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Hi l can not download any of my papers

Hi, Would it be possible to upload sample answers for English as a first language. Thank you very much.

Can U plzzz forward of EM pastpaper of Feb/March 2018
Plzzz I really need it

Oleksii Khlobystin
Oleksii Khlobystin

Great Notes for students and teachers as well! Thanks for sharing! It is really amazing that it is free! I have already recommended your website to many students and colleagues of mine!

Please can anyone help me with an online CIE IGCSE accounting Tutor ASAP. You can mail me on

Hi Znotes! The amount of efforts you put into your notes is incredible! Thank you!
I just wanted to let you know that one your notes for IT 9626 A-level is published on the website:
You can find the link here:
They have published the notes as their own without any credit to your team who actually worked hard to put them together…
Hope you’ll look into the matter…

Hi I am a student in AS level in Mumbai, India. Your notes are amazing and they are really helpful but it will be really kind if you let me know how can I download and take the print out of the notes.

Hello there, are the examples included in the notes cover the entire syllabus, this is because the book has more examples in certain topics. so are the examples given in
the notes enough for the examinations?

Can you please upload A-level Accounting notes

A2 Computer Science Notes??

Please make your App…….it will be more helpful than this website…..

hello. can you guys create IGCSE notes for combined Science I am looking for those badly.
Thank you

The link for AS IT 9626 NOTES is not working. Any problem?

You are doing a great job. Any updates on A2 IT 9626 NOTES?

Tinomutenda Chifamba
Tinomutenda Chifamba

You guys are awesome! Keep up the amazing work please

Hey! I love this website it has helped me a lot with my studies, but I would really appreciate it if you guys added Accounting 0452 to your Subject list πŸ™‚ Thank you

Where are sat papers which were uploaded before I cannot find the papers I need the papers urgently

hey amazing update thanks for adding French but quick question why does igcse business studies 0450 not work it keeps on saying page not found??

Exactly! Could you please fix that because I have a test in like, 2 days and I need those notes! Thank you so much

We’ll fix the bug ASAP. Thanks for letting us now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

will u publish the A2 level Information Technology (9626) notes ?

Hi! The work you have done here is great but can you please,please upload notes for Business Studies for I.G.C.S.E . It will be of great help. Thanks

We have them being made and formatted πŸ™‚ as we speak

Thanks A Lot.!!!!! The help you are providing us students by taking out your time in life and day to day activities is really amazing. Thanks once again . πŸ˜€

Hi I see you have done IGCSE Mathematics CIE notes for Chapters 1-9, can you also do the rest of the Chapters 10 – 24?

i just wanted to ask the people who have used these notes, are they good or not and did the notes actually help you pass the exams?

Hello! It’s great to see how much time and effort you have taken in summarising and constructing all of the notes according to the syllabus. I was wondering if you would provide A2 Business notes as I am in urgent need of them. Luckily the AS notes were available during exams so I didn’t have to make my own notes.


hi, thank you so much for these notes… truly helpful, is it posible to publish notes for incse accounting and business studies?

IG Business is on the way.
Well notify about accounting

would you mind to post all of past paper of A2 levels and AS Levels?

Znotes of IT as and a level notes please

They are on the way, you’ll be seeing them soon!

can u give till next week

I cannot guarantee that — but I know it will be coming in very soon.


thank u

hello ZNotes team can u add psychology as and a level notes please

hi there just want to say a huge thanks i donated a little acctually to show gratitude as well
just wondering if there will ever be a religious studies page for the 2018 exam thanks

Hey Aaron!
Thanks for donation! We deeply appreciate it!
We really can’t guarantee that unless we have anybody interested in contributing.

can i have acconting notes .. for as and A2 level

its there any accounting notes going to upload soon or theres not accounting notes at all?

Hi. Is it possible for you to update the igcse ict notes for 2017’s igcse ice please. Thank you

ICT is in the update — the notes will be ready soon!

Hi can you please upload notes on igcse business studies?? Thank you in advance !!!

IG Business is on the way!

Please post Business Studies for IGCSE it will be a great help ZNOTES are the absolute best.

IG Business Studies is on the way!

