CIE A2 Physics 9702


Syeda Maarij Hassan
Syeda Maarij Hassan

please post physics p5 notes 🙂


does anyone what sort of graph we should do for analogue to digital conversion. The ms doesn’t seem to have any explanation, since there are two different types.

if you were taking Feb march series you would be the luckiest one!!!

who is here for the day after tomorrow’s exam??Extremely feeling sad about my chemistry paper today.Difficult paper of the present syllabus.

Chem was so tough

How was it though, compared to other papers?

Im taking the May/June session

Great Notes!!! huge help:)

Your notes make me want to sit down and revise!!!

great notes ever i read

Really helpful 🙂

Hey can you please add the formula and definition list for physics A2, Thanks

you deserve a medal sir. Really really appreciate your effort . Million thanks admin.

Thank you so much for the kind words! 😉

Thank you so much…
Im glad you found this helpful

Thank you so much for your handy notes. They’re perfect!!! You guys rock!

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

hope u all doing well the capacitor topic is missing discharging part

Thank you so much for these wonderful notes!

your notes are perfect!!!!

Add sound related experiments in p5

thank you so much for your work!

Thanks man, i’ve been using your notes a lot now

quite handy

Hey could you please add A2 formula list for Physics 9702?

yea pleas do it

love to see biology notes As level

I would to! Hoping for someone to contribute them as I don’t take Bio myself.

Thank you very much sir for making these notes and helping us. Can you please sir make notes for biology and chemistry also.. Thanks a lot sir..!

Google ‘Biology A level blogspot’ and hit the first link. it has handwritten notes for Biology and Chemistry as well (A2)

Hi zubair, i really appreciate your notes, and i am wondering is this syllabus for a2 2017 examination? And all the AS notes are they for the 2016 examinations?

Yes the A2 is 2016-19. The AS were written for 2015 – still need to be updated.

same got no idea about this……………….^=^

woah good notes thanks complete with the new syllabus 🙂

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