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Are you going to update soon for the igcse o-level 2019 exam?
Please anyone reply.

these notes are the best… OMG!!! You are so awesome

All the past papers I know of are on
But there are other sites as well. Be resourceful.

Guys but vhy soo smart

people. just go home and study

2018 papers ?????

@Abrar Elbahloul can you send them to me on my email?

hey guys
next week i have my biology,physics igcse exam on paper 2 and 4 ,does anyone have feb/mar papers? or any 2018 papers

I have the same tests on May 22nd and 23rd, and I’m a wreck! Apparently, the feb/mar 2018 papers are not on any website that I know of, but some people have it! So please if anyone has it, send on

I do have Feb March 18

can you please send it to me at and biology too if you have it. thanks

Can you please email it to me:

Can u send bio and phy f/m 2018 to me as well thanks

Can you please send me physics exam at thank you….


Me too! I’m giving the same exam on 23rd May..I hope it’ll be easy! Well I had feb march 2018 paper 6 for phy and other subjects but I’m not sure if i have the paper 4 and 2, but I’ll check and send it

guys I have my computer science (0478) exam tomorrow, I am really scared and need practise, is there any one who has the comp science papers, please mail it to me in exchange I will give that person physics, economics and chemistry papers. My email ID is
( )


Hey guys I have the Feb/march 2018 available for Physics and Economics Extended, if anyone wants then do mail me on. I will soon get chemistry also.
( )

Hello sir can u pls send me all the 2018 papers u have

Hello, appreciate if you could forward the Physics and Chemistry 2018 papers to

Thank you soooooo much!

Can you please email me bio physics and chem:

hi i would appreciate it if you could send me the physics paper to thank you

I cannot print the Physics Notes. On each page three slides are coming and only first 3 pages are available. Kindly help me with this problem.

Hey does anyone know if the alternative to practical notes covers everything?

A man like you A man like you
A man like you A man like you

Do you know anything I could do about the planning question?

i really apretiate all the hardwork it is so useful

does any have feb/march yet ?!

Ya pls mail me the feb/march papers for physics and chem if anybody has them

yes I do

please send it to me at and bio too if you have it. thanks

Hi there,

I’d like to report an error in the CIE IGCSE Physics revision notes on page 14. At the end of the page, I believe the sentence “For semi-metal conductors higher temperature” is not complete. Hope you’ll fix that ASAP and still, thank you for all your hard work πŸ™‚

My god u have to scroll all the way down to make a comment what a bad system they should have β€œLeave a Reply” at the top of the comment section instead of the bottom pls change this for the convenience of us users . Anyway my main reason of writing this comment was to say that I am a dinosaur ROAR!!!!‘‘‘‘

you weirdo!!!

Can this notes be used for exam which will be in Feb/March-2019 or we will have new notes?

this is really helpful. The biology notes are superb,THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THIS INITIATIVE.

Does anyone’s get different answers in physics igcse paper 6 when you are told to measure the length..pls need help!!

yes, the printed page is a different size than the actual exam

Yes, don’t worry about it. It is because when you print the exam paper the pictures are different sized than the actual test booklet you receive.

Could you please do IGCSE combined Science 0653 notes please, we are struggling to study with the pure notes.

can anyone help me
i have my physics exams this month
i’m so scared because in school i dont even cross 60% being in extended
im so tensed because i feel i wont get a* in that subject
Can you please help me?

what’s the issue ? i am also giving my exams this may june .

Helpful Stuff thanks a lot fam

These notes do not include the Velocity time graphs, formula of Velocity, significant figures and everything including Velocity. Please Reply as soon as possible, exam in a few days..

The notes do cover all the syllabus requirements.

Speed time graphs also represent velocity time graphs,
The formula for speed is the same as it is for velocity.
Remember that velocity is just speed with a direction (it’s a vector, whereas speed is a scalar)

As for significant figures, generally give your answers correct to the number of significant digits data given to you is in

i guess the topics which you listed are the easiest ones

Very useful notes.Do you have practice worksheets or such resources?

