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Good day could you please help with 2018 ICT 0417 past papers my email is

I need ICT february/march 2018 papers asap.
Please mail me some at

Do you have the notes of FMS logo and starting email.
can u send me in


waiting….. please fast coz my exams are coming up

it is not there

The notes on the theory part is good, but the notes on the practical sucks! Please improve the practical notes before the exams start in 2019.

Mohammad Abu hassan
Mohammad Abu hassan

I make the 2018 practical exam for paper 2 and 3 variant 2 it was the hardest exam ever

Plz can you tell me some excell new or hard questions?

did you take the exam??

No it wasnt the hardest exam ever. Although, the excel part was tricky.

yeah i agree. A few questions kinda throw u off but it was manageable

hello if u have ict theory part pls 2018 pls send it to me

u should go through the syllabus once. It helps. That’s what i did for my science alternative to practical with addition to Znotes

Can you please share the igcse ict February/March 2018

Can you please share the igcse ict February/March 2018

Are the practical notes up to date?

Unfortunately, it has not yet being updated!

Can you update the practical notes please

These notes are literally a lifesaver for the last minute learners like me! They are precise and perfect and the sum up literally everything! Now I don’t feel sleepy while learning! ✌

So how was your result by learning this notes???

Tell how much you scored, then we will see if the notes saved you

Thanks for having my back.

You’re welcome ! Glad we could help out !

ZNotes Team

Can u plz look into uploading the complete business igcse notes before 26th march because our final exams are coming up and we need it very urgently…

They updated it.

Just had my M/J Igcse Ict practical exam variant 2 ! honestly speaking it was easy but i didn’t prepare so it went the other way! Still have P3 Still have hope!

Hassan Ali
hassan ali

Yep, completely agree was a walk in the park

Hello there, are the examples included in the notes cover the entire syllabus, this is because the book has more examples in certain topics. so are the examples given in
the notes enough for the examinations?

Best notes in the world

i was crying the night before because i thouught i couldnt do anythiin for my ict exams
so big textbook! How to just read it?
You guys brought me to hapiness when i saw your notes and i started revising them

Please i have been trying to download the file but i couldnt can someone please help me out

Is it possible we get asked a question about cell reference in paper 1 or it happens rarely ?

I assume your cell referencing that you mentioned means using formulas in Spreadsheets with Relative References (e.g. A4, B5, C8, etc.) and not Absolute References (e.g. $A4, $B$5, C$8, etc. – which I had not came across).

If you are referring to the former, then it is possible and it happens more frequently from my observation. E.g. in 2016 (October / November) for Paper 1 Variant 3, Question 16,
“The following is part of a household budget spreadsheet. Cells B9 and B14 contains formulas…………… b) Describe how you would change the spreadsheet so that it alerts the user if any outgoing is greater than $100.”

Also look at 2017 (May/June) Paper 1 Variant 3 Question 7, 2017 (May/June) Paper 1 Variant 2 Question 11, 2017 (May/June) Paper 1 Variant 1 Question 11.

Of course you can get. If you have gone through 2016 and 2017 past papers then you would come to know

Yeah, it happens. Like you are given drawn table and told to give the cell reference

Thanks! Finally πŸ™‚

You’re welcome !

Thank you so much for updating the notes! They are really good. Will you do the same for practicals?

Most Probably !
You’re welcome !

Please update the ICT Notes !

They’re being worked on at the moment. Should be up pretty soon !

Ok Thanks πŸ™‚

They’re now updated

Are there snores for religious studies

Are these notes up to date with the current 2018 ICT syllabus

Currently, they’re not. We’re updating them and they should be up pretty soon.
You can still use them to study for most of the syllabus.

I hope they are uploaded before the Feb/March series.

They have been updated now

u r my ass saver

Is it ok if i just read these notes and not read the textbook? Will i be able to score an A* with these notes? I am sitting for the Feb/March 2018 examination

Do you study in Witty International School ??

