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    Biology ATP Notes

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Anyone who is trying to download and/or print these notes/resources, please login. If you don’t have an account please make one. Hope this helps the many people who are having problem get their hand on these resources. about to sit up for igcse in may2018 my first exam is maths paper 2 on the 4th of may. and truth being told I’m not done with even the basics for anyof my subjects and im just randomly doing past papers without any basic knowledge !! plz advise me what to do? plz reply soon.thank u

Try reading the books and UNDERSTANDING the concepts, maybe? And then solving the past papers and immediately checking your book and writing the correct answer from memory when you get it wrong the first time. YouTube videos for Math help. You only have 52 days, dude ;_;

Lol I thought it said adenosine triphosphate instead of alternative to practical. For ATP

These notes cleared my acne, thanks ya’ll.

I cant download anything. why? it shows the download guide but it doesn’t help. please help

to download you must be logged into your znotes account

May i know how to print??????
I cant download it…..
can some one mail it in my mail…please….so that i cant print it easily…..
I need lots of help…….
Please help me….

Please read the download guide

I really need help in paper 4 experimental question. I am finding bio very difficult even after studying notes. Pls help. Thank u!!

how to print plzz

Please check the Download guide.

for you to print or download you need to have an account if you don’t then make register and make one…THATS ALL!!!

Great notes!but can someone please send me a link for some igcse topical bio past papers(0620)

Hi, this is great. I was wondering if this is the same as coordinated science IGCSE 0654 and what the differences are

no, i’m doing 0654 and this notes are only for single science since 0654 is combined we don’t need all information

I would say, dont take coordinated science, because it really isnt helpful

why I can’t print the note anymore after create the account few days

Do refer to the download guide attached to each page. If you are still having trouble, contact us on Typeform


Truly a lifesaver. I can just revise from these notes instead of having to panic over reading the whole textbook for revision with the limited amount of time I have.

haha thanks!

why cant i print

Refer to

Hope that helped !



you might not be a member just register

extremely helpful
Loved it
Worth recommending!!

Will osmoregulation be added for homeostasis?

biology ATP tomorrow! i hope these notes really help. Aiming for at least an A:-)

I’ve got my Biology ATP (and ICT theory) tomorrow! These notes are helping a lot! I am expecting an A*!


A Potterhead

thank you!
which is ur favorite harry potter book in the series? (i know it’s really hard to decide)

Oops sorry for the very late reply, I’ve been very busy, and my fave Hp book is the Order of the Phoenix I think, because that’s the book in which the evil pink toad gets out ooh I hate her so much and now I’M rambling…what about yours? And what’s your hogwarts house?

same here

They are? AWESOME!!!!!

Hi, it is great, but is it for core or extended? My exam just after 2 weeks but I didn’t finished 80% yet. If I finish your notes, How much will I get? Please I need help.

These notes are great, but even if you aren’t writing the extended syllabus, is it useful for the CORE students? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for this lovely hard work by you ..
Sorry for being greedy but can just tell when will the notes of all subjects including bio be updated for 2019 as.. I m appearing it in 2019 I m so greedy

No one knows. It depends on who is available to do them. You have to realise that the team at ZNotes can’t be everywhere, they have A-Levels and University to get through. Why don’t you do them and send them to ZNotes?

you need to add characteristics of Annelids, nematodes, and molluscs .

they were removed from the syllabus couple of year ago

thank you for the notes they are really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

these are very helpful

hey bruh can you post notes for o levels

update the notes. there is no diseases and immunity.
thanks in advance Mr. z

ya ur correct do the same, Mr.a

Hi, so i just wanted to say THANK YOU for these amazing helpful notes .

know ryt

Are these for triple or double science?

Are these notes updated to match the 2017 syllabus? Please I need a reply asap!

yes they are….taking exams in 3 weeks also ? :)))

they dont include the topic Diseases and Immunity which Cambridge added on the syllabus this year

Do u know where i can find notes for that? Im currently going on this site right now just to find notes for that

will it be enough to just study these notes for the exam?

nah man, sometimes i find tiny errors in the notes so its really misguiding

Znotes is just for REVISING. You’re not supposed to use it to STUDY!!!

is this notes for cambridge or edexcel?


Are these updated for extended and for the 2017 May exams?

Omg i need to know the same.but the notes make sense and has almost everything we need to learn.

hi is this for igcse extended as well?

Yeah it is. Well at least my teacher said so.

