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You can contribute to our flagship concise ZNotes by either keeping our existing notes up to date, adding a new subject or even starting an entirely new board if you’re feeling brave! You must be confident in the subject and be willing to dedicate your time but we promise, the effort is truly worthwhile when students all over the world use your notes.

If you’re passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, ZNotes Live is the one for you! Each series lasts 8-10 weeks from start to finish with up to 2 sessions per week. We aim to cover all the topics in the syllabus in this duration and solve example past paper questions to illustrate. The community co-creates each session by posting their questions earlier that week on our Discord server, with anything from conceptual clarifications to specific questions from papers. As a host, you need to represent the student voice in a live session. As well as managing the livestream, you will also be helping create the presentations for the sessions.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the ZNotes Team? We are “for students, by students” and always looking for volunteers on various fronts. From creative skills to academics, if you want to use your time to make an impact on millions of lives, apply here!

We appreciate that different people study in different ways and that notes aren't the one and only method. With that came the launch of our resource bank, curated and moderated by the community, for the community. Resources can range from mindmaps to other websites and youtube videos, to a compilation of higher level past paper questions. Click on ‘Add Resource’ under the resource bank of any subject to get started!

Are you a creative wizard who has a way with words and art? The ZNotes Insider is our student-centric blog that promotes discussions between students worldwide. The blog provides a platform for our community to share their learning experiences.