CIE IGCSE Business Studies 0450

  • Business Studies Notes

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thanks very nice notes

Really helpful, thank you for the notes

Phanthat Thaweewutthiset
Phanthat Thaweewutthiset

the performance related pay is missing by the way.

Hello Joao. Its me Jonathan from fortnite. If i dont get an a from these notes you will face the consequences!

Thank you for the notes

i need notes for travel and tourism for igcse my exam is on the 24th of may!!

Thanks sooooo much for this!!!!!

Hey guys does anyone a link where I can environmental management igcse. My exam is on Monday

What exam do u have on a monday. business?
cause i have mine on thursday next week

Hi there, Thank you for making such amazing wonderful notes. I was wondering as I do Edexcel GCSE do you think these notes would benefit me or are Cambridge and Edexcel too different when it comes to content?
Thank you

Are the notes completed or not yet? pls answer asap

Hi Marina,
Yes they are completed.

Thank you so much for the notes. However, is it enough to only study from them?Because I am self-studying business, so I do not have a teacher nor a tutor. Urgent question!

Hi Maria,
The notes contain all of the syllabus’ content, but it is summarised and simplified for revision. It should not replace a textbook because a textbook goes into further detail. I would recommend to learn from a textbook and then review it on the notes.
Joao Pereira

hello, im giving igcse board exams this summer, but its 0455, not 0450. are there no notes for 0455?

Hi Farhad,
The notes for IGCSE Economics 0455 are in this link:
Joao Pereira

thankyou for fixing the problem

The problem is still therethe link would give the old notes

Hi! Thank you for completing the notes! Could you please tell us when the aesthetic work will be completed by? Also, your the document in your download link doesn’t match the one in the preview. Pls update it….

It looks like they have completed to aesthetic work although they have not updated the download link

Yeah. Hope they do it soon…

the preview doesn’t match the download

yea please link the url of updated one with the link

Thank you, can you give us a timeframe of when the aesthetic work will be finished?

god bless you

yes I agree

These notes are amazing so far but I reaalllyy need the rest of it. Do you have any idea how long it will take you?!

Yo yo yo guys…. One would truly and genuinely appreciate thine notes being thrust onto the infinite and tragic medium that is the internet! One would receive much better International General Certificate of Secondary Eduction Business Studies grades as a result and therefore have a brighter and more fulfilling future in the overwhelming world of humanity. Thank you eternally in advance!

Where are the finance chapters from section 5 (sources of finance, balance sheets, income statements etc)??

Aman this chapter is available in the accounting notes !

Yeah but its very much in detail in the accounting notes. For business studies, these chapters are not taught in depth. Shouldn’t they be a part of the business studies notes too?

every important information is there in the notes, good stuff boys… and girls

Pls finish these as soon as you can..

please try your best to finish these notes before may , thankyou

yooooo, can you finish these notes please, my ig is on the beginninng of june p.s im having mock exams in 4 days

Plz upload the notes as I need it for the 26th march exam.

Thank you for uploading till 4th section…if u could upload the 6th section only for now…because 5th section will be taught in 10th and I am in 9th now.

Ahmad Afif Daniel Khairuddin
Ahmad Afif Daniel Khairuddin


Hello guys, can you please finish this one because i really need it and I’m gonna take exam on may!!

Can you please finish these notes since they are very helpful. thank u

If there are any business notes from previous years could you please tell me how to get them

please could you finish asap

Very Useful Piece Of Information Thank You!! But Please Try To Complete As Soon As Possible!!

Hi guys,
I am about to sit my exams in May. I wanted to know when you’ll be uploading the complete version of the notes.
Pls reply ASAP

Thanking you in anticipation,
Vedant Sanghvi

Hi Vedant,
The notes WILL be completed before the the exams in May.
Joao Pereira

How to download notes and past papers

When will the full version will be released

How are these notes not updated for more than 2 months… I urgently need these notes

Please may you complete the notes because I am sitting for my business studies exam in May/June

Yaa Me Too
BTW Hiii

when are the notes for business going to be finished and i wasn’t able to add a comment in the english litrature section but when are you guys planning on updating the notes according to the 2018 syllabus

heyy i really appreciate you guys for giving us all your hard work but when do you think this business studies notes will be ready? is it possible that you finish in February?

I’m not able to leave a comment on the Accounting page just yet, so I’ll do it here instead lol
thank you vERY MUCH for making one for Accounting!!!
I’m self studying the subject, and learning theory is kinda hard for me, but I’m sure now I’ll be able to learn a bit easier!!
It’s really a big help, thank you so much!!!

I know right,big time life saver.

Idk where the comments are for accounting but just wanted to thank who ever uploaded the notes, May god BLESS ur soul ..

Thanks m8!
Appreciate you leaving a comment !

Registered and still can’t print.. need this asap

Hey there !
Please refer to for guidance.

Hope that helped !

By what date will the igcse business studies notes will be complete?

Can u plz plz plz update these notes I really badly need them plz I beg u guys updates these notes plz

finish these please

Like mentioned before, they will be uploaded latest by the May series.

igcse exam is comming on jan can you please finish the notes pleaseeeeee

can you add z notes for the other leson please it will be very useful

Please can you complete these, i have mocks in january

I need business studies notes before January. Can you please arrange it.

Will the notes be completed till the Feb/Mar session?

PLEASE, CAN YOU GUYS FINISH THE NOTES! I HAVE AN EXAM ON THE 20th OF DECEMBER!!! PLEASE!!! Thanks for all of the other notes as well.

Mohammad Soleja-You are retard…people like you are a shame to India

Thank you for the notes it is very useful , even for the normal exams we have in school . :):)

Your Welcome! 🙂

Staff pleeeeez continue them its December and still not finshed i have an exam in a week

Thank you so much for the revision notes, Just need them to be finished to make it perfect.

can u pls complete motivation of workers by this week

These notes are very useful. Thank you guyz for making these notes. Thank you for the efforts you put into these notes to help IGCSE students. THANK YOU GUYz !!!!!!!

guys at least upload the notes updates

I need these notes to be finished before December

is that all?

lmaooo your name

When will this be finish, my final exam is tomorrow.

omg same… igcse exam

Thanks for the notes

Hey guys, quick quezzie, will it be completed by January? Because as I mentioned before, I have PRELIMS in January, and so I need to be prepared, considering the fact that this is my worst subject I

Hey guys, quick quezzie, will it be completed by January? Because as I mentioned before, I have PRELIMS in January, and so I need to be prepared, considering the fact that this is my worst subject and I would rather I can drop the subject except my teacher is forcing me to take it and I really want to scrape by with a B grade at least, so please try to complete it by then?

Thank you so much for the amazing notes, when will these be completed by? Because I have my IGCSEs next in May/June, and my PRELIMs in January, so can you please complete it by then? Thank you very much.

calm down, no one can force you into taking IGCSE. and what is PRELIMs?

When is the igcse accounting note coming ??

This is great! thank youu, waiting for the rest of it 😉

Thanks very much, when will this be completed by?

Can’t guarantee. The author, however, is writing as fast as possible. I’d say the latest is by the Feb/March series

Hey guys, is this the final one or are you going to add on to it??
Can’t wait……..

pls complete fast!

pls complete fast

but the problem is , am writing oct/nov 2017 exams , notes are not complete and am very disappointed , exams in 2 days , can anyone help me with any other website etc? badley need the notes

mine is on 9th nov, tomorrow. heres the link

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