CIE AS Chemistry 9701


hi, how do we print these notes? i need to use before going to the exam hall

Aoa bro,i would suggest you to write these notes down yourself,it will help you memorize them and also then you can take wherever you want

can some one plz give some guidance for how to solve p5 of chem nd physics..? plzzz

Do you provide any notes related to university or even foundation year?

Hey Zahra,
Can please explain on foundation year? Do you mean Pre-U?

mate i love your notes are extremely helpful, it would really help if you upload notes for as geography

I have to say your notes are very easy and really colourful. I used them for my ols and I found it easier to study with than my textbooks. Good job on the notes

It states in the notes that a tertiary alcohol cannot be dehydrated, however in a past exam the answer was that a tertiary alcohol could be dehydrated. Is this a mistake in the notes??

Tertiary alcohols CAN be dehydrated as this requires a hydrogen on the neighboring carbon to occur. But they CANNOT be oxidized as this requires a hydrogen to be present on the main carbon (i.e. attached to the hydroxide group; not the case in a tertiary alcohol).
Hope this helps.

excellent work.Thanks

In the Group 2, solubility of hydroxides increases going down the group and solubility of sulfates decreases going down the group. You’ve put solubility of both hydroxides and sulfates decreases going down the group.

can u tell when u give IT notes of as and a level. because i want before
oct/nov of this year igcse exam. please make as fast as you can.
please please

@naveenkareria:disqus, apologies but I can’t guarantee when that will come in.

yeah i’m also doing IT and i barely find notes on that

Am I guaranteed good grades if I just study from Znotes?
As I am doing AS & A level on my own…

You should have a good knowledge and zest for all your subjects. Studying only this with no base level will get you no where, use this as a revision tool and yes you probably will, but you will have to consider other factors (other activities, your subjects and where you stand etc.). Read the “How to Study” section by Zubair for more ideas.

Can you add some paper 1 tips ? It would be really helpful.

You have no idea how happy i was finding this website.
Thank you for all that effort .
Also,are these based on the CIE syllabus?,(just to make sure)

Yep everything’s CIE!

Great to hear!
Yes everything is CIE

Can I get the as level bio by link

No It is there on the website you fool

which university are you in currently? You just seem like such a legend

Z-notes is the best notes I found on the internet ,I have used them in IGCSE and I will use then in A-levels.Everyone at school has Z-notes printed before the exam. I am very thankful for this work.

excellent work

thank the rely helped

Just wanted to give a minor rectification that needs to be made on the chemistry notes in section 10.3
There are 2 statements that are contradicting each other.
Pls do needful ASAP so as not to mislead other students

Thanks so much for the helpful notes

are they updated ??


thanks for ur compliment

Thank you very much for such precious work for the enthusiastic learners. I hope it would benefit students a lot. Keep benefiting people like this. May Allah give you great reward!

Your notes are very help full thank you so so much:):):)

hey, just wanted to say that, in the group 2 , decomposition to from, metal oxide and nitrogendioxide, arent the number of moles of nitrogen dioxide produced be 4?
and thanks aloads for these notes, they helped alot Alhamdullilah!!!

thanx a lot….

Thank you so much for the notes. It’s really helpful… I wanted to know if Reactions to form tri-iodomethane & Testing for the CH3CH (OH)-group are included in the notes… if so, can you pls specify the page no??????

plz can it be updated by oct/nov 2016 exam session?thanx

Yes soon!

will it be uploaded 1 week from now?

No it probably won’t.

so will it be uploaded around late august and early september? Thank you so much for your effort and time making these notes. It’s very helpful 🙂

Hi I love your notes but how long do you think it will take before these notes are updated to the 2016 syllabus?

one thing is wrong… tertiary alcohols CAN be dehydrated!! Past papers say so.. S07 paper 2 Q2d, for reference.

