Zubair Junjunia

Founder & CEO
Studying Mathematics at University College London, educationalist, long distance runner, figure & inline skater, avid reader and amateur graphics designer

Adarsh SR Nalamalapu

Studying A Levels at CLC (Cambridge Leadership College). Don't know about the rest of myself, still trying to figure that out!

Abhijit Vempati

Public Relations Director
Year 12 at Reqelford International School, Hyderabad, India. Music lover. Maniac Drummer. Basketball/NBA analyst. Aspiring Computer Scientist/Business guy. Ice cream lover.

Anand Sankar

Creative Director
Studying A-Levels at CNIS. Self taught Artist & Programmer. Robotics Enthusiast. Otaku. Traceur. Life goals include getting an SI Unit named after himself.

Krish Theobald

ZClass & Content Manager
Vegan for life! Break-fixer, rubix-cuber. Love Minecraft and Home Design!

Karthikeyan Arumugam

Technical Director
Studying A Levels at HLC International School. Self-taught full stack developer, avid reader, petrolhead, foodie

Alisha Saiyed

Social Media Manager
Computer Science and Maths Tutor, studying at Northern Virginia Community College, social and growth hacker, front-end developer, shameless dancer, and comedy lover.

Akshya SP

Social Media Specialist
Doing my A Levels at The Indian Public School, Erode, India. Media aspirant. Photographer by passion. Movie buff.

Ameer Ashhab

Web Developer
UI Designer. As well do Frontend Development. Currently a 2nd Year Interaction Design student at Norwich University of the Arts.


Content Developer
Studying Physics at Loyola college, Chennai, musician, coder, web designer, avid reader, personal development enthusiast, movie & comic book lover