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A2 biology,week 2 and week 4 zcoach videos are available and week 1 and week 3 zcoach video is nt available.Could you please make it available on the web page ?

Can I get excess to p 5 phy and bio plz

Thank you very much to the people who made such notes. May God increase your knowledge and keep showering His blessings on you guys. Lots of love <3 <3

Thank you so much. I just love these notes.
I was just wondering, if you could add AS and A-Level Psychology? That would be very helpful. Thanks

Why arent the pdfs downloading!!!!!!! Ive logged in btw

Hey Samuel,
Can you contact us via Typeform? We’ll solve your query there.

The pdfs are not downloading please help

Hi. On page 7, topic 4.2, in the chart that shows the values for energy released, the last value is given as 30.5 kJ/mol, which is wrong. Kindly correct it. Great notes! Thank you.

To the owner of this website I thank you sir

I cannot download the notes. It gives the message “PDF is corrupted”.
Please fix this.

AS notes pleaseeee

We have already uploaded AS Notes. See them here:

Requesting A2 Paper 5 notes for Biology please!

Amazing thank you so much

Amazing compilation of notes. Thank you for your efforts!

Please upload AS 9700 biology notes ASAP

We already have the AS Notes here:

Where is As biology?

This is amazing man
thankyou for taking out time to compile these notes…..

On page 8 for the diagram on ATP bond energy: AMP+H2O=14.2 KJ of energy not 30.6 KJ, since the first two bonds are high energy yielding and the last one is meant to be low so cells dont break down the molecule further.

Please upload AS biology

If there is paper 5 notes please share it too.
You really wrote an amazing summary.
God bless you

Plz upload the as level notes
Thank you

hi, can u pls send the as level bio notes, pls update as soon as possibe because i’m going to write my exam in may /june.

pls upload the notes for AS bio, pls…

pls upload the notes for AS bio,pls…

Hi could you please upload paper 5 notes of biology

Hi, is this updated to the current syllabus? thank you for the notes.

When are you writing your exams.,..?

Please please please make as level biology notes
I have exams in may June 2017 and they will be a great help ☺

plz make notes for as biology

AS Biology notes are merely topics 1-11 of the A-level notes 🙂

It would have been of a greater help if Znotes includes M2 notes too. I am delighted and eased out after going through all the notes here. Thank you for such contributions. 😉

can you please add as level biology because i find znotes pretty helpful thankyou.

thanks to all of ur notes i have done so well in AS. please make notes for M2 and bio paper 5 .

i love these notes….. So easy to study!
plz upload the notes on paper 5 as well….

Your notes are wonderful ,it would be really great if you could upload biology AS notes as well.Thanx in advance.

Very useful …….
Can you please update something for A2 level biology…..

very very helpful. My learners will make sense out of it

Can you make as biology note?

Yes plz ! Can you?

please can you make one for p5 i am lost in it

God bless you. This is an amazing summary

please we really need as notes for bio!

pretty good information provided. I would like if you could provide some explanation notes on the photosystems they got me really mixed up.

Hello, do you by any chance have AS bio notes?

AS bio please

Hi! I think there might be a small mistake in the note. On page 33, the sentence “The CFTR gene codes for a faulty version of a transport protein that allows chloride ions to pass out of a cell” (It’s above the diagram). Shouldn’t it be “The CFTR gene codes for a faulty version of a transport protein that does not allow chloride ions….”? Would appreciate your feedback!

well .. i think the difference lies in how u read out the sentence.. 🙂 “The CFTR gene codes for a faulty version of a transport protein (a protein that allows chloride ions to pass out of a cell) “. gud luck…

hi, could u make as bio notes please

do you have notes for As biology?

please we need paper5

hi. may you please make notes for a2 biology paper 5?

Hi, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to.

Can u please upload as level biology notes

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