am Arnav, a passionate coder and meme maker (u/Daggy1234) from Bangalore.
Meerab Farooq
IG Islamiat
My name is Meerab Farooq and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I love to study cultures and history of countries and animals specially my cat.
Aditya Arjun Anibha
12th IB Student. Passionate about Astrophysics, Aerospace Engineering, STEM projects, Programming & AI. Blogger, Youtuber, Gamer & Adventure sports enthusiast.
Ritika Singhal
CBSE X Chemistry
Year 11 student studying science and psychology. Interested in social causes and writing. Movie and caffeine lover.
Omar Alghothani
Exexcel IAL Biology
Studying A levels. Muslim for life. Programmer, video editor, movie enthusiast, interested in photography, coffee addict.
Rohana Sree Gullapalli
A2 Math
Doing my A levels at Maru-A-Pula, Botswana. Archer, Dog lover, Rubik's cuber, dancer, occasional piano player & cinephile.
Hamza Alghabra
IG Geography
A science lover! Currently taking AS Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. Inspired to study Medicine in the future.
Stephlynn Wanipatria Wongso
IG Eng lit
Usually called Alex or Alix. She/her. Current A Level student at SIS Semarang, future International Relations major. Taekwondo practitioner & occasional artist.
Josh Tia
A2 Psychology
Studying Information Systems at De La Salle University; Just your average car guy/gamer

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