CIE IGCSE English Language 0500

  • English Language Notes

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can u plezz help me with chemistrys half equations s notes

wow.. thanks a lot. this is really helpful

Seewoogoolam Khushav
Seewoogoolam Khushav

The notes are awesome

You guys are life savers man!! This website is really commendable. Thanks alot!

Would really appreciate if you added notes for hindi as a second language- 0459.

Anupama Santoshkumar
Anupama Santoshkumar

Your notes are very helpful. Could you also help us with English coursework? Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the words, Anupama!
We are helping people with the English coursework at the ZNotes Community! So do check that out!
Hope to see you there!

Can u plz upload the business notes completely because it is very urgently needs for the revision of our coming up exams n business exam is on 26th march 2018, can u plz do it as soon as you can…ASAP

CAN i use this even if Iā€™m offering English as a second language?

Akumalla Dhanush kartik
akumalla dhanush kartik


i think it helps people doing first language

The descriptive writing is amazing… what books do you read to get such a vocabulary, phrasing and flow????

pls pls pls include computer science. it is among the other sciences.

pls when are there 2017 sample papers coming out

use igcse centre

Tomorrow,i have a english mock board and i went through all your notes.i hope it actually pays off by tomorrows exam.

how do we get a* in english pls help me soon as possible

study well

can you also make for business studies

go for economics
Because bussiness and economics doesn”t have much difference

mate, you are completely incorrect here, business takes perspective of the internal operations with an organisation/company, where as economics is the study and behaviour of the entire economy as a whole. yes, there have similarities which come across in topics, but they are two completely different subjects which should be respected and viewed in different ways.

can you please include accounts as it is one the most difficult subject for me .
thank you

you could also include revision tips given in the IGCSE English Learner Guide, in the revision section.

very helpfull

can anyone pls send a topic for individual witing paper 3

I really love this topic from paper 3

Write a descriptive of about 350-450 words on ”a secret”

can u plz upload sociology

can plz upload sociology

crazy notes. helps with precision in extracting information. thanks! how old are you? I’m writing IGCSE exams Oct/Nov this year. Eish, bit nervous!

You’re welcome! šŸ™‚ 18. Good luck! You’ll do fine.

Best of luck i am also givibg the same

thank you so much for these notes especially the science subjects. i’m writing my igcse atm and these are so helpful

Hi man,

You said u did your igs. How did you do in lit and lang. Did many people get an a star . How did these ppl right? Is it hard as they say it is

Thanks for yoour help

Good luck for your exams

I got an A* in literature and an A in language. It is difficult yes – literature requires alot of depth and understanding beyond just skills. Most of us did quite well but it was due to alota practice.
You’re welcome and good luck to u too šŸ™‚

I really appreciate your work on paper 2, but if I may, ask by any chance do u have paper 3 notes?

Thank you. No, I am sorry, I did coursework so didn’t do Paper 3.

coursework ? can you please explain more, I’m doing English First Language, as a home subject,

If you’re doing it as a home subject then I think you have to do the ‘Alternative to Coursework’ exam rather than coursework because you won’t have tutors to set topics and mark for you. You will have to do Paper 3.

can you pliz upload history notes man

Zubair Junjunia

Should be coming soon.

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