Can you please upload notes for A2 Computer Science. Thank You!

can you please upload notes for Accounting IGCSE please

Yes please That would be very helpful

Thank you for the notes ☺️

please a/l computer scienece notes as soon as possible

Can you update IT(9626) 2017 updated syllabus?

Hey het hows it going

IT is on the way — we will be uploading them soon!

Hi, i’m starting IB next year and was wondering if you’re going to be making IB notes as your notes are helping me a lot right now in IG. Thanks

Hi could you update the notes for igcse please because they have changed the syllabus and added new parts into the exams. Thanks!

Hi there! Could u please make notes on business studies? It’ll be extremely helpful.

We have AS business. IG business is going to be uploaded with the new notes.

Hello, I am writing to ask you if it is possible for you to put IB notes on the website cuz I am trying to get ready for IB beforehand and I don’t have any sources. I am using your notes for IGCSE’s right now but am almost done and need IB notes. Your IG notes are quite helpful. Thank You.

I found myself in a time of darkness, completely lost and devastated from my upcoming exams (my own fault as instead of revision I’ve been playing skyrim and bingeing netflix) but you sir, is a man of culture and has saved me from certain doom. I would just like to congratulate you on all the good you’ve done for humanity and i believe many others will agree with me. What you have done for humanity is unheard of and you deserve a knighthood. Whenever I believe that humans have strayed too far from God, I think of the creator of Znotes and my heart is at peace. Thank you for being a legend.

Hi zubair sir
Your notes are amazing they are very well simplified you should continue doing this to make life easy for us.

Hi Mr, I’m so thankful for your notes, you’ve really helped me!

Hi Karen,
That’s great to hear!
Good luck in your exams!

hi zubair
thank u sooo much for the notes especially for the economics and ict notes. It would be amazing if u could upload the accounting(0452) and business(0450) notes.

UCL NOTES? University College London?

Yes, University College London

Alsalam alaikom brother
Thank you so much for sharing these notes with others. I’m very grateful for your help. Wish there’ll be more good people like.
Stay safe

Thanks for the kind words!

This might require some time and effort but would you mind uploading a few worked papers for Physics paper 5? Papers that you had already solved for the examinations, could you please upload those on the website?

Thanks and Regards

We do have plans to do that, however we are making sure it is legal to do so. ZNotes can be penalized by CIE if past papers and, possibly, solved past papers were uploaded. But we’ll post an update if that will be initiated.

Hi. The notes available for chemistry and physics for AS Level have been so very helpful. Thank you so much for them. I would really appreciate if you could upload notes for AS Biology as well.

would u upload the bio As notes ?If yes the when ?

Bio is up on the site!


Your Welcome! πŸ˜‰

HI could you post notes for AS-Level as well as A2 business studies

We have AS notes already up!

do i have to study from the coursebook as will ? or the notes are enough
and thanks alot for this notes

hi ! this is a guide u have to study past papers if u want to get a decent grade

Would really appreciate it if there where some business notes but otherwise its great πŸ™‚

thanks so much for all your notes. Would really appreciate if you posted business studies notes for IGCSE, would really appreciate that

Hi there! First and foremost, thank you for these very helpful revision resources. If u don’t mind, can u also upload a revision guide for AS Level Biology. Thank you. God bless. πŸ™‚

may i know which country are you based in? thank you!

Hi, this was really really helpful but can you please upload business studies and accounts notes too? Thanks

Excellent and really helpful notes. Keep up the good work!!!

Please make (Business/Food & Nutrition / Child development) notes!!!

It would be great if you could upload economics A2 notes and thanks for the other notes.

Simply amazing!!!

Your A level biology notes were helpful and very consolidated. it was great for overview revision especially last minute! Thanks πŸ™‚

Amazing! Thank you!!

Would be helpful if you upload notes for IGCSE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT


These notes are absolutely amazing and have motivated me towards getting A*s in my A level. Your guidelines are also very helpful. Lots of prayers for you
I also need some help in A level P1s of sciences. I always score low in P1s.

I am appering in this march series (2017) and your ICT notes were a great help for me. There is one advice of mine that can you upload the notes of Business studies on znotes. If you can then it would be a great help.

