The Future of ZNotes

ZNotes began as a small website I put together after IGs to put up some of the notes I’d made to share with students with the year below me. Today, it is accessed by people around the world and the few resources we have are used globally. It makes us so happy that our efforts can be shared with so many and we can help others. From AS onwards, Emir and Saif joined me and without them, the notes that are up now could never have been created. As we move on to university, we do not want to let this phenomenon die and instead want it to grow. Even now, there are so many ways we can improve and allow the database to grow. Therefore, I am asking if anyone would like to help and support the website not financially but through hardwork and improving the resources. We have alot of tasks to do this summer:

  • Updating AS Chemistry and Physics to 2016-18 syllabus
  • Creating AS Biology notes
  • Updating IGCSE Maths and Biology
  • Providing notes for subjects that are not currently available

If you would like to help, please email me ( and let me know how you can help.  As it has been from the very start, there is no financial benefits and all that we will do would be to help others. Ofcourse, your efforts will be recognized and name added to the notes/website but the notes produced will be consistent to those currently on the website and the formatting etc. would remain the same. Although I am grateful to anyone who would like to support, I should make it clear that you must be dedicated to give up your time during a holiday period, work under deadlines and produce the best possible resources for others to use.

22 thoughts on “The Future of ZNotes

  1. hi your notes are really helped me for my exams I am deep need of as biology notes may I know when u will be adding them will it take so long cause I have my finals coming up so I really need them 🙁

  2. Thank you really much for the notes. It is really great as a reminder or ‘refreshments’ of old topics in each particular subjects.

    I know you said that you are still thinking of setting a Donation option but if you would set up one, I can’t donate much but I will ; as a token of my gratitude 🙂

    As a student of IGCSE, I do have some Accounting notes in my hands that I had created, based mainly from the textbook (along with some minor extra notes). I would be glad to share them once I’ve finished or finalised the notes because I’m currently still doing them.

    Best regards,

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for saying so but I don’t think that’ll ever happen 🙂 That’s great and it would be amazing to provide those notes for others too. Can you send me an email so we can discuss this further

  3. Hi! It would be amazing if you could upload Economics & History AS, A-level notes. Your website has helped me so much in my studies. Thanks 🙂

  4. Serious question: What was the reason for the creation of this website? Like you guys spend a lot of time making these notes whilst not get anything in return? I hope you guys are get some something like ad revenue ,etc. If you guys aren’t making any money, why don’t you make a donation link were people can donate money for your hard work. I would love donate for this website

    1. The reason was simply to help others. I don’t think it should be thought of like that – making the notes is actually a form of studying for us and is an important revision tool for our exams. It does no harm to spend a few minutes and upload it so others can utilize it too. The fact that others can benefit and the thought that we could improve the grades and potentially the future of another is rewarding in itself.
      No we haven’t added ads anywhere so no revenue. Thanks – I have considered placing a donate button but when I first started I had the ideology that this website would simply be to help and have zero monetary benefits. I pay for the hosting and domain myself so I guess that could be covered through donation but I’m not sure what else I could do with it. Also, the notes are a conglomerate effort and must have approval from everyone.

      1. Al Salamou Alaikom, For Anyone Who Needs IGCSE Computer Science Notes, there is a guy on YouTube who had made complete videos for the 2016 syllabus. Here are the links for Paper 1 which is theory and Paper 2 which is Programming an Problem Solving
        So please, I would like somebody to do notes on Accounting IGCSE and good notes for IGCSE Additional Maths and Int’l Maths. The Notes for Add Maths IGCSE on the web sites are very basic and in my opinion are not up to standard to the otheer notes.
        Thank you very Much

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