CIE AS Physics 9702


Hey, In page 8 section 6.1, it says the work done by an expanding gas is product of “FORCE” and change in volume. But it must be product of “PRESSURE” and change in volume

Physics paper for Feb March 2018 paper is quite similar to oct/nov 2017 42 and 43 about sixty marks can be scored if practised those papers

Znotes has helped me alot during igcse, now i feel less stressed for a levels. Thank You.
BTW, do you have notes or tips for German in a levels?

why does the practical notes have 2-3 pages does it cover the whole practical part of the syllabus
and is it updated for the m/j 2018 exam
p.s: reply plz zjunjunia

The Notes are summarised. They cover the whole syllabus

This is absolutely perfect. I was making my own notes which took up a lot of time, and when i found these, I was ecstatic! Thank you so so much, they’ve been a humongous help!

haha thanks!! Great to see they helped!

Join the Slack group while you are at it – it’s a good booster seat with your notes! 😉

Sir plzzzz update your notes

please sir update your notes for syllabus of 2017.

Update ur notes please!!!

is it updated for the 2018 batch who is gonna write als .. if not pls update me ..thnkx ..

When you will update these notes because there are many topics not included

Hello Sir, Thanks for making the notes its really useful. I dont think phases of matter is in 2017 syllabus . and there are questions about doppler effect in the 2016 specimen so can you please update the notes
Thank you

nkosilathi mkwananzi

Wonderful work guys keep it up. these notes are easy to follow.

Hello are these now updated to 2017 syllabus


hello,are these notes updated to 2017 syllabus?

hi thanks for the notes they are helpful.
when will u have a level computer science notes?


hello have these AS Notes been updated to 2016

great notes hey..thank you so much

I am having my Physics MCQ exam in some days, the OCT/NOV series. I need some help about MCQ, could you please provide me with some material that could help me achieve good grades in MCQ?

Hey dude! Really appreciated your work! btw.. when is notes available for 2016 syllabus? exams are near!!

Vinit Patel (@vinitxd)

Is this going to be updated to the 2016 syllabus soon? Thanks for your efforts mate 🙂

once you update the notes can you please let me know?

Thank you so much for the notes and can you please tell me whether the as level notes are updated or not. If not updated can you please do it by this month or 1st week net month. It would be great help for the Oct/Nov exam this year.

You’re welcome 🙂 They are to the 2015 syllabus – still to be updated. I will make sure to have them ready before the Oct/Nov exam but I don’t have an exact ETA.

are these notes updated to 2016 syllabus

No not yet

How about now?

I would like to thank you so much for your awesome work. may God reward you for this. I have Three questions:
1- When will the AS Physics get updated to 2016
2- When will the A2 Physics get updated to 2016
3- When will the Computer Science A2 Notes be completed

Again, your work is very much appreciated

Hi. Aameen. I hope to update AS Chem and Physics during the summer after i finish my A2 exams. The A2 notes are already at the 2016 syllabus. I dropped Computer Science after AS so notes will not be produced for that.

great notes! 🙂
is fundamental physics included in the AS syllabus?

Thanks! Yes it is – notes are to the previous syllabus so you’ll need to add notes for that. Sorry

Safwan Hossain Tamim


Hi bro….
Fundamental particles are missing …. 🙁
Quarks, leptons, fermions, etc ???

Hiya, sorry yep its missing. It’s to the previous syllabus that’s why it’s missing.

Brother what about doppler effect?Its not included in the notes.

Sorry this was included just this year. I will try to add it onto the A2 notes.

In page 13 of your theory notes, you state that V= Ir-E, but it should actually be V= E-Ir.

Oh yes you’re right! Thank you for pointing it out.

No problem 🙂

Hello, I am doing AS physics and chemistry and judging by your grades, you are the right person I can ask for help. I ask for your advise on how to study A level content, which books to refer to while taking notes and which sites/books you can get detailed notes from. i would not like to leave my studies to the last minute looking for solutions to things. Please advice on how to study notes and which books you would recommend that would match according to the syllabus.
Thankyou, God bless you

Yes I gave my AS exams for those subjects last year and so I have experience regarding them – for physics the perfect book to use connected to the syllabus is:

For the chemistry the same one in the series:

Make sure you get second edition because the syllabus has changed this year a bit! For studying, I used this website a bit ( but mostly used my teacher’s explanations and notes. For physics I used textbook most of the time.

Now for planning, studying and writing notes, have a look at the “How to Study” guide I’ve written based on my IG/AS experiences ( Along with the textbooks and links above and the motivation you are showing from now, I have no doubt you can receive excellent grades! If you need any more help dont hesitate to contact me 🙂

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