HI please do you have any website where i could find the past papers ? and any update for the A2 level notes on computer Science please πŸ™‚ . i’m currently doing as much as possible to get the best out of everything i feel is necessary so as to get nice grades

Thank you for both the the IGCSE and AS Z-notes compilation. I urgently need AS Level Geography ones. May you please compile. And when do you think you can have them ready?

Hi, your notes are amazing and very helpful. however there is a slight error in the Economics notes for AS. In section 4.2 Inflation the advantages of inflation have been labelled wrongly as the disadvantages and vice versa. Please make the necessary adjustments or corrections.

Hi, please upload AS Economics notes please. Your IG economics notes were fantastic and I’d love it if u had AS notes of it. Cheers! I know its a workload but everyone needs you

Love your notes please put up accounting notes

Please do notes on A Level Economics but most importantly A Level Computer Science

These notes are seriously useful and it would be really helpful if you added Business Studies and Accounting notes!!

Can u also write a accounting and bussiness studies notes……you notes are really helpful

hi love your notes
there is a new alevel topic for CIE called IT I.e information technology can you make notes on that
Thank You

Hi there !! I’d like to start off by thanking you very much for the work you’re doing here i think its very helpful for many people including myself, I downloaded the Bio,Chem and Physics IGSCE notes recently and i must say you’ve done a superb job with the Physics/Chemistry however i noticed that the Bio notes were missing 4 topics Drugs,Variation and Selection,Biotechnology and Diseases and immunity it would be very helpful if you investigated this and updated the Bio IGSCE notes ….. Thank you once again my friend πŸ™‚
My Regards

How do i download the notes.


hey! I got very great results for my subjects so thank you so much, your notes are awesome, bless you!!!

hey will you be uploading notes for business studies as its very important

hi! can u add notes for design technology too?

Thank you so much for the support you have given us world wide. It means so much to me, I pray I pass my IG’s, maybe ace them- but we all want to ace our exams. But I’d just like to say a special thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me. My fellow 2017 candidates, good luck and study hard! All the best!

Thank you VITU for the well wishes. I am so grateful for you Zubair! It’s rare too see someone care so much about others this much, and invest so much time in making these extremely helpful resources.

Thank you so so so much for these notes. They’re incredibly helpful. May Allah bless you for all your hard work

Hey I was wondering if you can make any notes for business studies.. that would really help..

can you plzz plzz add business studies and accounts notes for IGCSE before end of december

Very grateful for A2 Physics and A2 Math notes. They are like my Bibles.

I think there is a mistake in Chemistry A2 9701 under note no 1.9 the solubility of hydroxides increase down the group please see to this.

Best notes for Physics and Chem. Allah aap ko janat farmaye. Ameen

Please upload *AS Biology notes* as soon as possible….!

thanks for the notes, found them really helpfull! could you upload travel and tourism igcse note for this year please!! and business studiess…IT WILL BW GREAT πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

thank you for effort your the best

sir i really enjoy reading ur notes and they help me a lot at last minute and will there be buisness studies notes too if yes then god will blessu a ton

Love ur notes! Really really helpful! May God bless u!
BTW, which uni ru in right now?
Thanks once again.

HII I really love your notes and efforts. can you please tell approximately by when will you be updating igcse biology and ict notes as I am giving my examinations in feb- march session. thanks in advance

also can you please tell me how did you prepare for your ict theory igcse exam as I find very difficult to byheart the advantages and disadvantages of devices
.thanks in advance.
also according to you how many months minimum before exam should you start solving the past papers and minimum till which year should you solve?

Could you please upload notes for Pure Maths 2. Your notes are really helpfull.

HI i was wondering zubair, my IGCSE examinations are in may 2017 which is after 6 months i found your notes really helpful as they cover things clearly and avoid unnecessary so are the physic chemistry an maths notes and pastpapers enough for the A* plz reply i really need to get high marks and one more things can you please update the biology igcse notes to the latest syllabus plz try to find someone to help you im struggling with and your notes make things easieit plus what are your tips for the a* ,and good luck in your studies

Hi Zubair,
I laud your efforts for making such obliging notes. I am currently attending my IGCSE Exams. Can you give me some advice on how to get an A* in English- First Language?

