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Owanaemi Omubo Princewill
Owanaemi Omubo Princewill

this thing isnt downloading for me and i have an account

where can i find classified math past papers other than dr.tayeb or save my exams or dr hakim abbas please They also have a range of extra learning resources

Do you guys have p.e papers

Send me 2018 papers on

Juan Camilo Gonzalez Badillo
Juan Camilo Gonzalez Badillo


Hi I need Feb March papers

can you send them to me too!

Any one want Feb/Mar paper 4 2018 πŸ™‚

Hi! can you email them to me? Thanks!!

Can gou please send me the feb march18 paper as early as possible because i have exam next week and i need to prepare

plz send me all 2018 papers that u have on

yes pls send it to me
pls send me all 2018 papers u can. thank you

I do

hi could you please send to my email?
thanks a lot!


Yes.Paper 4. Where can i access it

Hi!!! can you send them to me? Thank you very much

Caleb Ling Yik Teng
Caleb Ling Yik Teng

Can you send it to me pls.

can you send me all 2018 feb/march past questions for all the subjects you have as soon as you can pls.

Do u still have them can u send

i want

can i have feb mΓ€rch paper please on this email:

Yes I’d appreciate it
E-mail id is

I want that paper
Thank you very much

please email them to me

Please…send to me

Please need math papers this year F/M 2018

How to revise at the last moment? Any tips to make sure you revise everything in a day or two I have got the exam on 4th may

its today so good luck

There are no notes for indices, please fix this! Thank you for all your hard work <3

are these notes contain all the info needed from the original ig math book?

Hi Znotes,pls can upload any notes for combined sciences. thankyou

When I make it black and white I see nothing

do u have math notes for 0607?

Can you please upload IB DP course subjects?
It would be best for students who use this site by uploading IB mathmatics, chemistry, biology, economics, and business.
Students who study IGCSE also studies IB DP course at high school.
There will be more users in this site β€œZnote” and people will better understand the subjects.

Under 1.3 Indices, notes on indices is missing instead of that notes under section 1.2 sets-notation is present. Please rectify and re-upload the notes of 0580 maths

this notes are really INCREDIBLE!!!
I haven’t seen in my life better than these notes
this whole 2 weeks I have assessments and these notes really helped much
I really advice people for using them
I almost told every one in my school about these notes as they were asking me about from where I brought these very helpful notes so I just simply told them ZNOTES
they all started using it and advised their friend and everyone they know

Can you please add the notes for History Option A: 19th Century ?

Hi there! Thanks for the great notes Znotes!
I would like to know if you plan on uploading any notes for GCSE design and technology (0445) for resistant materials. Please let me know if you plan to do so! Thanks so much for the other material it helped me through my mock exams!
Your notes are indomitable!

Hey! for any of you that still might need a bit of help with math, Khan Academy has a great website and shows videos explaining detailed step by step processes on how to solve your problems. i personally think that if you have Znotes, your syllabus and Khan academy it will be much easier for you to pass… goodluck to everyone writing this year!

wanna advice people about khan academy?? then not here don’t you see that this is ZNOTES not khan academy
people will then leave this site and go to another site so don’t take people from here
didn’t you take business studies and learn about brand loyalty
just kidding
don’t take it serious

No able to see notes or download and I’m loged in

dude i am logged in but i cant download

it works for me..

i cant print any notes. Is this my computer??? What do I do??

Hello Ignacio San Salvador,

Please try using the ZNotes Download Guide. Once the PDF has downloaded you can print it out. If there are any more issues that you face during the process, please reply to this comment.

Thank you,
Adarsh Nalamalapu

Wth was that exam omg but thanks! your notes helped !

yoo my math exam is tomorrow whatever happens iam grateful to this site

i am also facing problems at making a schedule
i will be taking 7 subjects at may/june, which is hard, as well as iam not homeschool
its really hard for me, if there is any one would help me arranging a schedule, i’ll be gratefull for him

You’re going to be fine
Practice past papers and regularly read ZNotes. On the last day go through the notes
Also recommend reading the how to study page here.

All the best !

Hey; I’ll be writing my igcse in may/june 2018, i really need help at math, so if there is anyone who knows about mathematics or a website, youtube videos or any source that
may help me.

Hi Basil! I’ll be writing my IGCSE Maths in May/June 2018 as well! One main type of practice that I have always depended on is googling my past paper code and then clicking on the youtube links, this is very helpful as the person solves the paper step-by-step and also explains every single step! Hope this helps you!

Hey, I’m also sitting my IGCSE Maths in May/June 2018. Your advice is amazing! Thanks.

