CIE IGCSE Accounting 0452

  • Accounting Notes

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Thx,very useful but will that be an issue for me as my code number is 7110,i mean is there a major difference?

Very helpful. Thanks !!

hello, where do I find table 1 and table 2?

Hi zhi heng !

You can find the tables at the end of the document.
For more info related to references, refer to the preface.

Hope that helped 🙂

Can anyone plzzz forward me Em Feb/Mar2018 pastpaper


i have the past paper 1 min

I can’t send them, I mean, I don’t know how to send an attachment.

Thanks !

You’re very welcome 🙂

Happy Studying

It was very useful. Thanks!

You’re welcome ! Glad you found them useful.

Happy Studying !

Thank you. It was useful

we know its useful jisna

You’re welcome ! Glad you found them useful.

Happy Studying !

Still unable to view the notes please assist

Hi Lilly! Could you please explain what you see ? Is there an issue with the download or preview You can reply to this thread or email me at my email address on the team page.

Hi I am unable to view or download accounting notes
Says page not available

Hi Meena! Please check again and reply either to this thread or at my email address on the team page.

are the notes complete , please reply asap

Yes. We generally do not upload incomplete work.

Can you post for A-levels as well

Very Useful Piece Of Information Thank You!! But Please Try To Complete As Soon As Possible!!

Hi Yash ! The notes are complete. Please do let us know if you think they are lacking anywhere.

Happy Studying !

Why does the cover say ‘Summarized’ when the notes are in essays and paragraphs :), looks like someone tried uploading the entire textbook 🙂

Pretty useful and helpful notes though


Thank you

You’re most welcome !

please reply , when will the notes be complete?

Hi Maha! The Notes are complete. Please do contact us if you see any incomplete areas

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