We’ve answered this question already. In short, we recommend you use this as an addition to your study material.

its better to have backup πŸ™‚

Yash I really need your help ; As u said u gave ict exam on March session so I will really appreciate it if you could tell what came in practical papers I mean paper 2 and 3 . Just tell me the hard things that came .Thanks

I am waiting for more than 2 years for the update for ICT(0417) notes!!!!

We’re working on them , they should be up by January

I wish for the benefit of our community!! πŸ™‚

They have been updated now

these are gud

Liam payneeeee Payneeeeee
Liam payneeeee payneeeeee

Damn its great πŸ™‚ <3 !!!

VIshnupriya Premkumar
VIshnupriya Premkumar

When will we get the new updated notes?

We can’t guarantee but we are working on them as fast as we can! πŸ™‚

when are the new ict notes releaed

They are being updated at the moment

Hello! Thank you so much for uploading these notes! However, the IGCSE ICT notes have not been updated to match the 2017-2018 syllabus. It would be a great help if you could do the same. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

They’ve been added to the list, we’re getting the updated soon! πŸ™‚

Hello! Thank you much for uploading these notes! However, the IGCSE ICT notes have not been updated to match the 2017-2018 syllabus. It would be a great help if you could do the same. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

They’re done now

when are you posting revised notes?

Assalam o Alaikum, please update these ict theory notes.

I am sitting for exam in March 2018

Please update ICT IGCSE notes as soon as possible, because i am appearing for my oct/nov 2017 exams please!

hey, me too i have oct/nov exams where are you taking ur exams? in which country are u in?

Has anyone sat the Paper 2 exam for October/November 2017??

I’m sitting it in 2 days… help ://

its not even out yet lol, i am sitting for the exam too in 2 days XD

How was the paper? i made some silly mistakes!

The paper was pretty easy. I wasn’t sure if I should keep the field names with the “_” symbol when creating the report.

are these notes updated for the 2017 exams?

No they’re not but will be soon hopefully

Can the author of the notes add on about how to edit tables e.g. outer border and inner border?

please update the ict notes

this ICT notes could be written like other subjects in short notes with 17-18 pages. But other than that this site is really helpful

i want ig computer science notes


This is a very good site

I am going to give my exams in May 2017, I really need to know how were the March 2017 papers. Anyone, please who could guide me.

Louis Frederick Rakotoarison

He is asking (0417) ICT Feb-March 2017 If I’m not wrong.

Absolutely right

You can find those on the website as well; just scroll down.

I have done all the 2016 Papers, I just need some suggestions about how were the 2017 march papers.

i also need them, my paper 3 exam is literally tmw

My exam is tomorrow as well Israa

Lmao die

Has anyone sat the Paper 2 exam for October/November 2017??

I’m sitting it in 2 days… help ://

that paper was hard

someone who has done 2017 may june paper please tell me how it was. mine is on 4th april and 6th, if someone can let me know before hand please do.

how can someone do may june 2017 when it is clearly in may june. we are still in march

they’re help in april.

they’re held** in april. basically if you opt for early sitting you can do them starting april and my dates are 4th and 6th.

maybe thats the feb march session

or you are doing other exam because according to cie website the exams start in early may apart from practicals which are in late april

Mine is also on the same date.

then pls tell me how it was… because mine is on 25th and 27th april

Has anyone done the March 2017 paper? How was it as compared to past papers?

may anyone answer and help us

I gave my ICT exam for paper 2 on 4th of April. That paper was pretty easy but it was lengthy! So you might wanna be at a good pace from the beginning. ATB !

Have you done the theory yet?

Expression web, Frontpage, Notepad, Notepad++ and Dreamweaver

cant u please update the notes there are a lot of new things in the syllabus πŸ™

are u in al waha

Is ms FrontPage allowed in igcse html practical as my school is not allowing that and I don’t wanna use note anyone of you have used FrontPage in exams

yes we used frontpage

Louis Frederick Rakotoarison

Yes but you are required to delete some of the unnecessary codes automatically generated by this software, different meta tags for example.

