CIE AS Business 9609

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Pls update business 9609 A level notes. Need before October

Can you help me where else i can find prepration material for alevels business?

anyone have given the business p3 variant 32 if yes help me guys

Hi! Does anyone have the F/M 18 Business paper?

Check it on gce guide

Guys my paper will end at 4:30 gmt+6 tomorrow my variant is 22 anyone if anyone here is giving the same paper before me email me or if you are giving after me email me or comment here so that I can help ya

Guys my paper was of 2nd variant not 1st anyways questions which came were below the line promotion above the line promotion capital expenditure etc section b was price discrimination and car manufacturing pot a folio shit question 7 was from human resource

Did your paper go well? Cause mine didn’t go that well especially inventory management which pissed me off

How did you do ? Do you feel that paper 2 or you didn’t do all that bad ?

Honestly now that I think about it, it wasn’t that bad! Prolly a B but close to A! Or I might get my answers right even tho I don’t expect it! I got As in my business exams that I gave in school but idk bout CIE!

Guys my paper will end at 12:15 gmt+3 tomorrow my variant is 12 anyone if anyone here is giving the same paper before me email me or if you are giving after me email me or comment here so that I can help ya

im from pakistan my variant is 12 as well and the paper is at 2 according to local time and at 9 GMT i guess

Mary king please email me on

Gmt is +5

Hello brother
I also have As business tomorrow
Which time your exams are starting

My paper is at 2:00 pm local time pakistan what country are you from and tell me your local time

Its impossible becuase
The paper will be start on the same time in all over the world.

Vibe 69 your paper is before pakistan please tell me the wuestion when you do your paper on email
I have even emailed you thank you

Bhaiyon aur bachion mein jeddah mein goon Pakistan ki time ka mutabik mera paper 2 15 ko khatam hoga phir bhi agar mein kisi ka kaam asakta hoon toh mujhe insta mein dm kardena har._.n_aq shukariya

Hey….this is a student from India….can you please reply

Hello! I am doing my AS level from India as well..
I have no teachers for business and accounting.
Can you please tell how to attempt the questions and provide me notes if you have any?
It would be really helpful.

I need serious help… If I study from the notes is it enough for me to pass my AS exams?


Plz upload A2 business notes!!!!

Pls upload A2 level business 9609 notes ASAP…..The exam r around the corner…thx

Can you please create accounting notes?

Please please create the A2 notes!!!! My exam is in may and these notes are the best to take on the bus to revise. It would be a life saver to have them before the exam!

Business A2 notes plz upload it??

Likitha Yerraguntla
likitha yerraguntla

Plsss make notes for accounting AS and A level… it would be really helpful

Accounting notes are being made. 🙂

When will be they complete

any chapter by chapter notes ?

I have some unit by unit notes for AS. If you want them, just give me your e-mail and I will send them to you.

my email is
Kindly send me those notes of Business unit by unit.


my email is please send

Business A2 notes.

We currently need someone to write those notes for us. Till then, we have no notes.


Likitha Yerraguntla
likitha yerraguntla


hey when will you upload a2 business -9709 notes?

Is this the notes for the AS-level as well or is this only additional information for the A-level?

hey! A2 business notes please.

A2 business notes please.

Thank you so much 🙂

When will the notes of Business A2 Level will be uploaded? Please upload it as soon as possible.

We recently started A2 Business. Hopefully will be in for the March series

are A2 notes completed by any chance?

how to print this?

open the file in a new tab and there will be a print button on the top right corner of the page

i guess everything is there in this notes. Do i need to study anything extra from the book.

The AS Business notes are very good
Plizz upload AS geography notes

A2 business please update on at least strategic management

yeah. that’s what most of us are expecting

Hi guys, i couldn’t download the file though i have registered already 🙁 please help me, thanks in advance

oops, i could download :))) thanks for your effort, good job!

how did you download these notes….it keeps saying that the pdf has printing restrictions and therefore wont download(or print)

hi can u please unload A level business notes? that will be really helpful!

We’ve added that to the list of new additions. 🙂

Hi..Can you provide notes on business A2?

Very good notes.

The notes are extremely helpful!
Could you please upload AS History &/ A2 Business…

Thank you

Is there notes for the business not extended as level?

can you please upload accounting as level notes

can you upload as level computer science notes

Computer Science AS level has been uploaded a while ago

Hi can you please upload IGCSE Business Studies notes?

Is there notes for the business not extended as level?

can u make notes for accounting in AS LEVELS it would help a lottt

Can you do notes for business A2 and psychology notes for AS and A2?


Can you please upload A2 level business 9609 notes

Ssebisubi Kintu Frank

great work done


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