Hi. Ur notes are very simple and useful. I have a request : can u upload notes on IGCSE business and accounting. Thank u very much. πŸ™‚

Hi, is there any chance you could upload notes for a level subjects Edexcel such as biology and chemistry and if you can’t can you tell me if you know any good websites that offers these notes.

hellow, is there any chance you could upload notes for igcese eng as a second lang(component:0510)computer science(component:2210) if you can’t can you tell me if you know any good websites that offers these notes

What about Business or Acccounting

Hi Znotes,
it will be really helpful if you can just make notes of Bussiness studies and accounting πŸ™‚

Hi, I was wondering if you could update the iGCSE ICT Notes to the latest syllabus.

Hello Zubair,

I am very grateful for your notes, particularly your AS Maths and Chemistry notes. I was just wondering if you have any AS Biology notes for 2016 syllabus. I would also like to contribute some IGCSE accounting notes if required. Thank you so much for your kindess and giving so many people your help with your notes.

Your notes are extremely useful! Never seen better notes πŸ™‚
They are much appreciated!

Hey znotes, If you already have notes only, would it be a waste to rewrite them

will you be uploading AS biology notes any time soon?
if not do you know where i might get em?

will you be uploading AS biology notes any time soon?

Hey Znotes, It would be really nice if you could do similar notes for Computer Science (9608) AS and A level notes..All ur notes are really good…keep up the god work and please try to do for Computer Science as well..!

Sallam Brother! This is great work may Allah be pleased with you
Is it possible if you could add some IGCSE Edexel Courses especially English Language it will boost your website growth as Edexel is a populated exam board. Keep up with the great work this is really helpful!

plz zenotes tell me that are these notes for A* CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT SOMEONE WHO HAVE STUDIED THEM AND GOT As plz bye

Hi, thanks for your notes, can i ask your alevel result

Hi, thanks for your notes, can i ask what was your result in alevel this year?

i would like to thank you for sharing your notes. i m a teacher teaching further mathematics and have been compiling my notes for my students. actually i m compiling notes, past years and related questions from other sources as workbooks( Further pure has 3 volumes). i hope you dont mind if i share your notes in my workbooks.
thanks again.

Thank you for commenting. As a teacher, do you think we have missed anything majorly out of the notes? We self-studied the subject and did not have any mentorship. It will be great to add it however could you consider sharing the completed workbook on ZNotes? We can assist in any way but it’ll be amazing to have that sort of resource. Studying further maths alone was really difficult for us especially due to lack of resources. That’s why we want to help future students who will pursue this subject.

hi can i ask u why dont u have notes for igcse computer science

Hi, are these notes for extended or core?

Alsalaamalaykum! I am just starting with my IGs and was really stressed for the past week but not after I discovered
this website it is just AMAZING!A real life saver!Thank you soooo much!

WaalykumuSalam, that’s great! You’re very welcome πŸ™‚

Hey, I appreciate your work, it has helped me all throughout my IGCSE. I’m going to A Levels now and i require help. I want to give my A Levels for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and i have the choice to give 3 AS and A2 in two years or give 2 whole A levels (Bio, chem) in one year and then the other (physics) in the other year. I have received A*s for almost all my IGCSEs but still feel that i might be a bit weaker in physics than the other two sciences and my friends have switched to the latter option which is giving 2+1 levels. Even my mom suggests its a good idea. I want to stick to my AS+A2 choice since it will be way easier and i’ll get breathing space but im second guessing myself now. What do you suggest? Please help me on this

Hi, I am glad it has πŸ™‚ I can only speak from my own experience – I completed my A Levels in the normal AS then A2 procedure. It worked for me and I felt comfortable doing it. I personally wouldn’t recommend the 2+1 way because firstly you are going to be in quite a lot of pressure in the first year; the transition from IG to AS is different and you are planning to go directly from IG to A2! Secondly, you will be doing a complete year with no physics (focusing on Bio and Chem) and that is not good especially if that is your weaker subject. Physics is not very easy but it has low grade thresholds due to it. On the other hand I would say Chem might be the hardest A-Level and you have to work really hard for it. There are benefits for the 2+1 approach, you’ll have lower grade boundaries. Finally, its your decision and whichever you take, it is the right one as long as you work hard! Good luck 

Oh my God Thank you!

