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there are minor amounts of precautions mentioned above.

any one have may/june 2018?

Why bother asking someone else to do things for you? has pretty much all of the past papers.

Hey Guys I am selling the hakkim abbas topical questions for half the price if anyone wants pls do contact me on ( I have these topical questions for physics and chemistry. Initially the price is USD 50 for one subject but I am giving two subjects for USD 50. Good Luck.

Does Anyone Have The Feb March 2018 Paper if yes please send to

may you please forward them to me as well?

email address:

send ur email
ill send papers

can u send me the paper 6 pls (

plz can you send it to me too? (

Can U plzzz also send me

may june 2018 please (

i do have chem 2018 p6

please send it. please!!!!!!!!

Can you please send papar 6 2018 at

does anyone have feb/march 2018 chem,????

Hi there. According to my knowledge, the Feb/March 2018 papers will be released officially on the 17th of May 2018 at 06:00 (BST).

yes, send me your email and i’ll send it. paper 6 right?

can i have the full set of chem febuary march 2018 ?? my email is

guys I have my computer science (0478) exam tomorrow, I am really scared and need practise, is there any one who has the comp science papers, please mail it to me in exchange I will give that person physics, economics and chemistry papers. My email ID is
( )

Chemistry was fine today paper variant 21/41 it was… if you don’t mind can I see some pics of how your variant was

I have the chemistry structured paper 4, if someone sends me computer science I can trade that for Chemistry, No joke I actually have it, I will send a screenshot before the trade

Which variant

multi lol

hello can u pls send me chem and ict 2018 papers thankyou

I’m so glad you do this ! You’re so loved ! thank you so much xxx

Really helpful….thanks

I agree

so glad to know this website! thanks a lot!

the chemistry notes arent opening

Sorry about that. We had a server issue. Hope it’s working now

Francesco Antonuccio
Francesco Antonuccio

you need to create an account…

register to Znotes it might help

i think there are really some missing information in the notes for instance in the cracking of alkanes the conditions should be mentioned 60 degree celsuis and 600 atm moreover the properties of sulphur are not mentioned ……

can you please add notes for IGCSE chemistry edition 4 as well?

This website is really helpful and nice. I am lucky that I found this website.
I also do provide helpful contents but only related to IGCSE and IAL chemistry

I know they’re notes but I think they should add all the steps of separating liquids n all

on pg 23 it says that we use the upward displacement of air method when the gas is lighter than air. dont we use it when the gas is heavier than air………… or am i just confused

Yes, upward displacement is used when the gas is heavier than air. I think there was a mistake in the note making…

Hey guys!! Firstly, i would love to thank zubair and the entire znotes team… i seriously dont know what i would have done without this website…
i am currently in grade 10 …and i will be doing may june 2018 and to be honest i find chemistry super hard…. i seem to know the things but i just cannot seem to get past 20’s mark in mcq’s and above 58 in theory… i have my mocks in a few weeks and chemistry is a subject i need for my career… can anyone help me out here?

Thanking you in advance… lots of love

On page 20 its written
ethene (g) + bromine (aq) → 1,2-dibromomethane (l)
Shouldn’t it be
ethene (g) + bromine (aq) → 1,2-dibromoethane (l)
or ami wrong?

Yes Amritpal Singh, You’re right check it out on Google as well.

your right, basically alkanes have sigma bonds ONLY which makes them unsaturated .So basically ethene’s pi bond brakes to react with bromine, leaving them with only a sigma bond however the number of carbon remains the same, so theres no such thing called dibromomethane. Hope this helps .

why the chemistry notes code are not 0620,but is 9093 in every page and the last page is 0610, is it typo error, or wrong information?

Hey Aidan,

Thanks for reminding us about this issue. You’re right its supposed to be 0620 and not 9093.

you’re welcome

why the display file had change it to 0620,the download file still haven change?

Yeah is hasn’t changed for the download file, but it doesn’t affect the notes so i guess it isn’t an issue

I’m a new student in grade 10. I never had the igcse in my old school and I now have to take it. I am supposed to learn the material from last year on my own and I have my mocks in a week. I’m taking: Biology, French, Math (extended), Chemistry, and English. I’m not worried about French. I looked over these notes (which seem very helpful). Any advice?
Thank you

I concluded my mocks a while back so all I can say is, form a timetable that addresses your major ‘problem’ subjects but also remember to factor in the other subjects.
Go through the syllabus and pick areas that you find difficult (practically things that look foreign to you) and gain basic understanding of them.
It’s sadly too late to read an entire textbook so just read these notes pick at least 1 year to practice past papers when you read. Get your FORMULA’S in check and sleep well.
Good Luck, I hope this helps.