Thanks Chingel!
We are planning on creating worksheets for English, so we’ll keep you updated. πŸ˜‰

I think past paper is excellent for practise

why i cant print this notes

Jaru, please refer to our download guide.

what download guide???

Hello yajat yadav,

Please scroll above to see the ZNotes Download Guide link. It is below the PDF download links. If you are still having trouble finding it :

Yajat Yadav,

We created a download guide under every notes pdf. Click on that and it will guide you to printing and downloading notes.

Its my exam today and im so nervous..

Any last tips?

Im doing my IGs next year (May/june) and the top tip most people told me was “Don’t be nervous, trust that you know everything”

Hi πŸ™‚
Good luck to all those writing πŸ˜‰

guys these notes are litttt but you have to read the question carefully inorder to write the appropriate answer

exam tomorrow btw

these notes are lit

Hi ..
Thanks this is quite helpful
Can anyone pls reply pls and how will I no u replied ?
In my the labeling of the micrometer is not given and if I use this labeling to answer any question will I get marks ?
I Did not found any mark scheme with this labeling ..
Pls reply


Amy-Grace Hiawai Koyama
Amy-Grace Hiawai Koyama


why can’t i download? emergency please help me out

This is because you have to create an account to download, otherwise it’s not possible.

can u tell when u give IT notes of as and a level. because i want before oct/nov of this year igcse exam. please make as fast as you can. please

Hey @naveenkareria:disqus
AS Level IT Notes are almost done and will be uploaded soon. Stay Tuned.

can u tell the date

oh wait found it

Nothing on diodes tho..

Can’t there be less pages it’s more convenient to read when there is less pages also many people can finish it faster if there are less pages

This notes are extremely helpful it hasbeen really good but if the number of pages were a little less iflt would be much easier to study and finish portion faster. With all regards please take this note in consideration as fast as possible

Great work. You need to add the specific heat capacity notes though. also could you tell me which textbooks u used for the defintions, they are fuckin amazing

Stop Bitching around

Brian is right though. The notes for Heat and Specific Heat Capacity is missing.

Latent Heat and Specific Heat capacity doesn’t really require any proper explanations. Usually they ask for calculations, just learn the formulas and you’re good to go. The respective formulas can be found anywhere on the internet or even in your textbook for that matter.

Can someone post their results when they got it πŸ™‚

is this suitable for passing mocks? I don’t have time to make notes and study and i need to get a good mark. not aimingfor an A* yet but hoping for a B or better

hi umm you will find the physics march 2017 paper here among others, hope am not late

Not working !!

thank you very much

Hi, i need a quick and a real knowledgeable answer please. i am gonna have my exams in like less than a week and i am very weak especially in phy so are these notes enough for me to get good marks and any advise on how to get A or A* in physics,Thank you πŸ™‚

I don’t think you should rely on them completely if you haven’t finished the syllabus. But for revision, these notes are more than enough because they have everything that is on this year’s syllabus completely summarized. But as an igcse student myself, I can assure you that these notes have helped me a lot.

Hello could someone tell me if znotes is okay for 2017 CIEs

its not only updated to 2014

I don’t think so

IΒ΄ve been studying for my IGCSEs from these notes and the syllabus content is practically the same. These notes are great.

Can someone please tell when can i get physics specimenn paper 2017??

Specimen paper is only made when there is a change of syllabus .

There was a change in syllabus this year!!

I dont think there was, the notes would be upgraded then


there is a change for this year. these notes were made from when they were doing their exams, apparently they are updating other notes

after the exams of igcse is over then u can get the specimen paper of 2017

who can send me the recent 2017 march physics exam……i need to see it….i believe that Indian students took it 2 weeks ago

is this 100% sufficient for taking igcse 2017?

no it isnt
you shouldnt fully rely on this as it has nothing on heat and there are many errors

No, it’s a fast glimpse revision.

could you suggest a site where you get all the past papers of physics ???