I’m afraid there is an error in section 4.3 Units
The conversion of l to cl is x100 not x1000.
The conversion of cl to ml is x10.
The conversion of l to ml is x1000.
Please do double check , i may be wrong.
Good Luck to those taking their IGCSE MATHS PAPER 2 !!
I am taking mine today too πŸ™‚

same! Good Luck

I would like to report an error in section 1.3 where the explanation for some of the symbols in sets are labeled under Indices

Yes, thank you.
I wonder if noone else saw this…..

Hey; is there someone that could please try and help me understand LCM better? i kinda forgot and the notes aren’t clearly specifying what i should do in the examples. Thanks

You find the factors of both numbers then list the numbers as products of their multiples. Take the longest chain of each factor and multiply the chains after this

i can’t seem to print out the papers
can anyone help?

you have to log into the znotes website first. or register for an account

I’m writing my Maths Finals in October/November and I need to get a minimum of a C. I realy struggle to remember the formulas. Any Advice or Tips? Also for Exam Anxiety. P.S – Thank you for these notes, they’re super helpful πŸ™‚

Even im writing my oct/nov exams now. Which school are you in and where do you live. The formulas dont seem to be much of a problem as most of the questions already have the formulas below. If you need any help,reply i will clear your doubts. I HAVE been getting A* in the past 3 mock exams . i could help you out.

for exam anxiety the best is to take a deep breath and take your time if needed to just relax but don’t procrastinate , if that does not help i recommend to go to the pharmacy and buy homieopathic medication for anxiety such as rescue drops… it helps me tons and when it comes done to studying the formulas the best if to do questions on the topics you don’t understand and keep doing questions that relate to that topic till you get the hang of it .. Good luck

business studies notes plzzzz

THESE ARE pretty good notes

Hey! I’ve been using Znotes for quite a while now and i couldn’t thank the authors enough.
just wanted to report an error on page 2 of this document. The notes for sets have been repeated under indices as well.

Hi @amishiverma:disqus!

I’m glad that you like the notes!
Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll fix that in the update.

i just wanted to find out why we can not print the document …. it says it has been disabled

The pytagoras theorom is wrong….
And it doesnt include the power, root and cube root

Pretty sure the pythagoras theorem is right…

I am absolutely certain that it is wrong. The triangle is labelled incorrectly for the formula given. The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. The diagram has the hypotenuse labelled as ‘a’ but the formula states that ‘ a squared plus b squared equals c squared’ which is incorrect.

It honestly doesn’t matter, as long as square hypotenuse is equal to sum of the squares of each of the remaining sides


The Pythagoras Theorem is right, it’s only the labelling that’s wrong, it’s not such a big deal, just print it and correct it, or edit it to look like the sides are right, I swear it’s not a big deal as long as you understand the Theorem.

hi, theres no small notes on correlation (positive, negative and no)

What is the difference between math and international math?

i need math core notes please

We haven’t distinguished them, the core and extended notes are in the same document.

Mind sending it to me

All the notes we have are uploaded, you can directly download them

hie this is helping me but l would like core maths notes please

can someone please help me i will do math on may 4 .can someone send tips on my gmail.( please

Give all your workings, even simple steps.
Make sure all answers are at least 3 significant figures.
Be careful with root and division symbol.
Read the question carefully.
Try to finish the paper at least 15 minutes before the end time so you can recheck your paper.
Make sure your calculator is in the correct mode (degrees) and it has enough battery.
Do not round your answers prematurely as this error may affect your actual answer.
Use the upper bound for class intervals when drawing cumulative frequency graphs.
In a right angle triangle, if any of the sides you have calculated are greater than the hypotenuse (side opposite to the right angle), your answer is incorrect. Same applies when calculating the hypotenuse (largest side).
You can solve quadratic, cubic, and simultaneous equations easily on your calculator (Casio fx-991ES and fx-991ES plus calculators). Use them to recheck your answers (do not directly write answers, show steps). You can also solve matrices though those are slightly complex to do (try searching for a video).

Hope this Helps and Good Luck!
I am giving my exam on May 4th as well.

Can anyone send me maths questions please my exams is in 2 days i am very streess i dont get more that 50% when i solve past papers (class 9)

Hey Abhitay! You’ll do just fine.
Just keep calm and revise all your formulaes!
Pay attention to your ICT right now!
-Rohan, your friend.