OMG i know your pain im in the same position. im taking chemistry,physics,biology,geography,maths(extended) and english. I myself im planning to write the mocks and see what i have to work on and improve

lol me too. I’m also writing mocks currently.

good luck

i was like you (know nothing about IGCSE) but now i know much
-in exams most of the questions or topic will be from past papers
-you can get past papers from ** but if it is not working try this more better website **
-for best results search for past papers
-assesments’ difficulty will be according to your school not IGCSE
-notes are very helpful for both assesments & exams
-if you do not undersatnd anything in any topic use **
or search on youtube
-NEVER EVER be stressed in exams because you’re going to forget what you were studying the night before
-in exams NEVER leave you topics until before exam.. study as soon as you get the lesson or chapter (trust me if you leave the topics until day before the exam youre going to panic)
-for topics that contains formulaes or concepts write all formulaes and concepts on a peice of paper organised..
-for formulaes and concepts use Znotes in math and chemistry


when will there be the new 2019 syllabus notes for all these subjects?

Hey Larissa Wright, that will probably be after the 2018 exam. I see that the syllabus is already out so I’m not completely sure. Hope I helped.

Thanks! Really helpful!

You are very welcome!!

Hey Zubair!
Is it okay if I call you Zubair?
Anyways I will forever be indebted towards you.You have definitely been very dedicated towards Znotes and that is why I have been consistent too.I’ve been using Znotes for 2 years now and it feels like it just somehow captivates the important parts of a textbook and beautifully displays it.Thank you so much! *Virtual Hug*

Yes, @Adnan Khan, this is very true!
I salute Mr. Zubair for his work… and his recent dedication towards ZNOTES. I have been using it for almost the past 2 and a half years… It has drastically changed since then, great effort by him and his team!
Hats off to him!

Thank you very much! 🙂 As you’ve been using ZNotes for so long, we’d love to get your testimonial and add it to our website too! Send me an email or message me on Slack (the invite link is one of the social media buttons).

Hiya! Definitely okay to call me Zubair haha. Thank you very much for your comment – brings a smile to the whole team who work tirelessly on this website 🙂 If you’ve been using it for so long, we’d love to get your testimonial and add it to our website too! Send me an email or message me on Slack (the invite link is one of the social media buttons).

I did my Chemistry Externals in October/November and I got my Grade yesterday with an A* 96% in Chemistry with the help of myself and a bit of the Znotes. So work hard on yourself to achieve what you want

Hello ….. I’m taking my igcse exams next year I would like to ask if I studied this notes (instead of the text book) and the past papers would I get a A or a B?

Aryan Palathattil Anil
Aryan Palathattil Anil

Depends on what you get in the mock, try the technique for that and if it works i.e. you get an A* you should probably continue. However, the textbook has way more information which will be beneficial. Don’t settle for an A or a B

I actually didn’t take the mock exams. so it’s better to study the book because it gives me more chances of getting an A* …. But biology is really long and i would like studying the notes and past papers so that I could pass. should I do that? and thanks for your help.

Ditch the text book !
Use past papers and these notes. If you cant find the answer to certain past paper questions or syllabus requirements, use the internet for guidance.
Do make sure you attend class though these notes can’t help you understand topics from class for the first time, without attending any lectures. IF for some reason you do forget the logic behind any topics, use websites like khan academy, GCSE bitesize,, etc.
From experience i’ve seen that the text book has incomplete information. You might want to give it a read though, just to complement classwork, but i still use Znotes most of the times.


Thanks but should i study the core and extended or only the extended in the syllabus because I’m taking the extended curriculum.

I mean if you have a basic understanding of all concepts and have a year to get better(or even a few months) go for extended.If you don’t have a proper understanding and have your exams coming up just go for Core because its better to get a C than to get a D or an E.Hope that helps!

Oops didn’t see your question properly.If you are taking extended then study for core+extended.

You dont Want to know
Kailash Seshadri

No. That would be wasting your time. Read only the extended because it already includes all the principles and ideas from core in it.