At Xtreme

Igcse egypt student room all papers from 2002 till 2016

Write ‘xtremepapers physics 0625’… here you’ll get all the pastpapers.. πŸ™‚
and the latest ones like 2015 and 2016 can be accessed from the ‘gce guide physics’…

Yep xtremepapers hope i am not late just click the first link
U can get all the past papers you need here
This site also includes the new October November 16 papers

Igcse centre

igcse centre there you can get 2016 papers tooo

Please make notes for Business Studies, that’s one important subject for me. Looking Forward to your reply.

Yes please, I need them too

Great for revision!
for the thermal part of physics it’s missing the specific heat capacity

I am extremely grateful to you for creating this website. It’s a great help.
I also use your chemistry and biology notes. All three websites are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much πŸ™‚ i can’t even begin to tell you how much these have helped!

It would be better if name of the chapter is written before the notes

oi be grateful

I’m glad
I wanna get (A) in all the subjects.

good luck πŸ™‚

really helpful its help me understand much batter then ever

Had a mock exam today and forgot to bring my notes. This has just saved ma life. THANK YOUUU

hello thank you for notes they saved my life!! but i have a question can i rely on your notes without using the textbook or??

i think its better to study from the book then use these notes as last minute revision notes

Never rely on non-approved notes that are not from Cambridge but these are additional notes to ur textbook

Download tis immediately Super helpful

Well you can and you would not do so bad. But theses are summarization and the textbook allows you to understand the concept better

Thank you for the lovely Z notes.I wonder how u all have coped up with these studies,excellent job Zubair,may allah grant u more knowledge and wisdom,my daughter will be appearing for her igcse in 2017 and i hope these notes will definitely help her.Due to lack of time,I,being her mother help her get notes from the net and these notes have been really helpful.Jazakallah Khair

I am giving IGs in 2017, best of luck to your daughter insha Allah she’ll get good grades

which country are u studying in?

Where are you from and where do you live?

thanks you so much for these notes , they are extremely helpful

Did anybody else notice that in paper 6, alternative to practical, they asked for the flame test of aluminum, which is not included in the syllabus!

Sorry! Wrong subject!

Hey there!
How did everyone do in paper 4 (extended) in november?
Everyone in my class including me thought that it was extremely hard.
How did you do?

Sorry!! Wrong subject.

These notes are brilliant but when you are comparing iron and steel under magnetic properties, both headings say iron

today i write thanks guys i would love to leave a monetary contribution

Hi there!
Did you do well in your paper 4?
Everyone in my class including me thought that it was extremely hard.
How did you do?

OMG I wish I saw this website before doing my alternative to practical exams. Anyways it isn’t too late… I have my structured and MCQ paper tomorrow! Thank you for the wonderful notes! Hope it will be helpful

Hi there!
Did you do well in your paper 4?
Everyone in my class including me thought that it was extremely hard.
How did you do?

Thank you so much! I wrote my alternative to practical exam today and this really helped πŸ™‚

Saved my life πŸ™‚

Honestly, I dont know where I would be if I had not gone through these notes. Mashaallah, they are very helpful. Keep up the good work !

Hey man, these notes are awesome. But just one question, are they eligible to study with for the 2017 syllabus?

i think the syllabus is the same

Yes they are

first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for these notes they are very helpful specially with the energy resource topic

second: i was wondering if those 16 page cover the whole physics igcse syllabus I am doing my exam this oct/nov

thanks again much love and respect

omg! thank you
it is so useful and summarized
really recommend it

great job,usefull

Great work … God bless you

Thanks and Ameen

Omg yes! Thank you so much for this website. You are going to same me in my Physics IGCSE’s

OMGGGG!! this website is literally a life saver…i was so scared for my O Level boards 2017..but finally i feel so motivated and confident and that is all because of the writer of this website. Honestly can’t thank u enough! May God bless u… XOXO <3

can i give these to my classmates?

amazing notes thank you so much

Welcome πŸ™‚

Hi there, i am new to this website and as we have a really bad teacher for physics, would u mind if i made a little money from your notes by selling them to my colleagues for a cheap price? I’m selling them as i would take your notes + flashcards and make them into a spiral book for all my colleagueswhich isn’t cheap. so to take care of that i could sell them? please reply. P.S I’m selling them because it isn’t cheap to make them into spiral books. so please reply tysm for this website anyways.