Yes we do use.


any one did ICT exam march 2017 to hep me please?

i am actually doing it but the exams didnt start yet,it will after around 4-5 more weeks

wish you do well.

please can you feedback me after finishing it wish u do well.

omg me too

Hackers are people who get into your computer system without having the rights.

So if I leave my computer on, and someone uses it, that’s hacking?

Yes it is as the definition is gaining illegal access to the client computer without the client’s knowledge

no that is not hacking . Hacking is when a person enters your computer system from their computer device

if it is without your permission yes it is

As long as it is unauthorized access, yes it is unethical hacking,

This syllabus is outdated. Not the notes, the syllabus itself. Who uses CRT monitors anymore?

This site is life saving and I recommend it for anyone who wants to a’s their examination!!!!!!!!!

sir HELP me pls add sociology i’m dying in that subject!!!

Whats the difference between ict notes and flashcards

Please reply as they both look the same

whats the difference?

like why same thing two times

Almost the same content – different format of presentation.

Simply amazing

can u please update for the new syllabus please please before mayjune exams 2017

update your notes and plzz insert in mail merge topic in paper3 it usually comes of around 11to 15 marks in exams.

are you from HIS

Excellent Resource – Thankyou!

Im giving my exams in March 2017, I would love to help….there are only a few minor changes


they are the same syllabus

Are these changes gonna make any difference?

A lot!!! as u may know they have now started asking questions in the practical papers…
e.g. Evaluate this website….they might even start giving choices between stylesheets

So basically, they’ve started asking theory questions in practical papers and practical questions in theory papers.Evaluation is something which might come in both. So you’ve got to know your practicals as well as your theory. And the flash cards for theory are enough, IF you’ve rad the text book. All the best πŸ™‚

yes it will because in 2017 syllabus, mail merge is there which usually come in paper 3 around 10 to 15 marks.

Please where can I get updated flash cards for the 2017 syllabus?

Sorry it comes in paper 2 . I gave my first board exam on 15 feb paper 2 it was so simple and easy, guys no need to worry u all just need to apply ur logics. For mail merge I would like to recommend one video mail merge Is very simple no need to worry

please help KUSH KOTHARI

what would like me to help in first???? practical has some major changes but im not sure how to put them as notes

I know I previously said the changes are minor but after looking at the new papers even I am unsure…..I am in the process of making them
zubair…..thanks for theses notes, if you could kindly send me your email???

I’m currently in the process of making my notes for ICT 0417 so if you need any help I’ll be happy to help out. πŸ™‚

Can you please send me once youre done please?

yah help please KUSH KOTHARI

hie kush im also sitting for may june 2107 exams taking math phy chem bio ict bus n geo any help

update it for 2017 exams pls

You didn’t update 2016 syllabus. πŸ™

Hi I know it’s been asked before but are you still working on updating the notes to 2016 syllabus?? Will it be out before next week (theory exam is next week). Please reply πŸ™‚

thank you very much for your great effort it helped me allot


can u please update ict to 2017. I have to prepare for my feb/march igcse exam.

yeah me too…

Hey. Could you please update the ict notes for 2016/2017 syllabus? And thanks for the effort you put in these amazing notes.

Hi, I am try to do so however I do not have a current student to assist me in making me right now. I hope it’ll be ready before the Oct/Nov session

Assalamualaikum, your notes are very helpful!!! I am a candidate for this year’s Oct/Nov exam and the new syllabus is quite challenging. I would be happy if I could contribute.

WaAlykumuSalam, that’s great! Please email in how you’d like to help at


Is there any update on this? Theory exam in one week.. should we still expect notes to be updated by then? Please reply!

are these notes updated ones… as i will be giving my IGCSE in 2017

Me too, lots of my friends following znotes kindly upload a revised version of znotes for Biology and ICT.