Do I have to memorise all this for igcse cuz I’m gonna do my igcse on May and I don’t have time

you have time dont worry

Studying these notes only and doing past papers is good or?

better to focus on past papers more ..and wherever you find difficulties or need help you can access these notes..
doing past papers gives a wide range of questions that you can be prepared for

pls update

Good and helpful

Thank Mr Z. Your notes have been a great help.

plz update notes

plz update

hello Znotes please update the notes..!!

Its great, but I don’t think the notes are complete.

hello.. can u pls update the notes.

can you please update the notes to the 2016 syllabus? thanks alot!!!!

plz update the notes ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi! Just wondering, does biotechnology get frequently asked in the IGCSE exams? I can’t seem to find noes regarding biotechnology…

The notes are given The uses of enzymes and making of penicillin (Page 4) fall under biotechnology as for Genetic Engineering you can read through pages 286-289 in the Coursebook or the study guide Page (105).

I highly doubt it will but just go through the syllabus to make sure.

notes on AS biology 9700.please it’s urgent

These notes are really resourceful. My gratitude towards you. Thanks for posting

this page is very good. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

IGCSE biology paper 4, zone 3 was crazy! most of the topics were not in the syllabus! extensive reading was required – definitely not crammer friendly!

we are in thesame zone. it seems like you also find it difficult as i did.

could you give an example of some of the questions? i am worried now i have my exams on may

can you give an example of the questions

Please give us some example I am giving my exams on may


You will do fine but not only study to znotes also study and read through your book because experiments (paper 6) are not very detailed you can also watch videos in youtube for experiments good luck!!!

okay like the question in paper 4 concerning mRNA. what the heck! my teacher only taught us the fundamentals of DNA because we had a nack for extensive reading. it was not even in the syllabus! what about the other students who just read from the text book? the other question concerning birds and tapping ( I think that’s the thingamajiggy name of it! ) I only learned that from National Geographic! also the lactose intolerance stuff actually came out in the Food and Technology syllabus. I read out of curiosity. if those are not enough examples of chance, then I don’t know what are! Definitely not Crammer Friendly!!


Personal…but how were your results?

please upload a front cover for the bio notes

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this review sheet is missing a cover page. It isn’t important but could you please add one if you’re willing? Overall thank you for the notes, they really helped ๐Ÿ™‚

Is this the latest syllabus???

No this is not the “notes” on the lastest syllabus but this has 90 percent of the topics for this year syllabus. the new topics added to the revised syllabus is not included here. make sure you go in depth learning for all topics as if you are from zone 3 the question gets real hard especially the paper 4 for zone 3. download the new syllabus for this year from the igcse cie website and check the newly added topics.
if you need organzed past paper for any subjects visit http://www.igcsecentre,com

Thank you so much for these notes.. i have upcoming exams and they are really helping me to understand the topics better. Your notes are very useful i have told all my friends and classmates about them!

Thanks these help a lot, can u plz tell me if u have compiled past papers of Igcse phy chem and bio because i am going to have exams on May June 2017

saad go visit this website called “” and go to the past paper section over there.

Hey guys I almost finished my finished my feb march series exams. if anybody has any doubts pl ask

how was the chem bio phy and ict exam

Superb notes bro…… Awesome

God bless you for these wonderful notes, and may Allah reward you with the best!!

Thanks Alot!! You just saved my skin right there!!

Awesome dude they are really helpful

The notes are woah! too good man! but can you give us a date or something when it’ll be updated?

are these for 2016 updated syllabus?

omg these are lovely

Hi these notes are really decent bruther. Thank you so much for all the help! Monish you super studs I knew u were alive

when will these notes be updated

which year’s syllabus is this?

Yeah man these are really helpful thanks so much! I feel like I am well on track to get an A.
Monish bruh u still alive man I knew it Santhosh!

thanks the notes have really helped us

sup dude thx for the awesome notes

when will the notes be updated to the 2016 syllabus?

and can you please help me by telling me how do I know that I covered everything for my IGCSE exam….Is it only the syllabus ?
and what is the learner’s guide?
thank you

its only from the syllabus yes. but for all the topics you have to indepth and learn from them. the learners guide help you with tips on that particular subject like what key words to write and how to answer a question.

hey! thank you for the notes they are really helpful! also just wanted to ask when are these going to get updated for the 2016 syllabus?

will this be helpful for oct nov 2016 exam ??

do you think these notes be helpful for my IGCSE biology exam may/june 2016/2017?

