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How was IT paper 12?

It was alright, surprisingly not many questions on any of the big topics. lots of monitoring and control stuff

Anyone gave ICT paper 12 yet ?

If anyone has the f/m theory paper of 2018. Could u pls send it to me on Gmail; or contact me on insta @0fhz0. Thank you

Same here you could contact me on gmail: or insta: dekeijzer_
Please.. help would be needed.

hey guys! If anyone has any A-level 9626 IT notes for the upcoming theory/practical examinations (Paper 32 and 4)… please do let me know

hey when are you taking your P4?

Hi! I will be taking my examination on the May 3rd.

me too. do you know if we’re more likely to get access or excel?

I have for A2 Chapter 11, 12 & 13 notes and part of 14 as a presentation

Can i have a link to them or can u send me them by email as my exam is on the 23rd of may

Please send me a copy to : , Thanks

Same here can you please send me a copy to:

Shahraiz Ali Shah
Shahraiz Ali Shah

yes same here please send a copy to

can u please send them to me please

hello.. which year of microsoft office do you use for excel and access.. can someone suggest me the book details of 9626 and 9093 in pakistan. I really cant find any books.

Can anyone give some information on the Feb March 2018 practical paper?My exam is on 1st May and the amount of papers we have to practice doesn’t feel enough. Or does anyone have access to the Feb March 18 paper?

hey have you already had your P4?

Hello guys… I have the practical exam in a few days and have a doubt about it. After you’re done preparing the files, are we just to save it by the given name in our folder provided as there is no printing to be done? Like, is that it?
Also, every time the question tells us to save the file, do we save it with a different name as to show the steps? I’d really be grateful if I could get an answer from someone who’s already written the exam…

hey please let me know what software to use for the practicals? Do we use Excel for spreadsheets?

Hi! Yeah, our centre uses Microsoft Excel & Access for spreadsheets and database.
And Audacity & Movie Maker for sound & video editing…
The same as the software shown in the actual coursebook…

does anyone know what is coming for the2018 june exams.


Can anyone share the IT March 2018 in detail.
I have practicals in 10 days so want an idea of the paper pattern this year.

I am writing IT in May June. Please help me find A2 notes.Does Z notes have them?

Hey guys! I have a question regarding IT, do we have to take screenshots of sections during the examination, even if it’s not specified?

No, you don’t have to take a screenshot unless they ask, but you do have to save your work in such a way that they can see each step. Read carefully through the practical papers and you’ll see they frequently say “save the spreadsheet”. Here’s a a part from the May 2017 question paper. I put hyphens under the “save the spreadsheet” to show you where they are.

1 (a) Insert a row above the data.
Set the row height to 51 points.
Merge the cells in columns A to D of this row.
In the merged cell, insert a function to display the current date and time.
Format the date and time like this: Tuesday 21 November 2017 09:45
Merge the cells in columns E to I of this row.
Insert your Centre number and candidate number in the merged cell.
Display both merged cells in an 18 point sans-serif font and ensure all the data and text is
fully visible.
Save the spreadsheet.
(b) It has been decided to use a different mail server for the company. All the new addresses will
end in
Each email address will have a new format. For example, Evie Barber will become
Use formulae to replace all the addresses in the file. Ensure they are all lowercase.
Save the spreadsheet.
(c) Analyse the method of generating the new email addresses and identify the problem that this
method causes.
In your Evidence Document:
• describe the problem
• describe a method to automatically detect this problem
• give an example of an email address that is affected
• suggest a method of correcting this address.
Correct the addresses and save the spreadsheet.
Place in your Evidence Document screenshots of the corrected email addresses.

So what I like to do is since in the example I am busy with activity 1 question (a), after I have completed whatever they asked I save it as Filename1a and Filename1b etc.

Hope this helps!

Guess some people cant live up to their promises, I have even tried contacting them through other social media and was ignored. Even though other notes for other subjects were amazing they let us down this time.

Please upload the A2 Notes

Hey Manraj,
Please check the FAQ page. In short, we require a prospective student to write the notes in order for us to publish them.


Hey Manraj,
Please check the FAQ page. In short, we require a prospective student to write the notes in order for us to publish them.

Could you please upload the A2 Notes as well my exam is in May and I really need it

Hello, Please upload the A2 Notes for 9626

So excited tomorrow is my paper!!Get easier buddy

Please help me out..

yesterdays paper was a cake walk.Much easier than all the past papers.

Please give me your WhatsApp number, I will contact you..

HELLO.. ??

Please tell me, what was in Practical Papers and theory papers, it will help me in my papers..
I am appearing in May/June 2018.
Thank You

The practical paper was kinda weird just having only Excel. And the theory was too basic asking for steps to import and few other…no digital divide…there was much on hardware and software and networks.That makes the whole paper.

Hi i am from india. Can someone tell me how their feb march As level IT practical went?
Entire paper was excel only!

Hey there Alief,
Yes, the paper was pretty unexpected and quite different, pattern-wise from all the past papers.
I was quite surprised too, the paper itself wasn’t all that difficult once you figure out the questions, but it took time for some people I guess. How was yours? Were you able to finish the paper?

Yeah! Very unexpected i agree. No unfortunately i was not able to finish my paper. Hopefully, because of the paper being so different from all the ones in the past, the grade threshold should drop. xD

did u appeared in oct in 2017?
can you send paspapers of IT? i just found 2017 oct pastpaper on web

Alief Makani
alief makani

no i dint appear for oct nov 2017, but those are the latest paper on the web.

Please tell me, what was in Practical Papers and theory papers, it will help me in my papers..
I am appearing in May/June 2018.
Thank You

Same yes I was shocked

Please tell me, what was in Practical Papers and theory papers, it will help me in my papers..
I am appearing in May/June 2018.
Thank You

The paper was quite unexpected.I don’t know but there is this inner feeling that there should be no practical paper anymore.As I took both the as and a2 both together I just feel that a few are getting the unfair advantage of using the help function and few software tools other than Microsoft excel who has the same functions provide a document with all the functions and other elements with the theoretical definitions sadly I was not aware with any kind of this and not sure about representation of the report.
In a2 messed up with javaScript, my functions did not work in the exam and I, code that when I was back home in my browser and it worked later I checked at my centre and the cookies were blocked.wish the threshold is low.

Please tell me, what was in Practical Papers and theory papers, it will help me in my papers..
I am appearing in May/June 2018.
Thank You


hey i’m taking my A2 P4 in may is there any chance you could tell me what was on your paper thanks in advance

anybody have information regarding practical dates of iT 2018 may/june? only theory papers are given in the cie datesheet fo pakistan


If you are in zone 3 , then MAY 1st it is .

we are in zone 4

1st May and 3rd May, Practical Papers in Pakistan..

hey i have paper 4 on may 2nd does anyone know what was on the A2 practical in march pls help

your notes r very helpful..pls make psychology notes also cie AS 9990 Its urgent

How was the result elsewhere in OCT NOV 2017? It seems as if they do not even check the P3 A2 papers,My entire class got U (Very ODD)

its goood

Absolutely fantastic, I failed this course last year so hopefully this will help.

Can you guys please upload the A2 notes for Information Technology? It would make such a huge difference for me. Btw loving all the other notes. Thanks a lot you have literally saved my life.

Hey there !
Glad you found the website useful. A2 IT should be at by March.

Hello, its the middle of march, please upload the notes.

thank you so much 🙂 you saved my life, please save my life again by uploading A2 notes. PLEASE.

Hey there !
Glad you found the website useful. A2 IT should be at by March.

These notes are universe !! Thanks for making it much shorter, it really is catchy to understand. 🙂

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