CIE A2 Mathematics 9709


Research computer science p3&4

MayBe Cambridge would be wondering How could the threshold boost too high these days…And then they find Znotes summing their 2year course in a few pages that could be understood in like 25min.

where is P2 and P4?

Could you please clarify? P2? P4?

P2 is qquite similar to P3 and P4(mechanics 1) is found in as level course

I am unable to download a2 level mechanics notes

Please refer to the ZNotes Download guide linked here-
Happy studying

where can I find S1 notes?

AS section of math notes

I registered an account, but I still can’t download the there an issue with the link / page? Please look up on that. Thank you!

Me too…

Click on text below PDF Download Link(s):
I downloaded it using chrome

i can’t download it?

i cant download it and i really need these notes. They are really great

You need to be a registered user. If have logged in and it still isn’t downloading, refresh the page. That should do it.

Download link for P3

this is so goodddddddddddddd

haha thanks

Do you have the notes for P2 (Pure Mathematics 2) I could only find P1 and P3


the notes are awesome

thnks alot!

Thank you very much

Where is Mechanics 1??

On the AS Math page

heyy i really liked your notes, i noticed that in the statistics 1 notes there’s no mention of scaling sets of data or properties of mean and standard deviation when added or multiplied by a’be nice if you added that.Thanks~!

mutually exhaustive events is also missing

Hi do you have notes on A2 statistics cause the one that is available is AS?

Do you mean S2? We do not have an explicit document but the first few topics of the Further Statistics notes are from S2 –

Thank you for the notes.Please can you make notes on CIE 9709 M2.

The first few topics in the Further Mechanics notes are M2 –

Can u pls upload M2

Im sorry but Stats 1 is not A level its AS. Paper 7 is the A level stats paper…

can you make notes for M2. paper 5 i guess. its a cie paper n thanks for these notes!!!

Please make notes on M2

Plz upload noites for CIE Economics, Great work once again!

You are Great. Great work. Plz can u upload Notes of Economics.

do u mind if i ask u how u fared in further maths?
i’m facing my a level next year and further maths is 1 of my 4 subjects.

Please will you upload M2 notes.. it would be very helpful..

yes i too want M2 notes.

Could you please upload for P-2…. i just am not able to get it and your’s are awesome. Thanks for P1,M1,S1 and P3

Please upload mechanics notes Paper 5

Can you upload Mechanics Notes Paper 4?

Do you have s2 notes?

Oh man u are awesome..! Thanks for the math notes…really helpful..

Hey! Thanks for the S1 notes! Although, I think there might have been a mistake on page 4, question 2 of S1, with the cars passing a point question.

The answer is correct. Is there an issue in the working out?

Do u have notes for french As level..essay notes?

Is it possible to make CIE M2 notes?

Yes I am going to be working on that and they should be available soon.

It has been 3 months already since you said that the CIE M2 notes will be available SOON! Please don’t promise to post them soon and take forever.

Leave him alone, you can’t rely on him all the time – he is very busy, and also – you can’t blame him for your laziness to make your own notes!

tanna mcdaniel (Mbakuli)


Are there notes for S2 CIE 9709?

Not exactly but S2 topics were required in Further Math so many of the topics are covered in the ‘Further Statistics’ notes. Have a look on the Further Math page.

Thanks what a help from you!

You’re welcome 🙂

can you make notes on computer science for A-levels please.

I am sorry i dropped the subject after AS to take Further Maths instead.

So sad no mechanics(p4) notes ?

Don’t be sad! The mech notes are in the AS section! Here:

can u also make notes on pure mathematics 2 AND 4

I don’t think you’re talking about CIE and we do that exam board. The P1 and P3 notes should have a lot in common with your syllabus but we can’t make a specific one for another board as we don’t do it.

can u make notes on mechanics 2 M2

Are u talking about CIE or some other board?

the notes is very interesting and helps me a lot

thank for the notes it really help me

Thanks you. This is very helpful

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