Yes mostly but some parts may be missing/extra so keep the syllabus handy!

hey thr!!! wonderful notes!! its wud have been evn better if it was d latest 2016!! but anyways osm notes!! u r amazing

Hi, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep it would be but oh well..

why are you ignoring the comments people are asking you questions!!!!

hey thank you so much for all of your notes! they are all so helpful and makes revision so much more easier! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hiya, you’re welcome and I’m glad! ๐Ÿ™‚

could we please have the new syllabus


really helpful

Hey Zubair. What subjects are you studying currently, and which university do you want to go to? Just curious!!

Is these notes help full for paper 1,4&6 or only paper 6?

They are equivalent to Paper 2 and 4 this year.

is this the latest syllabusโ€ฆ.i mean for the people talking CIE exams on oct/Nov 2016

No it is not. It’s on the 2014 syllabus.

Hi when will this be updated? I m taking the exam in October 2016. Ur notes really helps thank you

Hi, I’m sorry there is no one to help me update so not sure at all. You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

hey can i ask is this the newest syllabus?

No unfortunately its to the 2014 syllabus when I did my exams.

Hi:) In your notes about menstrual cycle it says ‘endometrium breaks down; menstruation’ during day 1-5 but I thought it toughens, because it is preparing for the release of the egg. I hope you can explain to me. Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey, from our knowledge in IG what’s written is right. I made sure with my friend who studies A-level bio and she said it breaks down day 1-5 then starts toughening for ovulation on the 14th.

Please update bio igcse notes to 2016 syllabus

heyy do you have any notes for coordinated science (double) (0654)

Hi, no sorry.

Hi, I was wondering, how much do you think we will get if we were to study from your notes and your notes only? There had been a turn of events and I’m registering for IGCSE last minute. I really need your help. thank you.

Hi, no idea really. Notes can only help so much. Many of my IG notes are not updated so you’ll need to consult with textbooks as well as complete pastpapers

Hi. I found your notes extremely helpful. Thanks a lot!

Hey, great and you’re welcome!

is this the latest syllabus….i mean for the people talking CIE exams on 2017

No it has not been updated yet.

hi will these flashcards be okay for p6 for the 2016 syllabus

Yes they should still be applicable

your notes are really good.. I am teaching Bio for past 3 years. can you able to update the notes for 2016 syllabus.

Thank you for your approval sir. I will be trying to although you can help me too ๐Ÿ™‚ The last time I touched bio was back when I did IGs and its been 3 years!

I’m sorry but may I know when is the notes with 2016 syllabus going to be ready? I am currently printing them but it would be a waste if the new notes come out right after I am done printing.Thank you for the notes for all subjects! Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

I am sorry – no ETA. I am hoping to get them done before the Oct/Nov session. You may have to print another copy later on.

Hi, Thank you for the biology notes. Really helpful. Can you update them to the 2016 syllabus?

Yes I am working on that.

hey!! i really like the notes.. i am printing them cause they really help me with the gaps of my knowledge.. would these notes still be suitable for 2016 syllabus or are there some things that need to be added or some things that are not included in the syllabus? so basically, are there any big differences of this unupdated notes to the updated one?

Hi! They are still very useful notes, it’s just they have a few missing items or extra things for the 2016 syllabus. Most of the notes are still intact and useful – just keep the syllabus with you while you use them.

many thanks for your effort

You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks for all ur notes, theyre awesome. when will the bio notes be updated to 2016

You are welcome. I’ll try to get them done over the summer ready for the next exam session.

Do These include the notes for Supplement too?

Yea in the 2014 syllabus

Can u pls upload 2016 notes ? We are having exams after few days. It would be very kind of you

I am aware but I dont have any notes – I am doing A Levels and haven’t taken bio for 3 years!

Is igcse biology (0610) updated to the 2016 syallabus?

yes and several topics were added

Really thank you for those SUPERB notes. I have studied the physics, biology and chemistry from here. They strongly helped me… AGAIN THANKS ALOT….

I am so glad they have been helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re very welcome!

are these updated for the 2016 syllabus?

No sorry, still with the old syllabus

I have been studying a lot of Chem and Physics these days that I’ve completely forgotten or have no time to revise for Bio at all as bio is a lengthy subject and takes time
I do know how to study bio (it’s my favorite subject) but just wanted to know how can I recall bio from memory
There is just so much to finish studying and revision left for bio, chem and physics, what should I do?

If it’s your favourite subject then you shouldn’t be too worried – you will enjoy it and do well ๐Ÿ™‚ Its common to spend disproportional time on subjects – most students do that but I think you should try to bring it back to balance again. Spend equal time for all the subjects. Bio is long but studying effectively can help you remember the processes etc. well.

