UPDATE 3: After a domain change, 2 server shifts and survival through a DDoS attack, ZNotes is finally back up – I am sorry if it has affected your studies. We have been uploading A2 notes for Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as notes on all of Further Maths. The notes should be complete in the coming week ready for May/June 2016 session. Good luck!

UPDATE 2: All AS notes (math A2) are complete and uploaded.

UPDATE 1: I have started uploading notes for the A-Level subjects I take. These notes are to the specification of the 2015 syllabi. The notes are made with the help of my friends Emir Demirhan and Saif Asmi, along with aΒ few resources on the Internet. I will upload the complete version as soon as we finish the syllabus.

All the notes that I gathered and composed for my IGCSE examinations are available for viewing and downloading on this website. Navigate through the menu bar at the top to view each subject’s notes. The notes are to the specification of the 2014 syllabi of Cambridge and target each of the statement within them. You are able to download the notes as well as view them online. I hope you find the notes valuable and use them wisely. The key to getting the A*s is not having notes but rather organizing your study and planning ahead so you are ready to perform when the time comes. Therefore I would recommend that you integrate these notes into a study plan rather than reading them at the last minute. Please do not re-upload these notes or plagiarize them, rather place a link to this website for others to view. Β There were many sources involved in the making of these notes and though I may not recall all of them, I would like to thank them for making resources available.Β Good luck and happy revising!

– Zubair Junjunia

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      1. Hmmm,as i look through the AS physics notes i think you left out some formula and doppler effect for the waves but honestly have not bothered about it yet.

        1. Ah I see what you mean. We wrote the AS notes for our exam last year so they’re still to 2015 specs. We updated the IG ones but didst have time to do AS.

          1. Ah I see. However, I dont think we’ll be able to update it till the exam session – too much pressure with uni apps and A2

    1. Hiya, thanks on behalf of the others too.
      Yep got As (A* in math cos we did full A-Level)
      Yea continuing with A Levels for Physics and Chemistry and started Further Maths.
      Did u do AS this session too?

      1. I do AS biology, chemistry, physics and a level maths. Havent done exams yet, just exploring the internet for good notes, finally found it πŸ˜€

  1. I’m writing my igcse’s next year in 2016– honestly I’m super scared. I get A’s and B’s for all subjects at school however I feel like I won’t do as good for my actual exams. Can you please give me a few tips on how to manage time and how to make study notes- I really wish to get A*s. The only things standing in my way to success is the lack of will and preparation as I take 10 subjects.
    lots of thanks.
    P.S: you seem very smart- im kinda jealous tbh πŸ˜› and you’re notes they’re what I bet bottom dollar on!

    1. Firstly, don’t worry at all! These are your first external exams and I know the “super scared” feeling but I assure you, once you’ve revised and completed your past papers you’ll feel like you can crush ’em. I’m drafting a “How to Study” guide right now which will contain all my experiences and methods to revise and perform well in the exam, it’ll be up soon. Don’t wish, make it your goal to get A*s and 10 subjects is not alot; i did 10 subjects and truthfully its not a big deal – people do ever more than that and get straight A*s. I hope this and the article helps πŸ™‚

  2. Um your notes say based on 2016 syllables, I’m gonna write my exams end of this year. So do I write it according to 2015 syllubus or 2016? This is for IGCSE chemistry btw thanks

    1. There were no changes between 2015 and 2016 so it’s completely fine, you can use them for the October/November Session

        1. Yep. Physics has been updated and there was the addition of a topic (Momentum) but otherwise the notes are intact for the O/N session. Bio hasn’t been updated yet anyway.

    1. Sure I am planning to add some tips for all the subject pages. I have examples of my essays and plans too which, although may not be to your topic but serve as good examples on how to construct essays. Please wait a few days, hopefully I will be able to start doing this from next week onwards.

