CIE IGCSE History 0470

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good summaries.

are you going to add the depth study topics (im doing the USA) to this? these are really helpful so please add them!!

My name is khalil
From Somalia
Thanks for this Znotes who provide as guidness and take as notes

thank you for these notes!!! saved me on my history paper 1 and 4, hopefully they will save me for my history paper 2 on monday!! (i’m doing the league of nations anyone else??)

me too, league of nations for the win

When will the Middle East chapter be added to the notes?

Shinagri Shinagri
shinagri shinagri

exam tomorrow

I’m so glad I found this website, I have my first History IGCSE paper in like 2 days and I was confident I would fail until now. However, I’m also having a difficult time memorizing the Depth Studies on Nazi Germany, so if anyone has notes on that, even hand-written ones could you please let me know and I’ll give you y handles to contact me pictures if that’s easy, thanksss

Is it just me or these notes dont have all the informarion?? Maybe im just crazy but does someome relate

Yeah it definitely lacks details, e.g. it doesn’t mention Rakosi in the Hungarian Uprising

to be honest this helped me loaddsss.
So thankss so much!!

and what about the depth studies?

guyz can u send the z notes for history on my email

team Mizeki

tinashe its enza pliz create n Z NOTES account and the link would just pop up

it would pop up down below the znotes page in orange

guys I’m dead serious how do I download files help I’m on holiday and have less time to read and you might be bit useful right now


what bro

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how do I download pdf file like the igcse history z notes I’m really finding it difficult help please

Please refer to our download guide linked here:

ZNotes Team

Does anybody have AS history notes on : Origins of the first world war, Russian Revolution and the American Civil war. My email is
It would be a biggest help as my a levels are right around the corner!

Mind adding the in-depth studies aswell?

Can you please add the notes for Option A: 19th Century ?

more detailed germany?

Can there also be the addition of the Revolutions in Europe during 1848, and the United States Civil War!!

Hey Billy,

That falls under OPTION A: The 19th Century. The Notes we have are for OPTION B: The 20th Century. If you would like to add them yourselves, let us know through Typeform.

what does LON mean?

LON stands for the League of Nations.

Hope that helped.

can you guys also make notes on coursework (usa and world war one) plus if you could can you guys add the new topic of middle east

Hello This is the best resource!!!!! to study!! thank you!!! it helped a lot

thankyou thankyou thankyou!

yourarewelcome yourarewelcome yourarewelcome!

Please could you make notes on Germany?

I want to get notes in Germany as I have choice it as my coursework
So can you please help…..

I really love Znotes they help a lot

I am a registered user but am unable to print the notes. Why?

Please refer to the download guide listed on this page

Nice notes

why are we not able to print out the notes for every IGCSE subjects?

Register and the download links are available at the end of the page which you can then print.

why did events in the gulf matter i guess you forgot it and depth studies i really need it

Hey Wendy,

The First World War, as a depth study should be out soon. Keep checking the site.

Assalam O Alaikum, I am studying igcse history option A and these notes are for option B. If you could also add notes for option A it would make it much easier for me. Would really appreciate if you consider it.

where can i get a sample quiz

try papa cambridge

i’m reading these notes the night before my mock exams coz I don’t have time for proper studying hope these notes help

Can feel you, bruv ;-;

History Depth studies please

How do you open this file

View it on the online viewer or download and open it on a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader

Thank you

depth study notes please really need those

Depth studies notes please…mainly germany. Also you are the besttt life saveer

you forgot ‘Why did events in the Gulf matter, c.1970–2000?’

history depth studies pls

thank you much ! where are gulf matters though?

Extremely helpful site Thank You God Bless you.

this is very helpful. but Germany depth study please? 🙂

I agree! Please!

yeah Germany depth study is very useful

Do you know where to get the answers to the sources to???

I assume you are referring to the Source Study paper. If it is an IGCSE Past paper, you can search for the mark scheme online. You can refer to the British cartoon archive ( and try to locate the source if it’s a cartoon. They have a very good search, and have a lot of relevant cartoons with information about them. You will however have to infer from this. If it is a text based source, you will have to try to look it up on the internet, it is however unlikely that you will find a proper answer.

Hope that helped

This is really helpful, but could you include Depth Study?

This site is really helpful


this was great and helped me pass my last exam, but is there any possibility that you include notes on depth study? thanks.

you just saved lives

These are great, although there are some grammar/structuring errors you might want to fix.

It is best site i have ever seen , i scored good using this.

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