Guys my exam will be taken in less than a month can anyone give me an advice i didnt finish any syllabus till now and i am soo scared and stressed can anyone help me

Asak Mustafa, trust me there is no need to worry about anything. From now on just give your best and do as much as possible. I would say try to solve as many past papers as possible, there really isn’t any need to worry. IGCSE topics are yet very simple. Brother I’m sure you’ll get through it.

good luck

just focus on what you can do best. with only a limited time to master “newer” topics for you, make sure you master completely the topics that you are most familiarized with. then when you are confident enough, start doing the “newer” topics. just get the gist of everything, memorize the formulas, do practice questions. then one week before the exam try doing past papers without the mark scheme as a guide. as you encounter a difficult question, look up how to solve it but don’t look at the mark scheme.

sameee hereee

My advice i to start solving past papers, and go back to your notes if you forgot a formula or if you forgot a consept. Just calm down. Also dont forgt to solve full exams question papers 2 and 4. You can get IGCSE math questions from website IGCSEcentre Google search it. and good luck

Hey, I’ve been using ur notes for a while OMG!!! zer jst soooo useful i completed the chemistry in less than a month nd now um doing the same for all my subject especially for the math cuz i really hates it nd i see it sooooo difficult so i wanted 2 try studying it from ur notes, So is zis the updated syllabus? And jazak allahu kyran

hey my friend according to me these are updated.I hope this was helpful to you.

Guys are you taking IGs this year??

but the removed the stretch from the syllybus

hey i have my math paper 4 tomorrow feb march session so can you please give me some advise

make sure your concepts are clear!

Try do the things you know first do not waste time trying to get an answer right and always read the question twice.

I am taking the February/March 2017 exam now…. so I can tell you what its like =)

wait are you done with paper four?

My paper 4 is tomorrow.

Can you send me some questions on my gmail please I am damn scared so please!!( do so !!!

I’m so stressed right now. I’m writing in a month and I’m not even halfway done the syllabus.
Please help me. Please tell me exactly what to study. Please.

Please don’t get stressed. It’s going to be fine. All you have to do is make sure you know the formulas and do as many past papers as you can. I just did the mocks and the questions are very similar to the past paper questions. All the very best and don’t forget you have a month to prepare, so be calm.


Starting moks tomorrow so stressed u

Can you tell me as well? Please I really need help, thanks.
You can just write the basics here and you’ll help a lot of people

You take Ict? How was it? Is it as hard as 2016 ? Because the March paper was quite hard but the m/j wasn’t as hard

Please send me a couple of questions please:

Thank you so so much! you’re a stress and life saver! Have a great Day Sir. πŸ™‚

you are welcomed

if IGCSE’s are basic then ima die when it comes to A-levels. i have my exams soon and im freaking the hell out.

I just found out exactly how many subjects you have covered. I am dumbfounded. I don’t know what to say.

In 2016 syllabus shear and stretch is not there so remove the page from your ppt.

atleast remove shear

do you have notes on the 0607 maths syllabus by chance? BTW thanks for the physics notes, helped a ton πŸ™‚

Good and thanks. It helped me a lot.

wonderful notes thanks a lot it really helps if u just add business studies notes that would be great

Totally agree with you!

oh my godI’m giving up IGCSEdestroyed my brain I’m sO FRUSTRATEd, I can’t ANYMORE. I hate my life, I hate IGCSE, I’m so stupid, I can’t understand, I won’t pass the test, I would most definitely FAIL, I would probably die and be a garbage eater and collector, I can’t understand I CAN’T. NOTHING helps I’m so STUPID.

Calm down bro see even I think I’ll fail but I believe I’ll pass and make me parents fell happy just believe that’s the important thing then nothing will go wrong through your life

Calm down have confident

i feel the same, but calm down. grades are not your knowledge, once this s over you can relax and star over again, now aware of what to be careful abut and what to improve in. i am also very scared and i feel really stupid because i cannot remember anything but trust me the more you panic the less you remember.

aww, dont say that. I’m probably the same myself, I believe if you dont give up and have more faith and confidence in yourself nothing is impossible. At least don’t say you hate your life πŸ™ It’s okay, everything will be alright. Well, I don’t really know which way is the best way to study but for me, I usually write down the important bits like formulas in a notebook ot any book for that subject, from topic to topic, and revise it from there afterwards. Or get like a flash card so you can easily flip it, and whenever you’re bored or something you can always flip through it. I already did my maths IGCSE last year november and im waiting for my results on the 17th of Jan this year, I hope i can get an A. (LOL i only did maths bc its the only subject im confident at). Well anyways, good luck and dont ever give up! πŸ˜€

Lol then just do it

Work hard, pal. You can pass.

you’re not alone in this, i feel the same. i’m so scared right now ugh.

If you have taken core there are no chances of you failing! even otherwise IGCSE final papers are easy!

did you end up passing then?

because literally same on everything u said and i wanna know if u ended up passing cos i feel like giving up too

Please add igcse Computer science notes

can you plzz plzz add business studies and accounts notes

Your a blessing! This is helping me a lot! Thannksss a ton! πŸ™‚
If you upload business studies it would be extremely helpful!
Thanksss again! :’)

please add igcse accountings notes plz…….