Musa Khaleel

also, does these notes herp you even if u haven’t taken physics ever? like i mean if u self study these notes will it help u?

Don’t you think that will be wickedness,why not give them for free after all it’s not your knowledge that you ‘re selling out or is it?

Hey, thanks for the notes just a quick question, could you explain what you meant on page 13 first point on transformers adjacent to its diagram? the ‘when magnetic field is changed the primary coil by connecting it with A.C an emf induces across the secondary coil’ its a bit hard to understand but please get back to me asap got the exam coming up in less than a week πŸ™‚ thanks in advance

Tomorrow is my physics paper 6 and after going through your notes, i’ve finally revised! Thanks a lot for sharing your efforts with us! your notes are definitely amazing. Glad i found your website! πŸ™‚

Good luck and you’re welcome! Thank you for saying so πŸ™‚

Great Work
Just wanted to inform you of a typo on page 10. Comparing iron and iron instead of iron and steel. Not big and easy to pick up but may be confusing as to which is which.

Thanks. Yes that typo has been there for 2 years! I really must change it in the next update.

These were so helpful! Thanks for all your efforts to assist students, I literally use your notes to study all science subjects, though I really could get some help in English as first language – I mean, flash cards for example, on how to write better writing tasks or how to enhance our language or vocabulary skills! Your website is simply amazing and I look forward to get to use it more and more often! Thank you, once again!

I am glad they have been so! πŸ™‚ Um, the last I took English was 3 years ago during IGs so its a bit long ago and I don’t think I can do something like that. For some of the things you’ve written above, the best way to improve and expand your vocabulary is by reading books – its what everyone says but its true! To improve your writing, you have to practice and under timed conditions. I have uploaded some of my answers to past papers here:
You could attempt the same past paper questions and then compare with some of my answers to see improvements.

Hello, this was very helpful but i got a question, will this be enough if i just study from it?

Hi, the notes are thorough and cover the syllabus but if any topic is unclear to you, it is important for you to refer to the textbook. Ofcourse, you must also work through past papers.

Yes! I had my physics paper and there I was 2 am going through the notes(never having touched the textbook before as it was long and weary and boring to read). And I got pretty good marks!(satisfactory, atleast, for someone who studied on the very day before the exam) I got 127/160 which I am happy with (Only lost most of my marks in alternative to practicals). So I think you’d be good if you only stutied from the notes for physics. Other subjects, I can’t tell as I depend on both textbooks and notes for them! Hope this helped πŸ™‚

You’re absolutely incredible! This is a noble website because basically you’re rescuing all of us hehehe (safeguarding our futures!) Thanks a lot! Could you somehow make notes for History?

Oh and, what did you get for IGCSEs (all subjects) ?

8 A*s n 2 As. As in English Language and Add Maths.

Wow that’s great!! Congrats hehe

Thanks but I’m sure its nothing compared to some of the amazing people out there πŸ™‚

How long did it take u to prepare and revise for ur igcse’s??
And which subjects u’ve done? With all those incredible marks “knock on wood” mashaAllah!! πŸ˜€
Reason for asking is BCoz im doing next may june 3 subjects which are physics+ e.m + biology .. Do u think theres time till then to get atleast B’s in all 3 subjects? Reason for re sitting my exams after a loooong time is that i finished my IGCSE’s back in 2007 with all C’s. (Didnt go to a uni and now planning to join one in Dubai) but they require atleast 3 B’s in 3 subjects .
I got all C’s and one D in all 8 subjects. (D in computer science).
Im self studying biology and e.m but have a private tutor for physics, tho we didnt start yet! Whats ur advice ? Thank u in advance! πŸ™‚

Haha I hope so πŸ™‚ Perfect time to ask, I’ve just uploaded them have a look:

Thank youu πŸ™‚

You’re welcome πŸ™‚

This is soo helpful u did a very good job sir….
But shoot if u could explain how do decay works and how to find that

Thank you mate, it really helped me. May Allah bless you and keep up the good work. You’ll be rewarded one day. Thanks man they are amazing.