Thank you for pointing that out – my bad. Although the mechanism shown above does not work for tertiary alcohols; secondary and tertiary alcohols have a different mechanism.

hello, there zubair. great notes i must say but i have a question. have u updated the As syllabus for 2016? cos the new syllabus doesnt contain electrochemistry anymore in As. thanks

Hi there. The notes are still to 2015 specifications – i didn’t think there would be major changes but apparently there are. I am trying to organize students currently taking AS to help me update it to 2016. Use the notes for now but keep the syllabus with you – ignore anything extra and learn the new sections (black line next to it)

Yh so nice of you to reply. May I know which school are you in? I’m from Jeddah btw

He is from Jeddah prep Tashif

when will they be updated by?? thanks

After this exam session

Hey, first off thank you so much for making these notes theyre extremely helpful. Im a very lazy person and I just feel tired to study even though I want to get good grades and do well overall but theres this fatigue in me preventing me from doing so. any advice on how to overcome it and work harder????

Hi, you’re very welcome 🙂 Have a look at the article on studying I wrote with AS and A2 experiences: It may help you to be systematic in your approach to studying as then you eliminate the factor of actually starting studying – with a good plan you will always know what to do. On the last page (‘Revising’) check out the comments; I just recently answered a similar comment in great length. Let me know if I can help any further 🙂

You have done A2 biology, so do you have any AS Biology notes?

he said somewhere in the comments that he didnt take as bio :/

Yea I don’t take bio (AS or A2).. my friend, Emir, is making notes for Bio A2 (which he is studying now). He didn’t make any notes for AS.

Thanks a lot man ! Really helped! BTW will u do AS bio notes?

thank you sooo much for this! regards from malaysia 🙂

You are very welcome! Best of regards to you too 🙂

Hey man, no prob; just curious; when are you going to change the errors? xD

When i get time from A2 and Uni applications. Nothing important has a flaw so its fine – I’ll add changes to next update of notes.

Can you please recommend me where can I get As Notes for Economics?

I recommend you check out these forums and ask around there to find resources:

can u make biology notes for AS levels

Sorry, I didn’t take AS Biology :/

Thank You so so much . Appreaciation coming your way from Zimbabwe.

You’re welcome; we are glad to hear it.

i am having big problem to work out.. paper 5.. can u help me.. i unable to work paper 5…
can u guide me a bit. with your notes..

I’m sorry I have only done AS and am doing A2 now so will write notes near the end of the year when I learn it

Can u plz upload the For the A2 notes pleasse

For chemistry

We are studying A2 Chemistry currently and as we slowly complete chapters, we will start uploading notes but they won’t be finalized until around March/April when we’ve finished the syllabus completely.

thanks for the notes. its really help me

do you do notes for Edexcel As level

No sorry we do the CIE exams

These are just amazing!!!!!

Thank you on behalf of my friends too. Thanks to their continuous effort we were able to make especially these notes very beneficial.

hey man i really think your notes are the best on the net. however there is a mistake (i think) on page 15.
it claims that the thermal decomposition of a group 2 metal is
2X(NO3)2= 2XO + 2NO2 + O2
but it should be
2X(NO3)2= 2XO + 4NO2 + O2

Hi, Thank you and yes you’re right – must have overlooked that. Thank you for letting us know!


no prob man! listen, your notes are seriously without a doubt THE best available anywhere; they’re comprehensive, detailed and very concise. I honestly would pay quite a bit for these expedient resources. 🙂

Thank you so much for saying that – me and my friends do work really hard on this and it is literally hours of effort to perfect it as best we could. Monetary benefits are always attractive and have been recommended to me by many but to tell you the truth, if we could help even one student improve his grade, relieve his stress and provide him with a resource that will help him do better in an exam then we are content. Our only hope is that our effort gets as widely spread as possible and more students are able to utilize our efforts. Again, thank you for your comment 🙂


Hey man, I’ve found another minimal error on page 10;
the reaction of nacl with hot naoh is supposed to be
6NaOH + 3Cl2 -> 5NaCl + NaClO3 + (3)H2O

Btw absolutely love your notes!

Wow we overlooked so many of the balancing! Thank you and keep letting us know of any errors you find.

Hi I think you made a mistake in section 16.8 where the reagent should be K2Cr2O7 not O4. Notes are great though!!

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