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Is this notes also linked to igcse environmental management??


Goodluck to all those who have Geography tomorrow!!!

how can i print

underneath the slides, it gives the PDF download links

never mind, found it

whats the link for downloading. i cant download

top of pg 19 in successes of the green revolution says Hiv instead of HYV

It is supposed to be HIV.
Human immunodeficiency virus.
What is HVY?

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Hi, can anyone recommend any websites for geography case studies…………..

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This is really wonderful work.. Thank u soooooo much. Life saviour

I am unable to print out the notes as it says printing is disabled. Am I doing something wrong or is it a block that you put on the notes?

no worries, just saw the other link 🙂

These notes are really truly fantastic. However, is anyone wondering when more case studies would be added to reflect the new syllabus?

Thank you so much for these notes

Please upload A2 geo notes

any guesses anybody when the oct/nov series papers are uploaded???

You can find all IGCSE Papers at igcse center


thank u soooooo much z-notes ^_^

are u vishal 10C?? lmaoo

Hehe Anytime! 😉

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have my geography paper 1 tomorrow, really helped last minute reference 🙂

These are amazing please make more!

Does any one have case study questions for geography

would I get an A from just studying Znotes?

Hahaha, jaq tavimba

thank u very much we really appreciate your gratitude

I want to hug whoever made these ❤

These notes are amazing but I am doing the Edexcel IGCSE course for Geography… will they be useful?

Yes, they will help definitely, but be sure to check with your course syllabus just in case.

So glad I was referred to this website! It helped a lot and had everything I needed. The 6 figure grid reference, (for the geographical skills or paper 2) however, was slightly under-explained but the notes for the other papers, or at least what had completed in school, was spot on. Thank you so much. Great job on the website.

i love this place, literally the best place ever to find summaries for the IGCSE exams!!!

i swear to Jesus best place for notes on the internet!


Please post a gcse french vocab list!

I Owe this man a great debt!!!

OMG yessssss

This is totally helpful, thank you so much

amazing thanks so much

you are doin a great job my king thanks for the notes they really helpful to us students

Thank you so much you’ve helped thousands of students including me:D

I must say this is Zealiciously Good. You Deserved this GRATITUDE

Hi, in the Erosion section from Landforms and Landscape processes, one of the labels say that attrition involves large particles and abrasion involves small particles, but then in the diagram beneath the chart, attrition is labeled next to the small particles and abrasion is labeled next to the large particles. Is this a mistake or is there something I’m not getting right?

Hello I love this it’s great work but please could you help me with paper 4 on weather

You have helped me more than you will ever know. Your notes saved me from failing my exams and disappointing my parents.
Thank you so much. I hope that many good things happen to you. you are so kind. And i can honestly tell you that my whole class very much appreciates you and your incredible kindness.

From an eternally greatful student.

stay great dude. the world needs someone like you.

Awesome, please do more

Will you be making AS Geography notes?

thank you!!!!!! a life saver i swear .

These are amazing please make more!

Please do 2017-2019 notes. These are so useful

I wish i could pay you back somehow, they are so good

2017 notes geo pls

pls notes for igsce geo

U will have it by Gods grace. Wats ur name

Thank you ever so much for these wonderful notes! I have been struggling finding details for geography online but this is amazing! Just a quick question,If i were to revise these notes thoroughly and do past papers, would i be able to get a A or A star in my gcse? Thanks for everything!!!

ZJUNJUNIA you have done a great job and helped us a lot to get through. TYSM!! But some students are here attending for Geography exam in 2017 so would you be able to update with 2017 syllabus?

Asalamu alikum!
can you please upload EDEXCEL geography summary notes because me and my classmates are struggling with geography and our teacher sucks at teaching !!!!!!
jazak allah khair

Wa’alykumuSalam, I’m sorry I am not aware of the EdExcel board – I have studied only with CIE.


yeah…I do edexcel geography and I swear its so hard so can you please find a way and post notes for us

the whole xtremepapers thing and studying past papers is no use all i gotta do is study my notes and my syllabus and use this site and i’ll pass for sure. tho i wish there was audio because reading is a bore

It is really important to work through past papers. The notes can help you so far but you have to practice.

These notes are lit. Thanks to everyone who helped make them

asi es la vida

Thanx a lot.
These notes are 10 times better than my teacher’s notes.
Not only geography but also other subjects especially ICT. This is exactly what i had been searching for on the net.
I am very fortunate that i found this website, I just wish there were accounting notes too. Thanks again

Hey, you’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad you found them. Sorry, I didn’t take accounting so no notes for that.

These notes are absolutely amazing …..I’m literally going to get A* BECAUSE OF YOU!!! Thank You

You’re welcome 🙂

These Geography notes are insanely good man. You’re a legend at JPGS.

Haha thanks Daniyal n good luck!

dude honestly you’re amazing thanks man

Glad we could help 🙂

Heyy, thank you so much for these notes they helped me a lot.
I just wanted to let you know about an error in Geography Paper 4 Flash cards (Page 6, Just go through it once).

Yessss sorry I realized this after I printed and forgot go to back and change the soft copy. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update in the next edition.

These are really help thank you soo much. I wanted to ask u whether just referring to these notes and doing pastpapers could get me a A*-A grade. I only have a week left and I think this option would be the least time consuming. Thanks again

You’re welcome! Yes that is what I mean.

Its sooo helpful

I gotta say that these notes are really-really good and helpful, thank you very much!

I needed to thank you for this fantastic read!! I certainly enjoyed every bit of it. I have you book-marked to look at new things you post…

Thats really nice of u to say. Thank u. I do hope to start posting A level notes as soon as I finish the syllabus.

they r sooo helpful can u pls do for ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT(0680) i hav to give I.G for that next year may2015

I made these notes for myself when I did my IGs last years. I’m doing my A-Levels so I dont understand how you expect me to make notes for a subject I havent done and will not do. However i found a few notes on the internet which may be useful:

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