Please make the notes as the session has begun.Thanks.

It’s October now and still don’t have the 2017 update you sir are doing a great job helping students but please look into this situation thank you

Thnx for your effort.Its really helpful.

You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

Tonima-Zahan Uddin

Hi…just wanted to ask do you think you will be able to update the notes before the oct/nov exams…it would really be of great help..

I am really hoping to do so. I hope i get some assistance from a current student as it is too far back for me to remember.

Louis Frederick Rakotoarison

Anyone has the May-June 2016 IGCSE ICT? Please share. Jazakallah khoirun.

i have
u want practicals r theory

That is an awesome effort from a person like and God bless you my friend insha ALLAH but I would like to ask you are those notes updated to the latest syllabus

Moustaffa Louis Abdu

New syllabus 2016 Please. Thank you

Moustaffa Louis Abdu

ZUBAIR, is there a new notes about the 2016 Syllabus? I really need it to prepare for Oct/Nov 2016 exam. Thank you in dvance.

Considering my ICT and Economics exams are tomorrow, both your sets of notes are life savers! Thank you so much!! Well done:)

Oh good luck! You’re welcome πŸ™‚

Assalamualikum and Ramadan Kareem
Do these notes cover the 2016 syllabus???
Do you have notes for the practical??

Waalykumusalam. Allahu Yakram.
No they do not however we are trying to work on updating the notes. Yes the practical notes are above.

Your notes are a blessing

Thanks πŸ™‚

Sir , will we be able to prepare for the 2017 exams with this edition of your notes?

Assalamu Alaikum I was searching for tips for the ict practical exam i have tommorow , and i was almost going to give up when i saw this website. it really helps and it is nice to know that there are people in this world who like to help others. This site is an absolute lifesaver , thank you so much for your effort to create it and keep it running.
Good luck for your exams! Wish me luck , I’ll post my results here when they come out , and once again thank you so much for making this website. i absolutely love it , ( it starts with the first letter of my name!!) πŸ™‚

WaalykumuSalam, I’m so glad they have been helpful. Thanks and good luck to you too! Yes, let me know how your exams go – inshAllah it’ll be great. You’re welcome and haha great coincidence :p

can u update it to the 2016 syllabus plss because this is winter 2013

Yes it is Winter 2013 as that is when I gave my ICT exam. I am not sure if I’ll be able to update it.

I am really thankful for whatever you have done
may god help you like you have done to many people
i have just checked out this website, i know its kinda late but seriously helpful

You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Yep exams are upon us but it’ll be alright. I am glad it has been helpful!

hey, are the ict notes updated to the 2016 syllabus?

Hiya, no sorry – written when i did my exam in O/N 2013. You may use the notes but I highly recommend you keep the syllabus with you and make sure to skip/add

Could i study for igcse ict theory exam based on these notes? (2016 syllabus)

yes, if you don’t have any other sources for new notes. check ict longue for more notes about the updated syllabus

Is it sensible for me to say that this incorporates the igcse computer science(0478) in any case????

No not at all. Some parts overlap but computer science and ICT have alot of differences.

thank god thanks man atlast i got something thx broh

You’re welcome πŸ™‚

i need you email address. i want to discuss with you something.

You are THE BEST!

I’ve got my mocks coming up in about a week and my friend just recommended this site to me.
You’ve saved me so much time dude!
Great Job!
Love you LOADS bruh!

arent the notes updated …coz i have my boards upcoming and i need the updated notes as soon as poss ! i have my borads from 16 so plzzz

Sorry they wont be updated by then.

bro do u have notes for cie o level computer science

No sorry I haven’t done O-Levels

are you going to update them

Aoa, Can I be of some help? I teach ICT and Compuer Science IGCSE and A Levels.