  3. Hi i was just wondering how much past papers should i do to get an A. My tutor told me that he did 12 years worth of past papers and he got an A*. But I only have 4 weeks and the syllabus from 2002 is different from the syllabus for 2015 can you please help me to decide on how much past papers I should do and from what year to start on. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    1. Hello, you really cannot give an exact number of past papers to a grade. Different people may need different amount of practice to get to a suitable mark. Don’t worry, 4 weeks is alot of time and you can do a lot of practice. The syllabus has changed greatly so starting from 2002 is unsuitable. With 4 weeks i think you should start from 2009 so you would have 5 years of practice. The syllabi have also been quite stable since then. Im not sure how many subjects you take but i believe it would be capable for you to do them comfortably in 4 weeks.

    1. Hi, These notes are based on the CIE syllabus. Its a bit different from the OCR/Edexcel syllabus. I recommend you use the notes together with the syllabus so you can see which parts are required.

  4. The IG notes saved both mine and my friends life thank you sooo much! Quick question, what program did you use to create the IG study notes?

    1. I got my grades from writing the notes, moderating the notes, doing past papers from 2004 to 2013 and then revising. Yes, these were my primary source of revision but then i practiced alot too.

        1. No worries, I’m glad u ask. The way i write notes is sticking extremely closely to the syllabus. I check if everything I’ve added satisfies the statement in the syllabus. After i finished writing the notes i went through it again once more with the syllabus and by then i had done quite a number of papers so i was aware of the type of questions that were going to be asked. These facts i added to the notes and also tried to simplify parts of the notes which i had taken from the textbook in the way i understood them. Also for some parts i went directly to past papers and copied the mark scheme answer for a question that sums up a part of the syllabus well. For most of the definitions, i tried to copy the mark scheme exactly rather than use the textbook ones. That’s what i mean by moderation; going through the notes with a fine comb and improving it as best i could.

  5. btw for past papers I’m doing from 2010-2014 and if there’s time i’ll go back but do you think it’s better for me to solve all variants or just solve the variants (13,31,61) and go to the old years?

    1. I think going to older years is good because sometimes variants are too similar. Ull get a wider range of questions with older years

  6. thank you ,VERY MUCH

    about past papers ,need to study from what year,regarding cambridge igcse 2015.

    1. You are very welcome! as u have approximately 25 days left till ur first IG I recommend u start papers from 2010 so ur able to complete till 2014 before the exams.

  7. This is amazing!! I’ve already finished reading the books and I want to take notes for the lessons because I’m at a critical time & I need to get all the points… this is exactly what I needed! thank you ! good luck in your A levels. πŸ™‚

      1. btw for past papers I’m doing from 2010-2014 and if there’s time i’ll go back but do you think it’s better for me to solve all variants or just solve the variants (13,31,61) and go to the old years?

      1. A’ameen – Inshallah ur son will do well. He should just practice past papers and revise the notes and he will be ready.

  8. OMG!!! these notes are amazing..even after reaching “8 A*s and 2 A’s” ur willing to help others..that’s SUPERB!!!
    thank u so much!!!!

  9. Thank You sooo much for these notes. May Allah reward you and bless you.. I have my fonals this May
    remember me in ur Duas

      1. Tabaahi ! xD Dayum that’s really good. Masha’Allah.
        I’ll giving Igs this M/J session and im lucky enuf to have ur notes.(hope i ace it) Thanks alot.
        Are you on social media sites like Facebook? Render me with ur id pls. Just to be in-touch with a guy like u !

    1. Thank you, I am studying AS right now and making notes as well. When I have finished I will upload those too but that wont be soon because I haven’t completed the syllabus..

  10. These notes are amazing. It truly gives me an outline for what i have to cover before the 2015 IGCSE exams. Thank you so much dude! πŸ˜€

  11. naii seriously you deserve an oscar! :’) i literally showed these notes to my Mom and she was like “shame on you, can you ever think of doing such a fantastic job. kuch seekho issay’ xD you’great!!

  12. Thankyou sooo muchh. God this is soooo helpful for my exams this year!!
    God bless you for this wonderful job dude!! you’re a life saver for sure!! :’)

    1. I don’t think the syllabus has changed at all since last year. If there are any changes then inform me and I’ll try to incorporate it if possible.

  13. Oh my god! I’ve been looking for something like this for the past 3 months! I don’t know whether I should cry or dance. THANK U SOO SOO MUCH. I cant thank you enough! U made my day πŸ™‚

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