You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Aameen inshAllah. I hope we can continue to maintain the resources and help as many as possible.

Thanks a lot good job

You’re welcome πŸ™‚

good job, thanks. may God bless you

thnx for de notes

They r really helpful

amazing website.

ZJunjunia. The fact that you are still a student and have managed to create a high satandard,quality website is beyond fantastic. and these notes to me are actullay more helpful than a study guide published from cambridge. thanks for the notes. πŸ™‚

Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚ I am glad the notes have been such a great help for you but I cannot possibly accept the praise – without my friends’ help and the grace of Allah this would never have been possible.

For the magnetic properties of iron and steel. They both say iron. Which one is which? Thank you! (Amazing notes btw).

Woops! The right column is for Steel.

Hello. I wanted to ask you what is important to get good grades for physics as thats where i lack. Rest are pretty good, but physics is difficult for me. Please help as I am giving my boards in few weeks, so what is the final prep I should do, as I am really nervous. I have completed all the papers. (IGCSE 0625 physics)

Thanks alot man…..Truly appericate ur efforts! :). You are exactly an life saver. May Allah reward you for such free notes. I have got some questions and was wondering if You could help me out.

1)for solving the pastpapers, Do we need to solve all variants(what actually is this variant thingy)?
2)For me, IT took like 20 mins checking each paper and correcting from markschemes, Should we like write all the correct answers in paper….would doing so help in revision.
3)Did you use the study guides? If yes, how many months before your exam.

Thanks again! πŸ™‚

You are very welcome. Aameen. Sure:
1) Pastpapers are basically your tools for practice; after you have studied and feel you have covered a section of syllabus perfectly, pastpapers allow you to practice the skills/concepts learnt and also make sure you know what is required by the examiners. It also helps you get familiar to the exam format so you are not overwhelmed when you walk into the final exam. Truthfully, there is no correct amount of papers you should do – it all depends on you. I end up doing most of them from ’02. If you plan correctly you have more than enough time to do all. But don’t be stressed if you haven’t completed every single question. On the topic of variants, as there are so many countries and time zones etc., CIE produces 3 past papers for each session (3 variants) – usually 2 are the same and one is different. So if you have time and plan ahead you can do those too to practice more.
2) That’s perfect! Some people don’t bother marking correctly. Yes! Spend time writing down correct answers. Especially in definition questions where you’ve missed a key word; write it down – like edit your answer to make it a model answer. I also star difficult questions so when I’m revising near the end of the year and finished a lot of papers, I come back and do some of those questions again.
3) No I never used any study guides. Just my own notes for revision.
Hope I’ve answered your questions πŸ™‚

did you ever do french????

No sorry :/

ZJUNJUNIA, first of all thank you very much for this it really helps a lot to me as a first timer teacher of Physics. Can I print these materials and give to my students? I think this will help them a lot. God bless you.

if you want you do but if you belong to uae your variant is 2 like 32,62 etc
yes it will help you in revision because the questions might repeat it will be easy to answer the questions
and it will be a practice for you like how to answer the question
first learn the book and then look the revision guide after leaning everything do the revision it will be helpful for you.

Thanks a lot for all these notes they have been really helpful and after reading them I feel as though I have understood each and every concept

Wow thats great! Pleased to be able to help πŸ™‚

WOW!!! You reply to every single one of the comments. That is what i liked the most.

Thank you! It is actually very enjoyable to receive feedback – it’s amazing how we are able to interact with people all across the world πŸ™‚

In speed, velocity and acceleration chapter, the ‘SUVAT’ equations are not given although its in the syllabus. Nevertheless this is great help.

Woops! Should include them. Sorry it’s just that we do mechanics and it’s sorta fixed in our heads so that’s why we probably skipped it.