You’re welcome! I hope it helped to take your decision πŸ™‚

Hello, it’s me again. I’ve sent the email regarding my current preparation for the PAT about a week ago. However, you still haven’t replied to it. I’ll send it again today so please do reply this time since a little time is left for PAT preparation.

Al salamou alaikom
May allah reward you for all the work that you do.
One question: Can you give us a rough date on when will the AS Level Physics notes get updated to the 2016 syllabus ?
Thank You

Hi, First of All, Thank you for all your work. They are great for revision. I was just wondering if you have notes for CIE AS Biology? Cheers

Hiya, you’re welcome πŸ™‚ Um not as of now because I don’t have anyone volunteering to help (I didn’t study AS/A2 Bio)

Hi, I’d like to know if the IGCSE Biology will be updated soon.
I took the exam on May/June this year but i failed Biology.

There was also a food test regarding Vitamin C???
Could there be more food test that have been added more than that?

I hope so – as of now no one is working on it. I am not sure what has been added in the new syllabus but the Vitamin C test was added.

Thank you very much for this splendid work! Keep updating the notes, they are too excellent…

You’re welcome and I hope we can continue to do so.

You’re welcome and I hope we continue to do so.

Hey, is there any chance that Z notes could make an Accounting revision pack for IGCSE students??

Hi, not any plans currently sorry

Is there any chance of getting AS level Biology notes? The others have been great.

You’re welcome πŸ™‚ I am hoping to compile some with the assistance of a Bio student as I myself didn’t take the subject.

Hi, Can I get notes on Statistics 2 and pure mathematics 2 & 3 (9707)
and even on Business (9609)

Stats 2 notes are under progress but pure maths notes are available under the A2 section:
There are no business notes currently.

I would like to know if there is a Business Igcse notes being worked on for the future?

Yes there may be some work on that in the future.

Hi! I was wondering why Momentum is not in the IGCSE physics notes because they decided to remove capacitors and time delay circuits and put in Momentum because I was practising the Specimen Paper and momentum was there so if maybe you could momentum inside to it will be great because my physics has nothing on Momentum. I am writing my Physics mock today hopefully all the revision I did goes to good use πŸ™‚

Gosh! Never mind! I saw momentum hehe I think I am starting to have a bad eye sight

Hahah no worries. When your comment came you made me doubt me! Momentum is a new addition but pretty simple – it’s good they’ve included it this year as it’ll help your understanding at AS πŸ™‚ How did your mock go?

Muhammad Bin Jamil

Hello! I want to get contact details of Saif, so that I can discuss how he prepared for Oxford PAT. Thanks.

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Send me an email at about your preparation currently etc. and I’ll forward it to Saif and then you guys can speak.

can you please please please update the physics as level notes according to 2016 syllabus.

Yes I will to before the Oct/Nov exam

hi, your notes are just simply amazing ,but could you please add computer science and accounts notes both IGCSE updated to 2016 syllabus

Thanks πŸ™‚ That won’t be possible currently until someone contributes them.

Thats nice zuber i want to congratulate u am igcse teacher and ur notes are fabulous i will sugggest this to all my students

Thank you πŸ™‚

When will be biology As level notes uploaded?

No exact date – i have no volunteers currently

I would like to thank you for these excellent notes, which will most definitely help with getting higher grades for my IGCSE’s this year! I am extremely thankful for the time you have spent for helping other people by making these notes, it is very thoughtful of you.

You’re welcome! Hopefully it’ll help the others just as much πŸ™‚

Hey Zubair, i would like to thank you and tell you that I and i assume many people are depending on you to complete the AS Notes for Physics according to the 2016 syllabus. I for one have found it easier to just straigt off memorize everything that you put in your revision guides. it just saves time. Around which month can we expect that to be uploaded. I want to get nto Harvard with Financial aid so no pressure man πŸ™‚ Around which month can you inchallah upload this updated AS physics revision guide? and BTW happy Eid.

thankyou for this awesome website
next year i have my AS so i was hoping if you could make notes for business and AICT..
thank you πŸ™‚

Maheer Tanzim Khan

Assalamualaikum, Zubair. I was wondering when you would give the A2 notes covers?
Secondly, how was your further pure mathematics paper?