I am very grateful for your offer of help as I am struggling to maintain the notes with my current A-Levels. Also, IG ICT notes have not been updated since i completed them in Winter 2013. It will be excellent if you could help me update it to the latest syllabus.

Can U update as fast as you can because I need it for my mock exam

Sorry, do not expect the notes to be updated any time soon. I may try during the summer and that will be past your exam date.

Can you plz update the notes according to the 2016 IGCSE examination syllabus?

Sorry but its been 3 years since I did ICT and the syllabus changed alot. I will try to update in the summer but right now I am under extreme pressure with just my A-Levels.

dude you saved my life!!!!! ur a legend!!!!!

Hahah glad to be of use πŸ™‚

Zubair, how about just removing the extra stuff from the current syllabus and not adding the new stuff…?? That way, it would help all of us, and also not cause you any loss of time..And you are doing this with gaining nothing in return, so I hope God gives you everything that you deserve…

I understand I really want to be able to help. I’ll try doing something during the next holiday (month or two away) that comes but right now my uni application deadlines are literally days away! InshAllah – may God help all of us!

Hey Zubair…..thnx for uploading these notes…Would you plz include more in d model answers pdf coz a lot of model questions have been introduced in d recent years…It would help others also…

Hi Samiksha, you’re welcome. Unfortunately I can’t update these notes much because I am under extreme pressure with university applications and A2s. Plus, I did this subject 2 years ago! I know it will be very useful – if someone would like to contribute and provide me with what to add then I’ll try to update it. Thank you for your feedback πŸ™‚

#U just saved my life

Glad to #saveurlife !

Gosh! You save my life! Thx

You’re welcome!

Really helpfulll dude……

Thanks bro

hi your notes are mean ass but just wonderin if these notes are summarized

Hi, the ICT arent as summarized as for the other subjects. I did this exam early and i hand-wrote the summarized version of these. There are parts of the notes which i think are a bit too detailed. You should refer to the syllabus as u go through.

thanks! theyΒ΄ve so useful i hope that in my igcse i do it well!!!

Ur welcome and I hope u do too.

Is this ict notes would helpful in 2015 syallabus … ??


It Reallu helped in my reherasal exam … hope it does in the igcse examinations

Great! I hope it does.

Your notes are the best ,they’re really fluent and easy to understand and at the same time very detailed..I really appreciate the time you took to create this website and Thank you for the immense effort in helping people like me who have exams and really need notes #Life saver

You’re welcome!!! ur comment made my studying a bit more bearable πŸ™‚

amazing website. one of the best keep it up!

Just Great! i’ve read alot of notes all over the web but your your notes are just the most comprehensive and amazing of the all. Thank Alot πŸ™‚

You’re welcome πŸ™‚ thanks for the compliments!

It would have been even more helpful if yoou had published more notes on P2 and P3 (praticals) or could have solved all d papers by posting tutorial videos. Thank you. πŸ™‚

That’s true. I have A levels to prepare for so I cannot personally do it however there are tutorials on YouTube and the following website has an excellent practical guide:

Many thanks for the help! Is really helpful!!! Thanx again.

thnks bro i got 7 A* and 2 D’s becoz of u!!!! thanks for making my life!!! i am getting addmissions in iit kota only becoz of u bro!!!! thnx alot!!!!!!

Wow! Thats amazing. I truly feel so happy for u and am so proud that I could help u in such a way.

Did you just focus on these notes and got A*?

u have helped me a lot thank u may god help u in every difficulty and ur life ahead be full of joy and hapiness with good health and wealth

Aameen. Thank you.


do you have the new syllabus

No i made these notes when i was doing the Winter 2013 session exam. How much have the exams changed? Will these notes not continue to adapt to it?

Thanks very mush you really helped me

they are very helpful.. tysm for uploading dem..!

No problem!

A very big thanks….from me as well..!! πŸ˜€

πŸ™‚ You’re welcome

Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

No problem

hello,is this the some syllabus we taking for 2017 exams?

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