How to Study


We can all spend hours scouring the internet for notes or going to bookstores and buying tons of study guides but what most of us end up not doing is studying. I know this because I went through the same problems when I first started the IGCSE course and it wasn’t easy for me to learn the skills or in fact, the art of studying. If I were to confess, the most important skill when it comes to studying is being very well organized. And yet we’ve all heard the mantra of “be organized” from our teachers and parents – it comes in from one ear and flies right out through the other. Why should we waste time creating a study timetable and spending hours creating topic lists of each subject? I felt exactly the same way until I actually started doing it and started reaping the benefits of such acts. Now my planning is so thorough that I spend a few days rather than hours planning and organizing but those “wasted” days really pay off when you get to your exam week with zero stress and find out how much you’ve truly done. This guide can technically be applied to any examination but it is based on my experiences of IGCSE and AS examinations. I recommend you go through each section and follow the methods at least 3 or 4 months before the exam session (I personally do most right at the start of the year). This guide is based on my experience and through trial-and-error; I have boiled down the process into the follow sections.