Having a Tough Time in the SAT Reading? Try These Tips

If you’ve been hitting below your optimal score on the SAT reading, and you are hunting for small tricks. Read this article and try these techniques to lift that score!

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Back with more!

Back with more!

After months of planning, research, and hard work, we are ready to unveil to you our new website and the ideas we’ve finally brought to life. Since its inception,

ZNotes has had a single purpose; to reach out to as many people as possible and deliver the resources and advice that allow them to excel in life through education. Our goal remains the same as we introduce the newest additions to our service; ZClass and ZCoach. Over the long break, we partnered with Cambridge Leadership College, from Cambridge, UK, and after spending over a month there this summer, we finalised the structure of the learning model that we believe will revolutionize the world of education.

ZClass extends the concept of content-rich brevity, popularised globally by ZNotes, into live-streamed, content-rich masterclasses from Cambridge subject experts. Using existing past papers as our main content vehicle, these video masterclasses aim to deliver the syllabus in an innovative way yet makes sure no part of the course is left out. Commencing 2nd October, we will start building out our library and providing these masterclasses, as we have done with ZNotes, absolutely free for everyone. This is so that as many people in the world as possible can access this library and reap its benefits.

In addition, ZCoach permits the fortification of both these resources by providing a platform to interact with subject experts from Cambridge, as well as peers using the popular team collaboration tool, Slack. It’s basically a personalised, subject-based coaching system with significant advantages over current tutoring approaches. Borrowing the successful concept of ’sprints’ from the agile software-development movement, we will be using a structure whereby students work in intensive weekly ’learning sprints’ in any subject they are studying. This concentrated focus enables students to dive deep into a subject, and gain a thorough understanding of the whole of a subject in a much shorter time period than traditional methods. We use a fresh set of specific past papers every week for ZClass masterclasses and the ZCoach subject guidance is synchronised with the week’s content, using the ’supervision’ method that Cambridge University has been using for many years. This means that students benefit from access to the masterclass subject experts, for follow-up, deeper explanations, and extensive probing questions and answers on the specific content of the week.

Furthermore, by designing the model to scale from the start, and changing from the traditional one-to-one interaction to a community-based learning experience, we are able to minimise costs, yet deliver exceptional utility. This allows us to remain aligned with the goal of our resources; to be available, accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. At USD $1 per day for each subject, we are setting a global benchmark in access to affordable, high-quality education. This strategy also allows ZNotes to shift from simply a resource website to a sustainable business that can grow, expand and reach yet more people.

Finally, it is essential to remember that I could never have been in such an extraordinary position were it not for all the collaborators, friends and family and also the viewers who have made it possible for ZNotes to become  a name recognized around the world in international schools. Thus, to truly make a change, I urge you you to continue to share our work with as many people as possible so we may play an increasingly important role in changing the world for the better.

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Join the community!

Join the community!

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As we work on the launch of some exciting stuff, recruiting subject experts and turning ZNotes into a learning ecosystem, we’d love to invite our regular users to the community we have started to create. It currently houses the team of students who have written the notes we have all used and is built using an excellent team collaboration system, Slack. This is a pre-release of the system we shall continue to use and where you will be able to communicate with peers studying the same subject. Browse through the channels in the sidebar with relevant subject names and start slacking!

Join now!

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New look!

New look!


We could not wait to show you our new look!

New logo banner

Across the website, every document has been revamped and updated to the latest syllabus thanks to the countless hours of support from the ZNotes team. Along with that, new subjects have been added and in the background, many more are in the pipeline.

But this is just the first bit! A website upgrade is coming soon and along with that, the prospects of a mobile app which would simplify the utilization of notes on the go. We’d like to thank you all for continually supporting our efforts and letting more and more people know about us! I hope this rebrand represents our commitment to providing the best quality resources as well as the many new (and secret) projects we are excited to launch to continue our philosophy:

Making it possible for anyone, anywhere to make their life better through access to education

To stay updated with the latest news, follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts 🙂

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Up and beyond!