Hi, just wanted to ask about chapter 6, section 6.3 about bond energy. You have written this:
∆ = +

But my book says it is minus, not plus…so which one is right?


in bond energies there are endothermic and exothermic reactions; where endothermic is a bond breaking reaction which gains energy/heat to break bonds thus this is (+); whereas an exothermic reaction, it creates bonds and releases heat/energy to the surroundings hence (-), so while calculating bond enthalpy (∆H), if your answer wounds up to “+” it is an endothermic reaction, and if it turns out to be “-” it is an exothermic reaction.

Thank you

Thses notes are really helping me,thank you sooo much!!

Hey guys, thank you for all the hardwork you have put in making these notes. But quick question: how to download these notes?

Lala Pérez de Solay
Lala Pérez de Solay

there is a link below the notes which is for registered users

Yep thanks a lot

You’re missing seriously important equations in the extraction of iron/zinc section. They don’t want word equations in the exams, they want equations like: Fe2O3 + 3CO → 2Fe + 3CO2
Please change this soon as the person entering the exam could lose out on multiple marks.

use it is a use full one it has all ebooks for free

Which chapter has moles in it ???


U I cant find this chapter
in my book Its name (Quantitative Chemistry)
Look into this

It’s different from the recent chemistry text book 🙁

Umm the same her
I search for the name of Chapter and I did not find any thing
can any one please help

Thank you so much

This is really helpful. God bless y’all

Hello for practicing good take a blank paper with you while doing a past paper list down all new things which you dont know and after solving the paper take that blank filled sheet and learn those things it will really be great helpfull for you. next is your choice.

helpful? helpful <3

Make sure that you revise properly for the paper 6 planning an experiment question, as those are usually 6 marks and pretty easy 6 marks if you have a good background in it. For paper 2 make sure you are clear with all the concepts in Chemistry, every topic would be touched upon in an MCQ paper. Good Luck!

This was very helpful! Thank you 😀

god bless the creator of thiswebsite. YOU THE BEST!

Is it fine if I only study from these notes but not the book.

Yes! It is all the notes from the resources!


i dont think so…

Thank you for this. I hope it helps

Is it the complete syllabus?

found a typo on page 9: Catalysts….. “the larger the surface are(a)…”

Hey, are these notes fully up to date?

unfortunately they are not…

how is it not up to date? what is it missing?

i dont know

I can’t find the Extraction of Fe, Zn & Al


It is there on the first file

Yes they are, they are updated to the 2016-18 syllabus. It says so on it.

there is no example of fuel cells

First of all let me just say, to whoever created this site, thank you.Truly.. you are a wonderful soul.
That being said, can anyone please tell me whats messing from these notes so that I can get them?..

Do we need to know everything in the Paper 6 document?

Yes you do… and there is still some more missing

Ehhhh, Got a C. 😛 Paper 6 sucks.

yea i got the same marks just like urs erh haha

HAhahah, hopefully the real IGCSE score is much better.

thank you that is very helpful

umm idk how to say but there’s a mistake in the first heading of the paper 6 notes “”0610″” thts for biology maybe :/

I got 8A*s in my mocks exams. Is it possible to achieve this result, because I’m scared I won’t

well done 🙂

good job

I heard mocks are prepared to be harder than the IGCSEs and so if you did get the aforementioned result the IGCSEs will not be a problem if you are consistent in your studies. let this not stop you from keeping your studies consistent.

well done anonymous

Ples i really need you help

Extremely useful!!!

The Paper was very easy

The chem.42 was easy and hoping to do good in p6 that’s tomorrow.

Anagh Josh Banerjee

Achange did u get an a* in chemistry?

Did anyone else find today’s chemistry paper (Feb/March) really hard?

YES. Oh my god today’s papers were horrible!!

How did everyone else find it?

tbh i think u should be happy it was horrible. before u track me down and eat me alive let me explain.
the harder the paper the better the curve is for us, so……..

I found it very easy as the concepts were very basic

Pretty tough!

Can you just email me what was asked in p6 so I could prepare for it

No paper wasn’t that difficult

can yall tell me how your feb/march series went? and how many pastpapers did you do to prepare for the externals?

Well I’m not very good at chemistry I kinda found it medium.

yeah it was alright I guess XD

thank you so much. you are so nice oh my god. god bless you. so helpful

This site is absolutely amazing. Thank you.

Whoever created the site and everyone who helps in it’s maintanace God bless you.