Thanks for the quick reply and no problem the biology notes are really awesome as I studied all the chapters which were coming in my exam from it and they were very useful and I got full marks I also shared this website with my friends and classmates they were also glad to review and solve paper 6 according to the flash cards also ur Biology notes are spectacular all the definitions and information answers different questions in past paper 3 and 1 thank you again and may god bless you

Can you please update this to the 2016 syllabus, please? The other subject notes are really helpful !!

I tried updating all of them but Bio is difficult for me because i havent studied it in 3 years! Someone might help me update it but it won’t be soon.

When will you be able to update?

During this summer – after 2016 exam session, sorry.

Dear Zubair,
thanks for the fabulous notes of updated physics and chemistry of 2016 notes and flash cards can u please update the biology notes also i am drowning in biology r8 now and also the flash cards of paper 6 can u please update it

Thank you so much for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve said this before – I am very sorry but I haven’t studied Bio for 3 years and I have no time to update with Uni apps and A2s. The syllabus has updated but alot of the notes will still be very useful to you. Print out a copy of the notes and go through with the syllabus and add the few new points. They won’t be too many and u’ll have a full set of notes then. Paper 6 is not going to change and all the things in the flashcards are applicable to you!

In your diagram for the xylem and phloem in a leaf, shouldn’t the Xylem be larger and on top while the Phloem smaller and at the bottom?Bottom right of pg 8 in IGCSE Bio notes, vascular bundle in leaf, under Transporation topic. Many thanks if you can clarify.

Yes the labels should be the other way around – my bad. Thank you for pointing it out.

because of you i got an A* in biology and chemistry thank you.

Wow I am so happy for you – it gives me so much pleasure to hear such good news ๐Ÿ™‚ ! I am glad to have been a helping hand but this is a result of your motivation and revision. Great job and I wish you further successes in your future.

Wow! Paper 6 flashcards got me an A. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s amazing! I’m glad i could help ๐Ÿ™‚

Zubair, man you really are a lifesaver, relieving me of reading my “if youll read itll take ages long” book

Glad to be! Hahahah yes those books are gathering dust for me too once i ‘extracted’ the info we actually need

In the starch test; iodine solution, not iodine is used. The mark schemes are very particular about rejecting ‘iodine’ only

Yess truee!! iodine only makes a big difference. Sorry for that. I’ll make sure to update it in the next version I upload. Thank you.

its amazing thnQ jazakumulah kheir.. may allah reward u with the best โ™ฅ
But can u tell me what the most effective thing i could do right one day b4 the exam?

You are very welcome! The day before an exam i recommend u try to go through the past papers u’ve completed and see where u’ve made mistakes. Next go thru the notes at least once completely – this takes time if done correctly.. hour or 2! Finally i recommend u get a stack of scrap paper, write the topic on the top of each page and write down things which u need to memorize or arent comfortable with; this could be a few model answers from past papers. I DO NOT recommend u do past papers to the last day.. useless as they may demotivate u and wont give u enough time to revise. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

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You actuallัƒ make it seem so easาฏ together with your presentation but I to find this tะพpic to be really one thing which
I believe I mั–ght never understand. It kind of
feelั• too complicated and extremely extensive for me.
I’m taking a look fะพrward in your next post,
I’ll attempt to get the dangle ฿‹f it!

That is true. IG Biology is probably the longest syllabus; there’s just so many topics! There is no solution and my only advice would be for u to slowly study each chapter until u get the hang of it. I hope it works out for u!

is this all the revision i need
and do u think i should practise pastpapers

If you understand everything in the notes then yes, practice alot of past papers and you’ll do well in the exams!

Heyy. I have the same syllabus as you & everything. Is it ok if i just go through your notes & do past papers cuz my textbook is wayyy too long & i have my boards coming up!

Hi, you should understand everything in the notes and refer to the textbook if you have any weaknesses and then just practice the past papers.

This is the best set of notes for igcse as it follows the syllabus too. Thanks a lotโค! xx

Thank u!

Thank you so much for doing these fabulous notes! Not only helps with studying but also relieves you from stress!! Really well done and thanks once again and again thanks ZUBAIR JUNJUNIA ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I am not able to open and see Biology notes (first one) because it says the file is damaged . Could u pls re upload the file.

The file is fine and not damaged. This is a problem from ur side.

the notes are really helping n useful ….thanks

Thank you ,paper 6 notes really helped !!!!!!!

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