CIE AS Mathematics 9709

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    Mechanics 1

    Statistics 1

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Don’t you have the short notes for CIE P2&3 paper

Iโ€™m unable to download p1 notes.
If someone has kindly E-mail me on .

Saishankar Swaminathan
Saishankar Swaminathan

Hey guys, can someone please tell me how to solve this particular problem. this is the question: 4 Packets of rice are filled by a machine and have weights which are normally distributed with mean 1.04 kg and standard deviation 0.017 .
(i) Find the probability that a randomly chosen packet weighs less than 1 kg. [3]
(ii) How many packets of rice, on average, would the machine fill from 1000 kg of rice? [1]
I got part 1 but i don’t understand how to get part 2. I checked the marking scheme but still didnt understand it. Can someone explain please? it is question 4 qp63 W16.

Isn’t it just 1000 รท 1.04 (the expected value) hence 1 mark
….Lord knows maybe I’m being dumb but yah

You use the equation to find mean where mean = total/frequency(n). Since you have mean as 1.04 and total as 1000, you substitute and get down. Final answer I think you round down since they want filled bags, I’m not sure. Hope it helps.

Whoever wants 2018 feb march paper contact me on

Hi, guys. I would appreciate it if someone could email me the Feb/Mar 2018 statistics 1 at my email


Saishankar Swaminathan
Saishankar Swaminathan

Hey guys, can someone please send me the 2018 mar statistics 1 paper please. Thnx.

Saishankar Swaminathan
Saishankar Swaminathan

Can some one send me S1 feb/march 2018 paper pls

Rubashwar M
Rubashwar Murugapoopathi

Guys can someone mail me feb march statistics paper please? Thank you.

Hi there! The notes for S1 are unreadable once you download them. some words are embedded onto each other. Can that be solved please?

Can anyone send me 2018 Feb March papers on my email :

I did pure 12 and it was really hard. Half of the questions were functions

Saishankar Swaminathan
Saishankar Swaminathan

what did you get as an angle for theprism question?

Could anyone email me the Mechanics 1 paper from Feb-March 2018 at ? Any help would be much appreciated

Pravinash Punniyamoorthy
Pravinash Punniyamoorthy

kk bro wait

Hey guys, hello from Tanzania, I did pure 1 and I heard that exams got leaked that’s why they changed at the last moment.. over all that paper was really tough.. I was not expecting it to be that hard. But maybe they’ll drop the grade threshold.. Let’s wait to recover in statistics or for those who are doing mechanics and pure 2 respectively. Thank you and good luck

But do you think they will change the threshold though? And how do you know that it leaked

could you send one to my email address ? Thank you in advance!

GUYS i did paper 13 9079 in Hong Kong.

it’s really hard.
even my friend who got prediction grade -> A
she said, ” I think, 54% of the questions i didn’t finish it.”

same as me.
one question with vector like i, j, k. Was using Prism with rectangular on its base.
we all got confused.

How was the pure math paper for everyone today? It was quite hard tbh

ikr, which variant btw?

hi everyone
how was the paper today?? I found it to be hard

I agree, it was really hard. Hopefully the grade boundaries are very low this time

please if anyone has march 18 paper 1 send it at i will be very thankful

Please find attached file

can you forward it to me too at too

I have feb march 2018 paper 1 anyone wants it can email me on

Please find attched file

It would be really helpful if you could send me feb march 18 paper of statistics1
my id

Oh um,,,never mind, ,, I found them^_^

Is there anybody have as level math feb mar 2018 pure paper if so can someone reply to me. I am searching for it but i cant find pls help me!

oh 2018! sorry my fault, I don’t think that it is published yet

yo i have it variant 2, drop your email and ill send

please sent it at i will be very thankful

Do you have the marking scheme? If yes, please inform me.

Ali Hammad
Ali Hammad

Can anyone send me the paper at ? Please, help will be appreciated

could you send one to my email address ? Thank you in advance!

Can you please send me maths 2018 O levels one too? Email :

What happened to the pure maths q and stats 1 notes?

I just love your notes thanks for making a levels easier to me thumbs up to al your team. KEEP IT UP!

I need the notes for statistics one please….thank you…

Press the arrows on the side, and your order will appear!

How come there is no Geography and Design and Technology, yet there are supposed to be ‘ALL subjects’. Though I commend the work in the other subjects, pretty helpful.