Yeah bro, I need them too

lol he clearly didn’t add accounting because he never did it as an igcse student

these r the best notes ever seen for both IGCSE and A-LEVEL

solid notes πŸ™‚

Thank you for taking the time to create high quality revision notes to help other students. I will be giving these to my daughter for her exams.

hey! dont you have maths (core) notes..?

This is so awesome!!! I lets hope i can move from the Us to the A*s πŸ˜€

What was your grade in Mathematics ?

can you please make computer science igcse

thank you for the help am getting there with yo help..God bless you guyz

wow alsome notes really could use them

This website is very helpful

Can make Business?????

do you have core maths notes

this is awesome thank you

You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

I would like to thank you for the hard effort. I am starting my year 11 this year and when I saw these notes that gave me the hope that I would get high marks.Thanks again.

dude these are for igcse u know grade 10

year 11 is grade 10 you imbecile. don’t even speak until your intelligence is at least above that of a chair.

The best notes i have ever seen thx Znotes
these are every valuable……!

Thank you for saying so! πŸ™‚

One of the best notes I have ever seen … A+

Thanks! πŸ™‚

Ofcuz best notes

thank u will be a small gesture to appreciate ur work….!!!!!!!u seriously dont have any idea how much these notes helped me…thank u _/_

It is not small at all! I am so glad we’ve been able to help and thank you for your appreciation πŸ™‚

superb notes ever i have seen

This is awesome! But i thought stretch and shear are not in the new syllabus why is it included?

Yep you’re right they’ve been removed. The notes were written for my exams in 2014 which is why its there.

HELLO.. I’m waiting for the new update so could u please send me an email when the new update is up?
i really like this website and it helped me a lot in my exams.. all thanks to you πŸ™‚

Hi, I am working on that. When they’re ready they’ll be uploaded here.

okayyy… when will it be ready so I can come and check?

Have these been updated according to the 2017 syllabus?

This Is amazing thank you so much!!

Thankyou so much, so helpful☺


Love this sooo much!

it would be really great if you had notes on how not to play all day during youre igcse bored examination forgodsake, it would be really great.

Hahaha I wish there were notes for that too.. would be really helpful

ty so much for this stuff it’s made easier

Np πŸ™‚

You should make books this is really good

Maybe they could be published one day πŸ™‚

Do you by any chance have math notes for the 0607 syllabus?

No sorry.

First thanx for the notes………Really nicely summerized ……….But i have that doubt about 2016 syllabus
All the notes have 2016 syllabus on it but none of them are updated with the new syllabus

Most are updated however you are right some aren’t but i changed the cover for uniformity across the website. I am currently focusing only on my A2 subjects but during the summer everything should be updated.

You forgot to add upper and lower bound

It’s under limits of accuracy…

Bro man you’re a lifesaver?

im doing maths,chemistry,biology,physics and additional maths. I ask for your advise on how to study O level content, which books to refer to while taking notes and which sites/books you can get detailed notes from. i would not like to leave my studies to the last minute looking for solutions to things.please advice me about time managment and stuff.

Hi Abdullah,
I personally did IGCSEs but O Levels are very similar – in fact Add. Maths IG and O level are exactly the same. I do not know any specific textbooks for those subjects however I recommend you go download the syllabuses for those subjects and refer to them – make notes from the notes on here and other resources. Make sure you have all the info because the syllabuses for the notes on this website are slightly different. For time management, revision, organization etc. I have written a short guide that encompasses all those areas from my own experiences of IG and AS-Level, read it here:

How about the most detailed notes which have the explanations?

How about the detailed Explanations for maths ?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say

i mean where can i find resources which has explanation of the chapters?

Are u talking about add. maths or normal maths? There are notes above for maths and add maths on the other page for each chapter but extra explanation is probably in textbooks. I used the following for IG Maths
and this for Add Maths

Thanks alot for your support.

No problem! Glad to help πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for your supports

You’re welcome!


Hahahah no problem!

Thanks bro.

You’re welcome πŸ™‚

Dude you’re so amazing !!!

Hahahah thanks πŸ™‚

Hi thanks and I was asking iS this also for 2015 syllabus

And also why in this website there is no alevel biology

I dont take bio…

Hi I am sorry to ask but isn’t there shear and stretch in 2015 syllabus

And also graphs of growth an decay not included

Yes there is. Check page 30 of the cards.

Ahh i checked the syllabus now. These were made for M/J 2013 syllabus. 2015 includes this growth graph which we didnt have. And shear and stretch has been removed.


I am from Nigeria and this would really help me(the first was a mistake) thank you

I hope it does πŸ™‚

What a life saver

Glad to be

thank you so much…i think it is gonna help me a lot in my upcoming exams this session. πŸ˜€

You’re welcome πŸ™‚

thank it helped me too much

Glad πŸ™‚

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