Thank you very much you can totally rely on this guy’s it’s really helpful.

Really true

this is really helpful for me, especially during the exam time

this website just saved my live, who ever created this website god bless you. Its so helpful during exams

is this updated to the 2017 syllabus??

Yes it is updated but there are some important terms missing. But still it is well prepared.

there is hardly any change in the syllabus so no worries

Minor mistakes but worth taking a look at

. Very helpful but there are mistakes. For ex limestone is first thermally decomposed into Ca0 and co2 and it is this cao that truns sio into salg[casio2

Download tis immediately Super helpful

HI it me again found another mistake. In -pollutants in air the source of Nitoirgen did oxide is mentioned as exhasts of cars. Future aspirants , the correct source is the engine of the car[combustion].They basically mean the same thing but a past paper explicitlyu mentioned that only engine and not exhasts was acceptable. Apart from this minor correction and the one mentioned above this resource is excellent and highly advisable.I implore the creator/owner/editor to make these changes in further editions of theis revision guide]

i guess it should be CaSiO3

yes it should be.

It’s correct and that makes no difference it’s just a neutralization process

really helpful. thanks:)

very helpful but in page 17 of the notes the carboxylic acid starts with n=0

Did anybody else notice that in paper 6, alternative to practical, they asked for the flame test of aluminum, which is not included in the syllabus!

Did they? .. I don’t remember seeing a question on the test of aluminium

Yeah, in the last part, it mentioned that it was an aluminum salt and in one of the exercises it asked “flame test on solid d”i think, which was that salt.

its there new syllabus

Can u please share the paper code?

what about notes for the rate of reaction and the reversible reaction ?

ur awesome thank u very much if u know how it soo happy to fine this note

I’ve been looking up for notes since forever. And we were told to download this during our Chemistry class. Hope this helps 🙂

the notes were fantastic

Hey man, your notes are really awesome but can you summarise or update them for the 2017 syllabus?

The best notes i have ever seen,thanks!

is it meant to say 0610 for alt to prac notes?

can u please make business studies notes too..

my igcse examination is just around the corner.. I’m so nervous thank you for the notes its really useful

I thank you a thousand times for you have saved my life.

– Best notes ever studied.
– Please continue what you do.

and amazing job on:
– Website (fantastic)
– Notes


There’s an error in the Paper 6 Flashcards, not sure if anyone mentioned it before.

For the last page (Page 23) ;
The first method is not called Downward Displacement of air. It is actually Upward displacement of air. It also have another name which is called Downward Delivery of Gas.

The second method is actually Downward Displacement of air. It has another name called Upward Delivery of Gas.

Hope this clears up some misunderstandings if some readers noticed it 🙂

Yep that’s correct. It makes more sense to think with “delivery”.

Do u have Accounts Notes too ??

Hi would all these IGCSE science notes be useful for combined science?

Yes parts of them will overlap but use them with your syllabus and highlight the areas which are relevant.

Hello! Do you think its sufficient to read only these notes for IGCSE? Without the textbook or extra materials, would these notes be enough? I’m so worried as I’m sitting for the October/November paper which is in 3 months, and Chem is one of my weakest subjects! 🙁

These notes give complete topics listed in the syllabus but ofcourse are not as thorough and simply explained as a textbook. I would recommend, especially as Chem is your weaker subject, that you use the notes however refer to the textbook if a topic is slightly unclear. Ofcourse, make sure you work through pastpapers!

I’m sorry if I come of as rude, I really don’t mean to, but I have to ask. Do the people who follow your notes usually pass? I’m really worried, I’m sorry. I only have two months left and honestly, I don’t know anything.

It’s alright. I am not sure; some find it useful but its not about these notes at all! It’s about how hard you work yourself – the notes are just a resource to help guide you.

well you’re about to find out mine’s the day after tomorrow… well.. not really, because i wont be getting the results immediately..

i am not sure about everyone else.But i personally love the content of these notes. They are extremely useful covering mjinor tidbits that continue to recur in the previous past papers and pretty muh coer eerything you neeed to know.I just wish that i had found these sooner.Kudos to the creator

Should be, you should also do some past papers which will help you.

i just did my chemistry paper and i wasn’t sure if i would get the correct notes from here, but now as i go through the flashcards almost everything that was in the paper is here. The notes are by far the most legit i’ve found so far.

