CIE A2 Chemistry 9701


Are… Gibbs free energy , entropy … missing from the notes? Or am I just blind

Ya I am blind … found it ..never mind

Hey guys.I am from India appeared My A-level chemistry paper 42.I felt it extremely difficult compared to all the past papers form 2016 year.Guys let me know your Opinion on the paper?

It was really very difficult for me as well. But i felt that the planning paper was very easy.

Hi, I am unable to print the notes. What should I do? thanks

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Hi, just wanted to point out a small calculation error in section 3.10 when calculating the ionic product.
It calculates 0.1×1.0=1.0, the answer should be 0.1.
Thank you for all the effort put into these notes. Really appreciate it 🙂

i am unable to download and print the notes. please fix your google drive settings. Thanks

You must register to be able to download and hence print the notes. The Google Drive settings are correct and will remain so.

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man I registered but I couldnt download what should I do ?

thanks a lot for enabling me to get my A STAR

There’s a mistake. Part 1.9 regarding the solubility of Gp.2 Hydroxides.

Solubility INCREASES down the group because enthalpy change of atomisation decreases faster than the enthalpy change of hydration increases (from a negative value).

The current version got this point flipped. Please make a revision. Thanks.

The Cambridge book also got it wrong, Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Course Book by Roger Norris, Lawrie Ryan and David Acaster First printed in 2011 (orange cover), check it is there (P.266).

Sorry my bad, Solubility of sulphates decreases down a group while solubility of hydroxides increases……

The mistake is basically that it explains only the sulphate part and not the hydroxide one … just follow the same explanation but flip large to small … slower to faster ,etc. for hydroxide

I’m glad to get these notes 😀

I wanna scream….so excited

million thanks to the authors!

Excellent notes and guides. Job well done by the authors

Thank you very much for the notes. ( a student from Zimbabwe)

Your notes are amazing! Thank you!

hey, there are mistakes in the first chapter about solubilty of grp2 hydroxide and sulphate, u have written solubility oh grp 2 hydroxide decreases down the group but it does not, can you pleas look into this

Well done Adeeb we really appreciate your effort to correct us people who just read and follow whatever is given..Many Thanks.

notes are amazing thanx alot.

Thank you so much! Your notes are so well-written. They really saved my life – a student from Vietnam.

Thanks for the notes. – a student from Bangladesh

Very good stuff

Really an amazing stuff. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for the notes, kind sir. – a struggling student from China

thank you for these notes! really helpful

These notes aren’t opening..

Thank you so much; may God can reward your good deeds 🙂

*God reward

Thank you very much! Really helped alot

very useful notes

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