Waalykumusalam, I need to update covers for all the notes and minor edits in alot of them – will work on it after my exams are done during the summer. Um it was alright – not the greatest – I could have done better. Some questions stumped me. Need to work hard for the next paper. How did it go for you?

It felt as smooth as butter. I finished with half an hour to spare. Hoping for 95+ if applied paper is just as good. Do let me know about your paper-2, I’ll too.

Wow that’s amazing! Good luck. I wasn’t able to completely solve the last vector spaces question with the sum of components and sum of squares.

Maheer Tanzim Khan

Best of luck for your paper-2, you can still secure an A*, if you do well in paper-2.

WOW man! Your amazing mashallah! Your notes are keeping me going and helping me very much for my test. Keep up the good work and I wish you the very best inshallah!

Great! I’m happy its been able to help πŸ™‚ Thank you inshaAllah!

great website to revise !
Appreciate it


hey, your notes are really helpful, i was wondering if you could make notes for GCSE Accounts and GCSE

GCSE Accounts and GCSE French*

Hi, I’m glad they’ve been helpful. No, I’m sorry those aren’t subjects I took so no notes for them.

You’re notes saved my life omg you’re just the greatest <33 What sorta software did you use to make them?

I’m glad we could help! πŸ™‚ Just MS Word for all the notes – PowerPoint for the flashcards and making some of the diagrams.

You are amazing

I wish but thanks πŸ™‚

Muhammad Bin Jamil

Hi. Firstly, I want to thank you for this wonderful work you’ve done. Secondly, tell me that how did you come up by making Oxford MAT notes? I mean did you attend any tuition classes? Please also tell me that can you make Oxford PAT notes too, and before winter 2016? My final question is what were your SAT and SAT Subject Tests scores?

Hi, you’re welcome πŸ™‚ I made MAT notes because I did the MAT exam this year – I applied for Mathematics. I attended an online MAT course offered my MEI. My friend, Saif did the PAT – he will be able to help with that. I didn’t do any SAT subjects although I prepared for them – they were not available in the session I wanted to do them in. I got 2010 in SAT 1.

Muhammad Bin Jamil

Alright. How did your, and your friend’s, Oxford interview go, and did you receive any offer?

Haha no we didn’t reach that far.

Muhammad Bin Jamil

So what are your university plans now? Also, ask Saif that when he will upload the complete notes on PAT (Plead him to upload it before September 2016),

Zubair Junjunia

Varying. Firstly, Saif did not make notes for PAT – you can speak to him on how he prepared for the exams and which resources he used. We are doing our A2 exams right now so he will discuss it after those.

Syed Noor Ul Husnain Bukhari (Syednhb)

The First law of thermodynamics is wrong in your A2 notes it should be U=Q-W whereas your notes state U=Q+W.

Not it is +. If you read below W is defined as work done ON the system therefore it is positive.

Hi, is it possible if you could make history igcse ? Thank you very much for this website though

Hi, nope I’m doing A Levels and didn’t even take IG History. You’re welcome πŸ™‚

I did 41 too. Yeaa hahaha

Ugh not good at all! Yep hardest paper 4 i’ve ever done. God help us πŸ™‚
And idk if they really helped – so much of it was just not the pattern we’ve observed in past papers.

May I know what grades you got in AS please? Especially in Computer Science.

As in Chem, Phy and CS

WOW. What about Math?

A*. Overall was okay but nothing compared to students who take 5/6 A levels!

Firstly, as many have already stated, your notes are amazing. The AS and A2 physics notes and the AS computer science notes have helped me a lot. I wish the A2 computer science notes were also available as they would help me a lot, but i guess with only 14 days to the exam its a little too late to ask πŸ˜›

Hahah slightly but it won’t have changed anything – I dropped Computer Science after AS to pursue Further Maths therefore no notes for A2 – sorry.

