CIE IGCSE English Literature 0486

  • IG Literature was an enjoyable subject however it did not begin for me like that; I didn’t grasp the skills and technique when I first started the course. The main reason is the fact that our education in English up till then is primarily based on language. This subject requires sensitivity to the language; it is through this you must draw implications and ideas from the text. Once I got the hang of that, Literature was a subject I looked forward to because it was not just English, it was a conglomeration of so many fields including History, Geography, Art, Music and even the Sciences.

    One of the key things you must understand is that your every response must come truly from your own understanding. Do not expect your teacher to hold your hand and guide you with the analysis and interpretation of the language. In this way he/she is not helping you but rather providing you with an incorrect idea of the subject. You may be able to regurgitate their ideas but you will realize the difficulty when you write your courseworks and wouldn’t have a view to present. A very important fact that my teacher highlighted initially in the course was that your every essay response is in fact an argument. It doesn’t sound right at first but every essay is in fact you arguing a unique idea, theme or implication from your own interpretation and the reader of your essay should be convinced by it. As it is an argumentative piece, you should always be sure to include quotes for evidence but these should be short, well selected pieces rather than complete paragraphs! It is also a good idea to integrate them into a sentence (check some of the examples below).

    The Importance of Being Earnest Notes

    Poetry P1 Notes

    Poetry P2 Notes

    Short Story Notes

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Thanks for the notes especially science notes but is it possible to update the IG Literature notes.

Hi,I downloaded the Short Story Notes but it still came out as The Important of being Earnest Notes, would you please fix it. Also these notes are not up to date for 2018 syllabus, would there be any update on it? Thanks.

I no dat ur inglis is veri gud lakini i thoughting dat u nidth mor impovement ok becos me inglis is in anothere level me wai up u

please do part one of the eng lit course! A View from the Bridge, Stories of Ourselves (the ones with Ming’s Biggest Prey, To Dada in Memoriam etc…) and poems by Clarke!!! Please share any notes if you have fellow sufferers!

academic destressor is a very good site for all of the stories of ouresleves. my class does it and i use this website for all notes on the stories.

Oyinkansola Odutayo
Oyinkansola Odutayo

We need the notes for syllabus 2018 pls the exam is on the 22 of May.

Johnathan Hackenberg
Johnathan Hackenberg

I really wish you guys had ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller & ‘The Secret River’ by Kate Grenville. Despite my lack of empathy towards that novel, I’d be nice to have some notes with it.

dont you have for henry v?

It’s wonderful to see a group of people helping out students taking exams here, thank you for all your hard work! Btw I do not study any of the pieces of work above, so if you can, make the notes for “Of Mice and Men”, “A View From The Bridge”, poems by Gillian Clarke & “Spies”, that would be really helpful! Once more, thank you!

please look at my photo i sent you through Instagram.

The link to the short stories download isnt there, shows the pdf of the play instead

love poems?

Can you guys please add Winslow Boy and Hard times? I shall be really grateful to you guys!

Any one has notes on No Longer at Ease, A View from the Bridge or Henry V?

Ant notes on The Secret River?????

where are notes for Love and Family poems

anybody got ‘Spies’…….

Can you please update the notes for 2018 onwards-thanks

Haha good one Ronak. Who is even laughing

Does anyone have any notes for Macbeth. I’m really lost and if you have anything please send.

does anyone have the notes for ‘Songs Of Ourselves’ ?????

Thank you so much, so much, so much, thank you, whats ur name?

Anyone here who has notes on songs of yourselves, spies, and inherit the wind?
This question is for everyone who can access this chat

Anyone think that poems that have come up in the past will come again for lit ?

Hey, do you have any notes on the novel ‘The Secret River’ by Kate Grenville?

Hi, do you have notes on A Doll’s House or on Macbeth?

Macbeth is a necessity for 2017-18 igcse exams.

thanks a heap. xxx

Guys honestly, he did his IG’s a while ago, you can’t expect the guy to update you all every time something new comes up. The fact that any of these are posted is a big deal in itself. So check the reply section before babbling on and annoying the guy, because the majority of you people are asking about the same Prose and Poems. Just show your gratitude at least, and if what you’re looking for isn’t here, Google exists. Use it. It got you here didn’t it? It can get you to another resource page as well. So please cut him some slack. He has exams to study for, people to attend, he has a life too. Please be considerate sometimes. He deserves it. This is for every subject he has shared oh so kindly with us.

you da real MVP

Bless lol, perfectly worded

lol thanks!?

are there any such notes for IGCSE 0500 english lit also

Would you happen to have on the Songs of Ourselves -Volume 1

Guys, don’t ask for any more stories/poems/plays! These are from when they were in IGCSE themselves!

I think you have done an absolutely fantastic job!! Well done and thank you.

do you have notes for the poem,heidi with blue hair?

people, he says that it’s not there then why do you keep asking leave the poor guy alone! if you want to know whether it’s here or not just check through the chat it saves less time!

Thank youu!! hahaha

Thanks for all the science notes <3 This is whats going to make me pass

Hi. Do you have any short notes for the poem “For my grandmother knitting” from the book Songs of ourseleves

do have notes on a view from the bridge (play)?

Do you have noted for a novel called ‘Of Mice&Men?’

do u think ull be able to update notes to add merchent of venice and inherit the wind before october this year

No I am sorry. I only have these notes from when I studied them in 2014.

hey do you have any notes on inspector calls and no longer at ease?

No sorry

You should go to sparknotes! They have notes on those.

Hi, when you have the time it will be great if you get flash cards for an inspector calls by J B Priestley 🙂

Hi, I don’t think I would be able to. Maybe someone will contribute for next year’s texts.

Soba Dakuku-Peterside

do you not have notes on merchant of venice and no longer at ease?

No sorry – only notes available for the texts examined in 2014.

it would be great you can arrange notes for all my sons,merchant of Venice or the English teacher

could you please add merchant of venice and all my sons and english teacher and the thomas hardy poems plzzz

I’m sorry! These are the notes I have for when I did my IGs. I am now doing my A2s and I did Literature 2 years ago!

Hey, do you guys have any notes on Merchant of Venice and/or The Siege and/or All My Sons?
If you could post them or send them to me on my email that would be awesome! Thanks

Sorry the notes above are the only ones we have. These were the Set Texts in IG English Lit 2014

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