Haha thank you for your approval 🙂

thankyou so much , i mean it helped a lot with the chemistry exam.(though internal exam)

Are these notes updated to the new syllabus 2016 2017 2018

Hey your notes are really good and helped me out so much for my Year 10 exam! Just wondering though, do these notes suffice for the Triple award paper? Thank you!

Hiya. Although the content should be similar, the syllabus may require more/less for the Triple award paper. I recommend you use the notes however keep the syllabus with you and make sure to check as you study.

i wish i found this early! chem paper is tomorrow and idk shit! hopefully an allnighter will set it right! 🙂

Haha I wish you did too! Good luck 🙂

So how was the exam?

These notes are really helpful! If only I had found these notes few days ago then surely I would have gotten an A* in my grade 9 internal exams. But I’m sure these notes will get me A* in external exams.

Once again, thank you so much! I really appreciate your effort. 🙂

Oh I’m sorry you found them only now. Yes they should help you and the external ones are the most important! Good luck! You’re welcome 🙂

Yes man! They helped me a lot already. Yup externals are the most important and most hardest ones 😛
Also did you take business studies (0450) ? If yes, then can you make notes for it too. I’ll really grateful to you do it.

Great! No I didn’t take Business – sorry.

hello uhm do these notes of organic chemistry include everything in the 2016 syllabus? thanks in advance

Yes they meet all 2016 requirements.

My exam is in the coming weeks and surely these notes will save me! I like the fact that you compiled them precisely according to the syllabus and left out the useless points. Thanks again and good luck with your exams!

Indeed haha my main reason to produce them was to leave out the useless bits. I hope they’ll be of good use to you. Thanks and good luck to u too!

Hey! Thank you so much for these chemistry notes, they help a ton. May God bless you.

Hi! You’re welcome 🙂 Aameen

Thanks for the notes! I found a minor error.
The footnote’s out of date. It refers to but the new site is

Yep I’m aware, including the cover page. The domain shift occurred after I updated everything in the summer. Going to update it after this exam session. Thanks for pointing out though 🙂

Wow cuz this is great work! Congrats and keep it up


Thank you so much!!

You’re welcome! 🙂

WOW! Great notes…….which other subjects do u offer?

They’re above in the menu.

Ohh yeah, I see! Mashallah, may Allah bless you for this magnificent effort!…….You are the first person offering Additional mathematics!!!!!!! I am so thankful for that, and I wanna ask… was the add maths exam for u??

And in the chemistry notes( since updated to 2016) , they do not include brownian motion-if u could fill me up on that. Also, for the paper 6 flashcards, chem- by experiments do you mean the last question?…..if so, does cambridge ever repeat that particular question or there are new experiments each time?…….

Thanks & jazakallah once again<3

Aameen. Add Maths wasn’t the best :p – I did the exam in the year the grade threshold for an A* was 155/160 so I only got an A.
For chem, Brownian motion is basically random motion of gas molecules – have a look in the textbook I’m not sure what you need to know. The experiments are some general ones that sometimes turn up (like enthalpy) but I’m not sure if CIE have a pattern – they always end up somehow making the paper different from previous ones even if the experiment is the same with different questions. You are welcome 🙂

Okay!…….chemistry paper 6 tomorrow….PLEEEASE make dua for me

Zubair Junjunia

Oh inshAllah it’ll go great 🙂 My first exam’s tomorrow too!

Hey…these really helped…..Thankyou so much!!! Hope your exams went well

updated for may/june 2016 exam?

ignore my comment, its updated says so in the downloadable flash cards.

Hey. You forgot to add chromium to the list of identifying the ions. It’s new in the latest syllabus.

Oh okay. Will make sure to add to the updated notes.

Thanks so much *100.

You’re welcome 🙂

Can i get the notes for core syllables?

Sorry there are no specific notes for the core syllabus.

When did u uploaded the updated notes?