We’d need someone to write AS/A2 Geography and Design and Tech. Please refer to the FAQ.


How can I download? I can’t reach the download button

I can not find download link for S1 !
Can someone please help!

Refer to the FAQ page

You need to login to download the notes.

I can see only the p1 notes can someone please help I need mechanics

Someone please reply

Hey Samasha!

All the AS level notes are there. You just need to press the right arrow next to the notes and you’ll get your mechanics!

Happy Studying

On Stats download link, it says Chemistry Practical Notes

Hello Hanol Lee,

It has been fixed, thanks for the heads up!

These notes have helped a lot

Great to hear, Linta!

The exemplar question on page 5 of M1 notes has mistakes please recheck.

How can I print the notes ?

by control p

You can do this by installing Polaris office in iOS and copying to it

Hi zjunjunia. I found excellent ‘STUDY FLASH CARDS’ for 0580_Extended Mathematics in the recent times. Do we have the similar flashcards for AS and A level topics for 9709_P1, P2 & P3?

Sorry, but we don’t. We do have these gold-worthy notes though.

Please correct the typo on the mechanics download links.

do you got pure2?

do you have pure 2 notes

why cnt i download the s1 notes

Your notes are compact & organised. Formulas are fully explained. They have been of great help.

Thanks for the words! Glad you liked them! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is so helpful
Thank you

thanks๏ผŒI want to donate money

Hello! Firstly I would like to thank u and your team for making this wonderful website. It helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work. Hats off to u. And the question which I wanted to ask is- When will the AS LEVEL pure mathematics be updated to this yearโ€™s session?? My tests and assessments approaching, hence a little curious.

Hello! Firstly I would like to thank u and your team for making this wonderful website. It helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work. Hats off to u. And the question which I wanted to ask is- When will the AS LEVEL pure mathematics be updated to this year’s session?? My tests and assessments approaching, hence a little curious.

Hello! Firstly I would like to thank u and your team for making this wonderful website. It helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work. Hats off to u. And the question which I wanted to ask is- When will the AS LEVEL pure mathematics be updated to this yearโ€™s session?? My tests and assessments approaching, hence a little curious.

can you please upload pure mathematics 2 ?
thank you

Can we Get notes for Statistics1 As level Please….
Its urgent

Awesome Notes for Mechanics. Keep up the good work!!!

Are There any notes for Statistics If yes can u please up0load it

where are the mechanics notes?

where are z notes for statistics

Check the A2 math section

Are this 2 notes enough for as level

Can you please upload the notes for Statistics 1


They are present under A2 Maths.

Hi! Is the notes suitable for 2017 syllabus? Nice notes by the way!

could you upload S1 as well?

He did. Its in the A2 level section

Could you post for C1 and C2 as well??

YO guys What are the topics For AS level Maths ….

thanks for the information
you will be hacked

These are helpful. Thanks!

Hey , do u know the topics for AS Maths

hey could you upload for Pure Maths 2. Please?

hi these notes are awesome but would you please let me know when you are releasing the updated notes as i really need them

God bless you guys
Amazing work

Hi Zubair

Have you updated the AS physics and maths notes yet ? If u didnt when will it be released on the website?

Thank You ZJUNJUNIA you helped me get an A for physics thanks man. great work. Keep on saving lives. Have you updated the AS notes to 2016 ?

You’re welcome. Congratulations! We’re working on the updates.

thank you

Hi there, do you have P2 notes?

P2 is just a subsection of P3 so have a look at the P3 notes in the A2 section.

I do not know who the hell you are but… THANKS SO MUCH!!! YOU SAVED MY LIFE IN O’LEVEL AND NOW IN A’LEVEL TOO!!!

Hahaha great! You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

is the s1 paper in AS level same as s1 paper for A2 level?

Yes. The same.

hey umm i love ur notes and thanks for uploading them but can u help me find past papers questions by topic for maths

Hii, sorry I am not aware of anything specific like that – just use the past papers available and do them topic-wise

Hey…I use the topic-wise selection of past exam paper questions for 0580_Extended Mathematics through the paid question bank ‘Q-kit (’. Its great and damn easy to make worksheets on topic-wise basis in a fraction of minutes along with the markscheme….But I am not sure if the same exists for P1,P2 or P3 of AS & A -levels. Anyone using Q-kit for AS or A levels???

do you have any notes for the s1 (stats) paper?

