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Can you please make one for SAT II Biology

Can I get practice tests? I can provide my email if you want to communicate or work out some arrangement for tests.

Can you please upload IB DP course subjects?
It would be best for students who use this site by uploading IB mathmatics, chemistry, biology, economics, and business.
Students who study IGCSE also studies IB DP course at high school.
There will be more users in this site β€œZnote” and people will better understand the subjects.

I was kinda looking for the full-length practice test. Are there PDFs available? i am new here.

Hey Adrika,
Due to legal constraints, we aren’t allowed to add any sort of tests from any publications. but we do have the amazing notes you can use! πŸ™‚

Where did all the practice tests go?!?! I had one of the tests printed out, and now it’s useless because that the pdf and answer sheet is gone ;/

Can’t download the page using the given link.

Eagerly waiting for Practice tests of physics. I am giving my paper this October. Hope to find the papers soon

Thanks so much for sharing this !

Princeton test 2 #37 is incorrect, the structure of BeCl2 is (A) linear, not (E) square.

BeCl2 exists both as a linear monomer and a bridged dimer with two bridging chlorine atoms where the beryllium atom is 3-coordinate.

Why is linear incorrect though? Given the subset of knowledge that is tested on this exam provided by the college board, is makes more sense to answer linear rather than square.

No, the MOLECULAR structure of an isolated BeCl2 molecule is linear. Based on the subset of knowledge that is tested on this exam and the context of the problem, linear is the only answer that makes sense. VSEPR shapes are used to describe the shape of a molecule not molecular complexes or dimerization.

Thank you @ZJUNJUNIA, these notes are awesome. There is a few mistakes in the note: 1) page 9 of 17 section 1.12 Indicators, for Bromthymol Blue it’s Bromothymol Blue. 2) page 12 of 17 section 4.2 Factors affecting Delta G, the last row should be delta H is positive and Delta S is negative, Will it happen? Never

Calculating the raw score is the same for all the practice tests? Mcgraw, Princeton & Barron?

hi can u plz upload sat 2 physics

For the true and false section, there are 2 statements , should both be correct for a point to be rewarded?

Thank you so much!!! This has been of sooo much help to me! πŸ˜€

Thank you so much!!!! You guys are like heroes in our little procrastinating student lives. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Dude Ily. Like I actually seriously lysm. I have crammed for all my exams with your notes and managed to do well. I plan on doing the same for Sat ll Chem (My exam is tom. and I just started preparing lmao) Thanks man.

Hahah wow – you’re welcome and good luck!

How much did you get ?

Hi! Thank you so much for these! Could you please do SAT II for E/M Biology too ?

You’re welcome! Sorry I’m done with SATs – working on A-Levels now.

Oh well… Good Luck for A levels!

Thank you πŸ™‚


A page is missing from the Princeton test -1 from questions 40 to 47….

Oh! I’m sorry I’ll have to try and find the originals but I’m not sure where they are :/

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