An Update…

Firstly, I’d like to profusely apologize to all those who have commented or emailed me asking questions – I have started at university and due to the heavy work-load, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the replies. However, I have read through all the comments and would like to generally answer the questions as many of them were repeated.

Updates; I worked on these during my summer after A2s and some subjects were updated but many still remain in their original particularly IG Bio, ICT and AS Physics. I tried very hard to get them done but due to unforeseen obstacles have not been able to complete them. As of now, the versions uploaded are what’s available. Depending on contribution, we may work on updates in summer of 2017.

There were many questions regarding the content and unfortunately I cannot answer each one. I have now allowed everyone to comment (but will keep a check on what is being said) so if you are able to guide someone, please do – it will help you as well as others! To questions regarding study techniques/habits, I have written an extensive article here which may help you. As of now, there will be no additional subjects/levels of notes being added. Again, if you can answer someone else’s question, please do!

Finally, we are humbled by all your gratitude and prayers – we wish you good luck! 😀

Zubair Junjunia

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I heard this website is good!
good luck in Uni!

Bro this message comes from most of the King’s family and students , thank u for the amazing notes which made our exam scores raise, you are our savoir, god bless u bro. With out your notes ,we probably would of get lower scores. Good Luck with the university , and thanks again:).

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad to hear that they have raised with ZNotes!

Hello Thankyou for this great effort.. can you please answer my some questions that when will you upload biology as notes. And are as phy and as Chem are updated to 2017 syllabus

Well thank YOU for all the useful notes you gave us. I wished that i recieved a reply to my message but I do understand that you have work loads from university. Anyways thank you again for the notes.

Have a nice day.

Sorry! Replied 🙂

I humbly thank you for your amazing work on this site i sure hope u keep doing what u do
Just a request : Please update IGCSE ICT 0417 notes before may/june 2017.
Thank you Thank you very much May God bless u ! 🙂

IGCSE students of the british international school in bratislava slovakia would like to thank you for amazing notes and the fact that even during university you still help everyone who is on their way there. You are amazing and absolutely awesome.


IGCSE Computer Science plz

i would really appreciate IGCSE Business notes, thank you!

Akshay Mulchandani

When the notes for IGCSE BUSINESS STUDIES 0450 be uploaded. Looking forward for these notes.

To: Our IGCSE Savior

Thank you for saving our lives with your all powerful notes and knowledge. Even if we havent received our results yet you have helped us a great deal. YOU DA BOMB BAE ha ha geddit bombay ha ha ha kthxbai youre amazing ilybye. Mum(bai) lmao we gotta stop ok cool <333

From: The Ever Struggling and Zombie-fied Students of Sri KL (Malaysia)

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