Hello, I would just like to say thank you SO much for all of your notes…I believe they are the best on the internet and they really helped me last year with my igcse examinations (straight a’s!)
Again I would like to thank you and your friends for the time and effort you have put in to making these notes available for so many people. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

You are very welcome πŸ™‚ and that is so great to hear! Congratulations! Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

Are the biology A2 notes enough for Cie prep or do I have to look into other sources as well like OCR?

The Bio notes were written by my friend and they are to the exact CIE specifications. At this point, I think should just be studying them and working through the papers to be ready for the exam. OCR probably has a significantly different syllabus.

can i depend fully on the economics notes when studying ?

Ofcourse not – the notes are extremely summarized and you must have a complete understanding before using them to revise. Also, they must be used alongside past papers.

please please we want biology (9700) paper 5 notes aS well
thanks in advance

I’m sorry – not a subject I take πŸ™

Hi ZJUNJUNIA Will you be uploading notes for AS Biology [ if not could you upload them from a previous years notes if possible please it would be a great help] And I would just like to say what a wonderful job u r doing with z notes, keep it up and well done !

Hi, sorry I don’t even take AS Bio. I’m going to try expanding and get notes made with someone but currently nothing – again, sorry.
Thanks πŸ™‚

Is there notes on IGCSE physical education

No sorry – not a subject I took

Hello, will there be notes for a2 biology paper 5? Btw the notes here are great! Thanks

Hi, I don’t think so.. my friend’s only done notes for structured.

Hello will there be AS Biology Notes before this years exam?

Hi, no sorry there won’t be.

Can you please upload the physics SAT 2 notes ?

Sorry I do not have notes for that

Hi. I wanted to ask whether the Further maths (9231) notes are completely updated or not?

Updated? They were written for the exam this year.

hello zubair. i was wondering, do you working on AS notes 2016 syllabus?

Not currently sorry, I have A2s to worry about.

Hello! ur doing a great job…thnx fr these notes it helped me a lot…btw i wanted to knw tht.. r there any notes on igcse accounts coz i searched bt i cld nt find them

Hi, sorry no idea about IG accounting – didn’t take it myself.

Assalamualaikum, Zubair. Please, could you tell when the A2 notes will be finished? Thanks

They have finished

But, A2 biology and further mechanics seem to be incomplete?

They should be complete now too. Please check again.

Thanks a lot.

do you know any website where you can get solved pastpapers for chemistry or anything similar to it for AS or A2, but especially chemistry because our teacher is not good enough CIEs are close too

Sorry I am not aware. Just practice urself and use the mark-scheme to correct it.

assalam allikum,
when will the A2 bio and chem notes be completed?
also, are u making paper 5 and application notes??….exams are like 40 days away so would really appreciate if u could quickly upload them.

The A2 notes are complete. We have a few outline notes for Paper 5 – you may have a look but they are not completely through.

salam zubair relieved to see your website alive again please upload notes for biology for AS level as soon as possible

Salam, yes AlhamduLillah πŸ™‚
Sorry as I’ve said before there are no AS bio notes available – I don’t take bio and AS notes were not written.

Hi. I am doing my IGCSEs. Can u give me tips for biology as I am not confident in this subject + there is not enough time .

Hello, thanks for ur wonderful notes . Can u upload English language solved past papers of 0510 ? Also can u upload AS biology notes. Please let me know

Hi, sorry no AS bio notes – I didnt take bio. I also didnt take English as a 2nd Language so have no resources for that.

Assalamualaikum. Zubair do you live in Jeddah?

Assalamualaikum, Zubair. I had to ask whether the A2 notes are complete or are there some final touchups left. And I had to thank you and your friends for your brilliant work, keep it up.

WaalykumuSalam, The A2 notes are close to finishing – we have applications left for the sciences. The notes will be completely finished by the end of March hopefully. Thank you πŸ™‚

Another thing, could you briefly go over the method you guys employ to make notes? It’s high time I made mine for the upcoming exams, so I needed your opinion. And thanks again, all of you’ve been really helpful.