Are there any notes on cathode ray oscilloscope? I looked through the it but couldn’t find anything

The topic has been deleted from the 2016-18 syllabus so when I updated from ’14, I deleted it.

on page 14 AC generator the first line coil is written oil

Ugh typos.. will fix it in next update. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi Zubair, may I know how I can get the 2015 syllabus Physics notes?
Pretty sure you’ve heard this many times, but I think what you’re doing is amazing. You’ve helped so many people. πŸ™‚

Hey Pei, umm these notes encompass 2015. I first wrote the notes for the 2014 syllabus and then updated it till 2016 this year so they will fit all the specifications.
Thank you so much! Sincerely, our main aim is to help as many as we can and hope we continue to do so πŸ™‚

Oh okay, that’s great! thanks

No problem!

insanely helpful my friend

Insanely glad to help πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot man! These precious precise notes are all i wanted for my IGs..really helful..

You’re very welcome! “Precious, precise” – love your description πŸ™‚

Your notes were very helpful for my ig’s this year ………Thanks alot !!

Im glad. I hope u get the good results!

do u have 2016 A level notes

Go to the A-level section in the menu bar…

Thanks a lot, it really helped me!

Glad to help!

Wow! I love these notes. Great Job!

Thanks ☺


concern physics 625, i am having difficulties in drawing electric circuits in p 3&6 , especially how to differentiate between series and parallel circuits.

Thank you

Hi, Just follow the circuit. If a component is connected together with the same wire then it is series. If there is a break in the wire or there are two wires coming from the power source to different components then it is parallel.

thankyou so much for these notes really helped alot. Do you think they follow the guidelines of the 2015 syllabus. After reading these do you recommend past papers πŸ™‚

Hi thanks! They follow 2014 guidelines which i believe are the same as this years and ofcourse i do recommend past papers so u can get the practice and understand the style of questions ull be asked.

great notes…. one more things how many years pastpaper should i do…. i am appearing in may -june 2015… for …Physics ,Chemistry, English….. plz help give me some advice…. Only few days are left

I recommend u do at least 5 years worth so 2010 to 2014.

Great Notes Mate!
Wanted to confirm, if all your notes are for 2015 syllabus or 2016? Also are you a teacher or a student?

You’re welcome! Im a student and did the IGs in 2014 so theyre to that syllabus so make sure with the new syllabuses of anything has been added (not likely but no harm in checking)

Hey. I’m taking paper 2, 4 and 6 in 2016 (I’m in 9th grade right now) IGCSE. I was wondering if these notes covered everything I need. Btw, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!

Oh and also. Im taking paper 2, 4, and 6 for the upcoming finals πŸ™‚ xx Any suggestions on what to review.. Can you provide me with updated notes if that’s feasible for you? Thank you so much !!

You’re welcome! These notes cover everything in the IGCSE syllabus. Check with the 2016 syllabus but i believe everything should be present in the notes.

Hi, your notes are really helpful! I was wondering.. are they for students taking paper 1,3,6 for physics igcse? (extended syllabus)

Hey, yep that’s exactly what they’re meant for.

Are these notes according to the syllabus of May June 2015 or there is some material added/removed?

It is according to 2014 syllabus however no changes have occurred in the syllabus so u can use them for 2015 session too.

Thanks a bunch your notes are just amazing. πŸ™‚

Ur welcome πŸ™‚

these are extremely useful to me …..thanks a lot !! πŸ™‚ now i can be relaxed for my boards …..these note are so precise and to the point and i would recommend anyone to have a view through these. Once again thank you!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

You’re welcome. Thank you for ur compliments.I hope ur exams go very well.

Thank you so much for doing these fabulous notes! Not only helps with studying but also relieves you from stress!! Really well done and thanks once again!!

You’re very welcome and im happy they relieved ur stress!

thanks… these notes are awesome!!! May God blees you.

You’re welcome!

ama go crai with happiness.

Really a invaluable job! Thanks a lot

You’re welcome!

it says the file is damaged (physics notes first one)

I’ve reuploaded the file. Please try again now.

all the notes are awesome….thanks a lot

You’re welcome

the chemistry one was really helpful πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
but can you please make notes for computers science and human biology ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I’m glad πŸ™‚
I will work on it during the summer – need to get through A2 right now.

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