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Nicholas Papadopoulos
Nicholas Papadopoulos

Economics paper 2 tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone sitting the exam!!!

Thanks tho the paper2 was cool i did not leave a question. CIE made the question treaky so you had to read the question well to be able understand cause ive solved from 2010 to 2017 and 2018 was slightly different cause it was implicit but anyways i was able to understand and finish everything Thanks to God

just tryna prepare well for tomorrow Good luck
Multiple choice tomorrow
Dw it gonna be fine
you can text me on whatsapp
+233 274929953

; ^ ;

hi i am having my economics exam (0455) on the 4th of june . If anyone has done the exams pls tell me which sections i should concentrate on. I feel that section A is hard for me so, dont mind telling what topics i have to concentrate on. pls send a message thru my whatsapp no. (0561360896). i would really appreciate if someone helped me.
Thank you!

guys I have my computer science (0478) exam tomorrow, I am really scared and need practise, is there any one who has the comp science papers, please mail it to me in exchange I will give that person physics, economics and chemistry papers. My email ID is
( )


Thank u so much for this note u guys are life saver

Pls can someone tell me how to print these documents as it says printing is disabled.
Thank you.

you need to make an account

Thanks .. very helpful

I meant Religious Studies 0490 especially Judaism and Christianity

This is a great offer! Thank you for your work.
I am also studying Religious Studies is it possible you can past notes in this area too? It would be very heeeelpful.

Maranatha Shadipeni
Maranatha Shadipeni

I have seen a lot of comments stating that this notes are from the textbook. There are billions of textbooks that different people use. Can someone please tell me which textbook though?

I think it refers to any IGCSE textbook which really covers content on a global scale. So the textbook may not matter. The content is the same globally.

On page 6 of the first document you have written unlimited supply at one price. How can that be possible? There is a thing called scarcity of resources and if you don’t know the concepts then please don’t create notes.

bro if u get amillion software copies to stock won’t chage so stfu its in the textbook

*a million,*change

There is a thing called as Infinitely price elastic. Which means the supplier will keep supplying the product at a particular price. So if you don’t know shit for real, don’t run your mouth in the comments. Half baked knowledge is bad

If producers are willing to supply as much as they can at one particular price and supply nothing at any other price then supply is infinitely price elastic.

This is when supply is perfectly elastic. It is when the supplier will keep supplying (more or less) at one price. This doesn’t exist in the real world and is impossible to find.

Why the picture doesn’t appear? Is there something with my internet?

if i study only this can i enter the igcse exam

You guys will save my grades.

It would be really helpful if the team could make notes for Spanish as a foreign language 0530


Can someone please upload accounting igcse notes . It would be sooooooo helpful since I am terrible at accounting.

Hey Zainab,

We started Accounting notes, they’re the next order 😉

Do join the slack community in the mean time, we started an IG accounting channel there!
Hope to see you there!

Can you please make some notes on Accounting ?

It’s going to be up very soon !

are the accounting notes complete right now

is it smart to read through the Eco textbook or is it a waste of time?
Should I just read the guides? or make notes of the textbook?

I personally read through ZNotes as they are summarised and will in turn save me a lot of time! If there are any points/topics that I do not know/understand, I will then read the corresponding chapter in the textbook.

If anyone has any information about the upcoming (o/n) Economics paper 1, please let me know.
You can email me at

Thank you for the notes. I’m actually homeschooled, and you have no idea how much it helped.

Hey Kara,
I am glad there helping! Thanks for the words!

Can you guys make Accounting please?

We’ll add that to the list.

Check in a couple days, they should be up soon

Are you going to post Business Studies notes? Cause I need it for my upcoming test

BLESS UP!!! Znotes is the best.

you guys are awesome seriously

i am truly thankful, these sheets have aided me

This notes are amazing!!

can you please do a one for business studies?..thank you

It’s on the way, we’ve started IG Business

plz post it as soon as possible….ty

in case you wanted to add it, you forgot a cover page for this one

I can’t be more thankful. Amazing


if you have these notes, you wouldn’t need an economics teacher.

Is that true? Cuz I’m studying this subject by myself and I didn’t buy any Econ books from Cambridge except the workbook.

well.. the information in these notes are from the economics book, but if you would like a better understanding of different concepts in economics then the book will also support you because it provides examples, practise problems, and real life scenarios.


it is good site for revising , actually i am weak in economics but after reading these notes i got a confident that at least i will pass the exam . thank u so much:)

best site ever i have seen in my life…. thank you Z NOTES


This is very helpful… do you have any idea the number of lives you have impacted… Ohhhh wow… This is amazing!! You are doing an awesome job…

Oh man!!! Awesome work, Thanks for the notes

Are all these notes for the extended courses

We need demand and supply

your work is great! but could you do business studies also?

They never took it as a subject

They are on the way!

Thanks for the wonderful notes which you have prepared.

“Expansionary Monetary Policy: May be used during a recession to & employment by cutting interest rates”. AS YOU CAN SEE, THIS IS NOT COMPLETE

Can you please try to upload ECO a level notes ? Really really need them !

thanks for the shortcuts in the Economics Q&A And Mneumonics

thank you soo much!! this is very useful. i was just wondering wether all the topics are covered in these notes 🙂

hi do you have business notes?

I am so dead for next week’s exam

thanks a lot man

Hi, I just want to say how grateful I am for our website.
So are you planning on updating the Economics 0455 syllabus notes because they are for June 2014 and I am having my exams in Summer 2017.
Anyways, thank you for the rest of your note. They truly are helping me while studying

Hi bro
Great work
But need to know is this much enough for igcsr..CIE board..or I should check some other books too

Can you rely on this as the only way

Thank you sooooooo much. This saved my marks. I just started eco this year and have very high hopes for it. This just confirmed it.

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is going to save me for my IGCSE’s in may 2017 because my teacher never explains anything in class. This is a life saver. Thank you!!!

lucky, u have yours next year :P. Great teacher btw

hi, are other subjects for igcse going to posted?
like business studies

Not anytime soon.

woow hey , where are u from ?

Hey, Pakistan 🙂

Thanks man

You’re welcome

Thank you so much I am aiming for an A* and now with this I’m well on course for an A*!

You’re welcome. Great! Good luck 🙂

hey, is it useful?

Econmoics xD
Thanks for your work!

Yeahh haha a typo that’ll last forever. You’re welcome 🙂

is this updated according to 2016 syllabus?

Sharif Sircar (@9991Sharif)

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome 🙂

Hello, is there an update to the 2016 syllabus for economics?

No I don’t think so.

Love you guys!!!! this thing is gold dude! However are you guys( who created this web) a A* students??? WOW dude<…

Hahahaah yes it is gold if you use it well and yea I did get an A* for eco – revise well and its really not that hard to get!

Can u gv me some sort of help with igcse accounting and business studies?

No sorry didnt take them for IGs

Are you some teacher ?

Nope just a student

dude you are great!!!!! i was really helped a lot!!!! i gave oct/ november 2014 and they were really helpfull.igot like 7 A*’s and 2 D’s!!!!! may allah give you every thing u want!!! may every wish of yours get fullfilled!!!!

Wow! Thats amazing. I truly feel so happy for u and am so proud that I could help u.

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