Hi. Zubair, do you have those topic checklist templates for AS chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths. Can u please send me those. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

Hiya, these are the ones I have from last year:
No bio sorry :/ You could make your own tho. Just copy a slide and edit the table πŸ™‚

Hi, Z!! I recently came across your website and have been loving every bit of it ever since.. your work on here is truly commendable and may Allah bless you for your efforts.
I’m in AS and have been having difficulty effectively planning my time — my laziness usually kicks in before i even get started! I have seen your posts on revising & making notes & was wondering if it was possible for you to upload a template for a timetable sort of a thing ( so that i could print & plan my time out.. or if you could just guide me on how to make a timetable.
any effort in the matter would be much appreciated

Hello! I am honoured by your comment, all praise to Allah for allowing me to do something like this.
I truly understand what you mean πŸ™‚ Planning really does help alot and removes the laziness (at least for me it does) because its like a task that you have set yourself to do – you aren’t left to think and make a task up then and there.
Sure I’ll be glad to help with that. I made that last year simply using a table in MS Word, merging a few cell etc. I could send that if you like or help you develop your own with the subjects you take. I am glad to help in either way; let me know what you want πŸ™‚

hey.. thanks for the reply. can you please help me make one for myself which is complementary to my subjects? i take 3 sciences
thanks in advance.. you rock!

No problem πŸ™‚ Here’s a Google Drive link (in case others wanna use it too):
This table contains many more papers – the one in the image was starting with 06 because I had done the older ones. Only 2 variants after 2009 are different and I’ve included only those ones. Delete rows if you do not want to begin with ’02. I’ve left the timetable empty at the bottom so you can fill it in with your plan.

Jazak Allah Khair

You are very welcome πŸ™‚

Thanks, Zubair. Your efforts are truly commendable; keep up the noble work. By the way, could you give me a rough estimate of when you will post your A2 notes?

You are very welcome – it is a group effort ofcourse so gratitude to all involved πŸ™‚ We are actually studying the A2 syllabus right now so that is why notes are coming chapter-by-chapter. Our teacher is hoping too finish the syllabus by March so after that there will be a huge final check on the notes and then final ones should be up soon after including notes on practicals.

Hi, I’m having confusion about the physics A2 level notes on simple harmonic. The diagram,when the bob is at the extremities i.e left hand side and right hand side,it does not possess max p.e and 0 k.e ?? And at the middle ,max k.e and 0 p.e ?? plz help…

I am so sorry! It is incorrect, we switched the two by mistake when making the diagram. Here’s how it should be:

I’ll update the notes and re-upload it.

Thank you Zjunjunia

Hi I’m having problems about the A2 core for Physics and Chemistry,
please can you upload the notes!
Thank you! πŸ˜€ Z notes are the best! πŸ˜€

Hi, I am still to learn A2! Will be uploading next year as I complete the course.

Thank you Zjunjunia,
My exams start on the 4th October,
Thank you anyway Zubair,… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Ohh you’re doing it in the winter session. Sorry I could not be of help.

please can you make accounting igcse o level as i am taking now the exam and it is after 2 days and i feel abit confused in the topics and i have used your notes for physics , biology, and chemistry and they were very helpful!!
and i do really need an A* in my o levels as i am taking 8 olevels and thanks in advance!!

Impossible! I havent ever taken accounting and i’m doing A levels now :/

thank you very much for ur help appreciate it πŸ™‚

You’re welcome!

I have the slightest idea that i mi8 fail my mocks for ig’s, is it by any chance possible to get an A* if i actually do put in the effort to work hard. I really wanna do well but i really do not know how to study and i only have 2 months left. Any advice and btw ur geo and physics notes have really helped me πŸ™‚

Hi. Firstly, this might sound cheesy but u must know that nothing is impossible; its completely possible for u to get A*s. I suggest u go through ur mocks very thoroughly and try to find ur weaknesses. These next 2 months are very important for u – u have to firstly organize ur time. I recommend u set up a timetable for which past papers u would do every day and yes you have to study every day even if it is for a short time. Every week u should also have some time to go through the theory notes and go though ur papers to identify ur weaknesses and study them. The fact that u have realized this situation is in itself a very good sign and with continuous hard work- revision and practice – im sure ull get A*s with great ease. I hope this helps u out πŸ™‚

hi will you be uploading AS biology notes any time soon?

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