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thanks alot for your effort….btw any chance u can update chem notes and include examples to better improve understanding–

P.S ; I intend to do the SAT Subject Test this may and need to get minimum 550 on all science subjects..any tips and will these notes suffice!!

please please uplode ALEVEL Urdu notes

Can you please do one for ACT?


This SAT is the old one? Plz update. 🙂

plz upload the new sat papers as well and thanku very much this site has been really helpful to me for Alevels

is the new sat is easy or difficult from previous one

I have not seen it however with an increase in Math topics and fewer sections focusing on hard vocab words, i think it should be easier!

How much you got in SAT 1?

Didn’t do as well as I hoped 🙁 – 620 in critical, 760 in maths and 630 in writing.

hey i will be giving my SAT’s in 2016 when the syllabus changes. Are there any major changes i should be concerned about?

Hi, yes big changes! You shouldn’t be concerned – they’re all for the better. The guide above will still be useful but have a look at all the changes here:

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