During my summer break (August-ish)

I am so thankful my friend emailed me your notes! Thank you thank you thank you. I am definitely sharing this with my classmates\(^o^)/

I am glad you have found them useful. And thank you for sharing them 🙂

Tnx Zubair Junjunia… really helped me in my school exams and I hope this would come in handy at this June’s 2016 IGCSE exams…
PS: My dad’s name is Zubair 🙂

You’re welcome 🙂 Hahah thats cool

Abdullah Zubair Khan (MAN)

My IGCSE’s are less than a month away but I don’t know how much time I should spend studying each day, I have made some notes for all 3 sciences but whenever I read them, I get feeling that I know all of this before and get bored very easily…So what should I do…?? I have started to read only summarized notes from now on and focus on past papers more(I have tons of them) My mother wants me to pass with distinction and go to a University in Turkey without A levels…I don’t want to disappoint her so tell me what should I do..?? Insha’Allah I will pass but I need extra-ordinary marks with passing too

looks to me that youve had a hard time.Hope everything went well. YOU KNOW , people should start loving the subject. According to me ,ive noticed many in my class who have no interest in the subject and they do not appear with flying colors. Me personally I never liked to admit that i like chemistry, but it is my second favourite subject in school , Ive noticed parents and teachers dont tell there kids about this but , if your not interested in the subject its highly unlikely that your gonna pass. As a matter of fact, once you like the subject your mind forcefully tells you that it needs MORE, so you might not find it boring and you’ll find time flying by your side.HOPE THIS INSPIRED YOU.

thank you very for your notes.

You’re welcome!

very nice man

This is from 2016 syllabus, wow! Finally found it
Can you please update Biology Notes to 2016 syllabus?

Yes we updated it recently 🙂 Eek, Bio is a problem for me – I didn’t take it for AS and its been over 2 years since I last saw it so it’ll be difficult for me to update them plus I have A2s/SATs/Uni Stuff.. If someone could help me do it like tell me what to change/add then its possible otherwise its a lost cause I guess 🙁

nothing new for bio, just the vit c test (using DCPIP) plus just did the M/J bio paper 6 nothing new that the past years just a experiment question at the end.

BTW my comment is about paper 6 not bio theory extended paper(4) or extended multiple choice (paper 2)

Ah okay. I’ll work on updating with someone during this summer inshAllah.

Big thanks, really help me!

No problem!

‫عمار محمد‬‎

in flash cards
pg 9 point 6 u wrote “bas” instead of “base”

Yep well spotted. Thanks.

Correct me if im wrong but, isnt it bond breaking – bond forming and not plus?

Yes but technically you keep it a plus. The values given are always positive but for bond forming you make it negative. Sorta confusing sorry, if you dont get what im saying its fine – what ur saying will work.

really helped me!

Glad to help

Hey, on the last page of the p6 flashcards, you have accidentally switched the upward delivery gas tube being used to collect more dense gas than air. if the gas is more dense then it will sink downwards. Therefore an upright tube should be used.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

No ur absolutely right. I remember the day before my p6 I was revising and saw the mistake and changed it by hand but forgot to change the soft copy. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for informing me.

Your notes are legit the best in this business. Thank you so much man (: You are a star

Hahah business. Thanks!

great notes!! thank you so much

You’re welcome!

Will these cover me for the ‘IGCSE chemistry alternative to practical’ paper?

Honestly, very good job, you have covered all the syllabus +Some extra awesome material for IGCSE, but you didn’t add unnecessary stuff, thank you.

Hopefully you make Environmental Managament notes please, my exam for EM is close, I need them within 2-3 weeks.

Ur welcome!! Yes thats probbly one of the main reason I wrote the notes – to get rid of useless stuff which u dont need for the exams! Im sorry I didnt take EM as a subject so ull have to search online for some notes.

i literally just found these notes last night at 1 am
i printed them and went over them this morning and aced my chemistry exam!
thank you so much!!!

Wow hahahah! Thats amazing! Im glad I could help u 🙂

hi it also helped me!

Thhis is very helpful, I thank you very much!

You’re welcome!

hey can you please tell me which notes are for core, cause im taking core

Sorry the notes are meant for the extended. You could use the notes with the syllabus and skip the parts which are in the supplement column. Here’s a link to the syllabus:

I’m doing edexcel chemistry, is it the same?

Nope the syllabus is different from the Cambridge one.

This is really awesome and helpful,is the Chemistry notes based on the extended theory paper? Otherwise good job for taking the time and effort to do this.

Yes they’re meant for the extended theory i.e. paper 3 But the knowldege would also be needed for paper 1s

This is so good, thank you for your effort.

You’re welcome

I am not able to open and see chemistry notes (first one) because it says the file is damaged . Could u pls re upload the file.

The file is fine and not damaged. This is a problem from ur side.

o my god ur notes just look like an official coursebook or something better than it !!! They are !!!(lost words to say )

very helpful

really helpful!

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