Yes they’re in the A2 section. Here: it’s in the A level section

Thanks bro.. They’re quite easy to pick, especiall MATHS!!! Thanks again!

You’re welcome!

hey bro really nice notes but are these notes specific to the 2016 syllabus thanks again bro ๐Ÿ˜€

The math syllabus didn’t change for 2016

What about CIE M2 Paper 5

I did S1 for A2 Maths. But I’m doing Further Maths which includes M2 topics and then further mechanics topics. You could see if that is useful under ‘Further Math’ on the menu.

My Dear I was looking for notes that covers the whole of CIE Mechanics 2 syllabus:

1. Motion of a projectile
2. Equilibrium of a rigid body
3. Uniform motion in a circle
4. Hooke’s law
5. Linear motion under a variable force

Hi could you please add CIE S1 notes? It would be so helpful

Hi, they are already available under A2 Maths. Here:

Can you please make Edexcel AS level Mathematics notes? would be really helpful, thanks!

Hi! I’m sorry I don’t follow that exam board and it won’t be possible for me to re-make the notes for that syllabus. CIE is probably a bit harder and have some extra concepts so just check with the Edexcel syllabus and use parts of the notes which are relevant.

Thank you so much!
Can you upload any biology notes?

There are IG notes available and A2 notes are being written. Unfortunately no AS notes.

Great site, extremely resourceful;I was wondering if you could do me a favor by putting up some or suggesting some links of M2,S2,Biology & further mathematics notes & e-books, Thanks in advance.

Thank you! I am not aware of Bio AS but one of my friends has begun working on A2. We are studying Further Mathematics and we have begun writing notes – keep checking every few weeks as we’ll be updating it frequently and adding topics as we finish them. For Further we technically are learning parts of M2 and S2 but we don’t have time to seperate it from the Further Syllabus so the parts will combined into just Further Mechanics and Stats. Notes are our property therefore we distribute them but putting e-books is against copyright and illegal so I don’t want any of those links up.

Thanks a lot, that was very reassuring.

You’re welcome. First chapters should be up soon (a week). Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or guidance. We’re studying it independently and could help each other ๐Ÿ™‚

Tbh I am a big fan of your website! Can you please tell me which software you use to make your notes?

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing special! We do it all on MS Word and use PowerPoint sometimes for diagrams – that’s all

don’t you have notes for mathematics paper 3?
i really need them..

Ur on the AS page. Paper 3 and Stats are on the A2 Page.. here:

i have a question its nov 2013 q1 p32

its not q1
its question 4

Here u go:

Do you understand?

yes.. thx u… next time…

Tnx I finished exam no need to answer

Sorry it was too late and i was preparing for the exam too. Did the notes help u in the exam?

Yes yes thanks by the way in didn’t come

Yea it was quite a weird paper

hi i was asking how to solve
Find the coordinates of the points at which the straight line y + 2x = 7 intersects the curve y^2 = xy โ€“ 1
please if you are studying dont answer
thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

and also if possible
1 (A) find the sum of all numbers between 200 and 1000 which are exactly divisible by 15.
(B) the first term of a geometric progression is 25 and the sum of the first three terms is 61
this progression have sum to infinity
evaluate this sum

solve simultaneously the two equations

Thanks but I am sorry this not the question
The question is in
Question 3
Sin and cosine

Whoops thought it was the IG page.
Attached a pic. Do u understand?

Oh really thank you
You are a great teacher can if any question I want ask these days only because of exams
Thanks again

You’re welcome but i have exams as well in a few days!! I’ll try my best..

Hhh ok thank you

Hi I was asking how to solve q3 p11 n14

3a is E B A
Think of symmetry like placing a mirror. If u put a mirror line on the centre of E ull get the same shape in the reflection. Same method applied to the rest.

3b is Z
rotational symmetry is about moving the object about the centre and checking image. In the exam u can ask for tracing paper and trace the where ull get a matching image. When u rotate Z 180 degrees, ull get the sameimage. In the exam u can ask for tracing paper. Trace the object and rotate it and see when the trace matches then u get an order. Every object has rotation order of 1 because it will have the same image after a rotation of 360degrees.

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