CIE A2 Further Maths 9231

  • Further Pure Maths

    Further Mechanics

    Further Statistics

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Oleksii Khlobystin
Oleksii Khlobystin

Great Notes for students and teachers as well! Thanks for sharing! It is really amazing that it is free! I have already recommended your website to many students and colleagues of mine!

Your notes really helped my students!
Thanks for sharing!

Hey Mr.Shawn,

Really glad they helped!
You’re Welcome! 😉

Thank you very much. It is really helpful

Hey Selena!
Glad they help! 🙂

This is a great resource for revision. Great job. Plus it make everything easier to understand. Is it possible if You could add AS and A-Level Psychology? It would be really helpful. Thanks.

thank you very much 🙂

Hey are you writing Further today?

can you please upload pure mathematics 2 ?
thank you

Allamine mahamad nour

Thank you very very much

Where do you live??? In karachi??
Can you teach me further mathematics??

I have a problem ,I don’t understand ”equations of the tangents to the curve”-when they are perpendicular/parallel to the initial line.
Can you help?

Thank you your notes are really helpful

You’re welcome!

Sir, can you tell me what books you used for further maths .. and any tips regarding this subject.


A simple ‘hi’ would do i’m just a kid! 🙂
Yes please give me a few days, i would like a to compile a list of textbooks and gather work schemes to assist with someone studying the subject. I’ll type it up as an article and add it here.

Thank you .. very much . May Allah bless you with success. 🙂

You’re welcome and Ameen!

Just being Curious … Why did you drop Computer Science at As and chose Further Maths Instead?

I plan on studying Mathematics in uni and I needed to study Further Maths hence dropped CS in order to double my lessons and complete the 2 year course.

what did you get for further maths. I want to know to see if these notes have done the job or not. jazakallah

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