FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are no ZNotes available for ____. Could you please make them?
All the notes we have are all uploaded on the site. If there are notes that are being compiled, then we create a page for it and clearly mention that the notes are currently being written. Please understand that all of the notes are being written FOR STUDENTS BY STUDENTS. Please empathise with them. Keep note that all these notes that are under progress have a clear date of when they will be finished. The notes can NOT FINISHED ANY SOONER. For notes to be uploaded on the website, there needs to be a student create their notes.
I am interested in contributing my notes to ZNotes? How do I proceed?

You are officially amazing. Thanks for being kind to the rest of the world to share your notes. Just send us a message using our Typeform Contact Page and we’ll talk from there.

Am I guaranteed excellent grades if I use ZNotes extensively?

ZNotes should be used as a tool or a resource in your revision. We really recommend that you get better results when you incorporate this in your study. Studying this alone just has no guarantee that you will achieve your dream grades. It’s better if you use a handful of resources for your studying as this is a better approach to acing your exams and get better results

Please read more at the ‘How to Study Section’

Why are some topics not fully explanatory?

The aim of ZNotes is to provide students with effective summarized notes, and not a replication of the textbook. The notes have been made by considering the importance of topics, while not leaving anything out. So overall, you have awesome looking notes that actually have the cream you need to cakewalk your exams. (Pun Intended)

I am really interested in joining the ZNotes team. How can join?

Thanks for your interest in joining the team. We first would like you to message one of the team members, on Slack, explaining how you would like to contribute to the team, what are your talents, and what is your expertise, and most of all, why you want to join the team.

We review your application very closely, so the more specific you are, the better it is!

I can’t download or print the notes! HELP?!

We created a ZNotes Download Guide, that guides you step-by-step to review the process. In short, you should create an account and login to ZNotes for you to have access to notes. If this doesn’t work, please contact the team.