I hope your exams have gone/are going well 🙂 There has been a huge increase in traffic on the website and we are elated at how more and more people are using and progressing with the notes provided. It has also caused a huge load on servers and unfortunately the hosting I’ve purchased can sometimes not support the traffic hence leading to the website crashing. Therefore, we need your help to improve the hosting as well as help with a new project we will be starting (the ZNotes App!!) and would therefore be ever so grateful if you could support the website with donations to help with our running costs. We have always wanted to keep all the resources free and available to everyone and even a small donation would help us enormously to pay for the running costs of the site.

As summer approaches, improvements and updates as well as addition of new subjects are around the corner so be on the lookout!

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An Update…

Firstly, I’d like to profusely apologize to all those who have commented or emailed me asking questions – I have started at university and due to the heavy work-load, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the replies. However, I have read through all the comments and would like to generally answer the questions as many of them were repeated.

Updates; I worked on these during my summer after A2s and some subjects were updated but many still remain in their original particularly IG Bio, ICT and AS Physics. I tried very hard to get them done but due to unforeseen obstacles have not been able to complete them. As of now, the versions uploaded are what’s available. Depending on contribution, we may work on updates in summer of 2017.

There were many questions regarding the content and unfortunately I cannot answer each one. I have now allowed everyone to comment (but will keep a check on what is being said) so if you are able to guide someone, please do – it will help you as well as others! To questions regarding study techniques/habits, I have written an extensive article here which may help you. As of now, there will be no additional subjects/levels of notes being added. Again, if you can answer someone else’s question, please do!

Finally, we are humbled by all your gratitude and prayers – we wish you good luck! 😀

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The Future of ZNotes

ZNotes began as a small website I put together after IGs to put up some of the notes I’d made to share with students with the year below me. Today, it is accessed by people around the world and the few resources we have are used globally. It makes us so happy that our efforts can be shared with so many and we can help others. From AS onwards, Emir and Saif joined me and without them, the notes that are up now could never have been created. As we move on to university, we do not want to let this phenomenon die and instead want it to grow. Even now, there are so many ways we can improve and allow the database to grow. Therefore, I am asking if anyone would like to help and support the website not financially but through hardwork and improving the resources. We have alot of tasks to do this summer:

  • Updating AS Chemistry and Physics to 2016-18 syllabus
  • Creating AS Biology notes
  • Updating IGCSE Maths and Biology
  • Providing notes for subjects that are not currently available

If you would like to help, please email me (zubair.junjunia@gmail.com) and let me know how you can help.  As it has been from the very start, there is no financial benefits and all that we will do would be to help others. Ofcourse, your efforts will be recognized and name added to the notes/website but the notes produced will be consistent to those currently on the website and the formatting etc. would remain the same. Although I am grateful to anyone who would like to support, I should make it clear that you must be dedicated to give up your time during a holiday period, work under deadlines and produce the best possible resources for others to use.

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UPDATE 3: After a domain change, 2 server shifts and survival through a DDoS attack, ZNotes is finally back up – I am sorry if it has affected your studies. We have been uploading A2 notes for Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as notes on all of Further Maths. The notes should be complete in the coming week ready for May/June 2016 session. Good luck!

UPDATE 2: All AS notes (math A2) are complete and uploaded.

UPDATE 1: I have started uploading notes for the A-Level subjects I take. These notes are to the specification of the 2015 syllabi. The notes are made with the help of my friends Emir Demirhan and Saif Asmi, along with a few resources on the Internet. I will upload the complete version as soon as we finish the syllabus.

All the notes that I gathered and composed for my IGCSE examinations are available for viewing and downloading on this website. Navigate through the menu bar at the top to view each subject’s notes. The notes are to the specification of the 2014 syllabi of Cambridge and target each of the statement within them. You are able to download the notes as well as view them online. I hope you find the notes valuable and use them wisely. The key to getting the A*s is not having notes but rather organizing your study and planning ahead so you are ready to perform when the time comes. Therefore I would recommend that you integrate these notes into a study plan rather than reading them at the last minute. Please do not re-upload these notes or plagiarize them, rather place a link to this website for others to view.  There were many sources involved in the making of these notes and though I may not recall all of them, I would like to thank them for making resources available. Good luck and happy revising!

– Zubair Junjunia

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