CIE IGCSE Add Maths 0606

  • Additional Mathematics Notes

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Is there subjects updated to 2020 syllabus?

Please Can you upload notes for design and technology.. really need them

If you have any math and physics books like this, please send me this email to

Can you please upload IB DP course subjects?
It would be best for students who use this site by uploading IB mathmatics, chemistry, biology, economics, and business.
Students who study IGCSE also studies IB DP course at high school.
There will be more users in this site “Znote” and people will better understand the subjects.

great addmath notes

Hey K. K Kosoor!

Thanks a lot!

when the class will be held and where my add math just score 25 marks i need help

Add maths exam few hours away.Getting my ass saved because of this.You guys are doing a great job.

can anyone pls help me with march 2015 paper 12 question 6

For 6 i), initial displacement means that t=0.
ii), differentiate the original equation (to get velocity formula) and let dx/dt=0 as the particle is at rest.
iii), differentiate dx/dt to get d^2x/dt^2, let d^2x/dt^2=0 as acceleration is 0.

Hope this helps.


What are the predicted grade boundaries for this year?

How many of you agree that it is more difficult to wait for your results as opposed to actually writing the exam?? I am certainly one of them.

These where really helpful

I want to ask if anyone has the answer for the question with tangent and secant?

Is it gonna be less than 144?

Can you please specify the tangent question.

The one that had you to convert the secant into tangent + 1

That was really easy, the answer would be 78.463 and 281.537 degree.

Raghav Raahul

Hey guys, did u find the paper challenging? What do u think you will get out of 160? I found the paper very challenging.

anyone doing add maths p22 today?

Yes, preparing in front of the exam room. My exam starts at 10, any tips?

Me..4 hrs to go:(

What answer did you get for area(integration question)?



I took it. Paper 12 was much easier. I forgot that 1+tan²y=sec²y and I forgot to look in the front. I thought 1+tany=sec²y. So, I lost 5 marks 🙁


what was the actual answer and original question for the tan^2 question?

On the last page, what was the range of function question? I got 76.1 as area.

Does anyone know specifically the question after the sine question? (the one with the tangent) and the answer?

What might the threshold be?

Yeah, how did you find it? I found it very hard. What do you think you would get out of 160?

Well I think I would get, 129/160, bad score right, I lost my most of the marks in the easy questions. The difficult ones were correct more in number.

What are the grade boundaries for A and A*?

Do you think today’s paper 12 was more tougher than the f/m 2017 one.

I found it quite challenging. What did you get for the differentiation question (it was the 2nd question)?

How was today’s paper 12, I felt it was a bit tough but easy also. I would like to know how was it for you people.

It was an average paper, I think slightly easy

What score do u expect to get out of 160 and what grade?

I found it a bit difficult but there were parts where it was easy

It was pretty easy.
By the way, when they asked the maximum speed, (idk which question), in paper 12, did you all write 12 or 0 m/s?

How did you prove the angle BOC and the shaded area.

By the way, I’m the anonymous who asked the 12 m/s thing.
They have given the arc length for that angle (4), and the radius as well.
Using both of those in formula arc length = r(theta), you get theta = 1/2

The shaded area is of two steps
you add the sector area for angle BOC, times two (because it is on both sides of the shaded area)
then use sine rule to find area of the left over triangle (from the center to the outer line of the region)
then subtract the triangle between the center of the circle and the first chord of the shaded region.

I know it probably sounds a little confusing; if you didn’t understand, I can email you the solution if you give your email

What did you get for integration area question?

How did you find paper 12 and 22 in general? I found it challenging. What do u expect to get out of 160?

My CIE exam for add maths is tomorrow, I tried past papers and I wasn’t able to solve anything. Can someone please give me advice on what I should do for last minute preparation. I tried the notes but I don’t have concept for much of the formulas. I am so scared。

You’re kinda screwed if you didn’t study enough. ._. remembering the formulas should be slightly helpful I guess

Watch this guy on youtube doing a two hour revision

I’m sorry for laughing.

i totally agree

i totally agree

It’s helpful . I like the notes thanks Mr.Zubair Junjunia

u just saved my tomorrows exam

Anyone taking igcse this may June?

ME! mayjune

Sam here I’m so dead

Yep I am

Hey Yash, Any idea about tomorrow’s paper?


easy paper imo compared to past papers

im taking them next may-june

Hello Zubair! Thank you soo much for this website, it has really helped me.
On Page 5 there is a mistake : the 4th rule should be (q root of a) ^ p.

Really really helpful to get the concepts right. Thank You!!!!

Man, you’re doing an amazing job. Thanks so much for the notes!

I totally agree

You’re welcome 🙂

Yo thanks a lot for these addmath notes

What did you get in IGCSE Add Maths, also any advice on how to learn alot on ten days ,and I still have other subjects to study, also this website is a lifesaver.

Unfortunately only an A. I had a week at the end of the exam session to study just for Add Maths and I practiced like crazy – I was feeling pretty good by the end. For math, there is no shortcut you just have to keep practicing! It’ll be difficult to balance so many subjects – some require more time than others.

Keep up the your great work! Thanks!

Thank you!

Your igcse examination notes are amazing but ,could you explain the relative velocity with more samples ? thank you

Thanks. I’m sorry I don’t have time right now – A2 exams. I remember the difficulty of relative velocity questions – sorry again.

You are the IGCSE lifesaver.

but the water mark is still a problem.

Check now

great work.thumbs up bro. (y)


is there any way to keep in touch with you

Sure email me at

Hello there Zubair.. Would like to write to you via email.. If you could please check your mail. Thanks

Great notes. Really really helpful
Thanks Zubair

You’re Welcome 🙂

I wish i could see the notes, the watermark is hiding most of it.

I am sorry there was a problem in the online viewer, the watermark wasn’t translucent. When you download it, it is visible.

Thanks soo much. You have really saved me. I have Ig’s next year May/June and i wanna start preparing like you said in your intro. Is there anyhow i can communicate with you just in case i need help. thanks alot 🙂

You’re very welcome. Yes, feel free to email me with any questions or doubts at

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